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Gaming, Smoking Weed and Growing Cannabis Seeds During the Pandemic

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Being stuck inside day in day out can be extremely boring! To help reduce the spread of the daily virus, most of us spend long hours inside our homes, only leaving for essential items. This can take its toll on both the body and the mind.

To avoid feeling bored, many people all around the globe have been smoking marijuana, growing pot and gaming. Of course, the ongoing pandemic is not an ideal situation for anybody, however, we have been lucky because we live in the modern era.

Nowadays, due to powerful gaming machines like the PS5, gaming is so advanced that it can allow you to enter a completely different world from the comfort of your own home. With an increasing number of states in America and countries around the world now legalizing the sale and consumption of marijuana products, the quality of cannabis and growing products is extremely high.

From top of the range weed seeds like sold at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds to well-detailed information all readily available on the internet, there has never been a better time to grow cannabis from home. Gaming and cannabis have always had a strong relationship, and for many of us both have made staying indoors a lot more fun!

Why do People like getting Stoned while they Game?

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Smoking cannabis while gaming is not just fun, it can even improve your gameplay. This doesn’t apply for everybody, especially if you are just trying to get the hang of a new game. Studies carried out have shown that ingesting cannabis products can boost your in-game performance by improving both your memory retention and your ability to focus.

Although many people associate memory loss and not being unable to focus after using marijuana, many gamers claim that it does the opposite to them. When a person smokes marijuana, they are able to focus better because their muscles are relaxed. Also, their anxiety and stress levels should be low.

Gamers that are able to remain calm while gaming normally perform better. It is common for gamers who play stoned to feel less tense, which helps them to make the right decisions and allows them to learn new strategies.

Why so many Gamers are Growing Marijuana during the Pandemic

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There has been a massive increase in the number of people purchasing grow equipment since early 2024. Gamers who spend long hours daily playing games often smoke a lot of weed. There are some of the reasons many of them have decided to grow their own from the comfort of their own home. Premium Cultivars is offering some great options if you are one of these persons. So lets read those reasons:

Save money

Rather than spending their money in a dispensary or a cannabis store online, plenty of gamers understand that growing their own weed can help them save some cash. After the initial cost of purchasing the grow tent, lights, and other equipment is done, they can use the same equipment for their next grow.


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Lots of people are fed up having to stay indoors everyday because there is not a lot to keep us entertained while at home. Lots of people find growing marijuana great fun, plus it can give you feelings of accomplishment.


Many of us find it difficult to stay motivated during the pandemic, but to maintain your plants you need to stay focused. You’ll need to carry out many tasks to grow good cannabis, like giving them nutrients and making sure they get the right amount of water.

You have to stay consistent and motivated to make sure the process runs smoothly. If you game all day, you probably have the time to grow marijuana at the same time. Realistically, expect to have to work on your plants approximately one hour per day.

What Games are Good to Play Stoned?

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Nowadays, there are so many games available on the market, it doesn’t matter what age you are or what gender you are, there will be something available that suits you. Here are some popular games that people like to play after ingesting marijuana:


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The world’s most popular soccer game designed by Electronic Arts is packed with plenty of features, incredible gameplay and graphics, multiplayer both online and with others in your house, leagues and other online competitions. The graphics are so well implemented into the game that it is often hard to tell whether you’re watching a game on television or if it’s played through a gaming console. The game is available on XBox, Playstation and the PC.


Although game designers publish their latest addition of Grand Theft Auto in 2013, it is still one of the most popular games around the globe. The game allows you to do pretty much anything you like, from flying airplanes to visiting strip clubs.

You can take on many of the challenges the game has to offer or you can just cruise around the city, listening to music on the vehicle’s radio while smoking a joint. Plus, you can also run your own marijuana business in the game too!

Mario Party

For many who like to smoke marijuana, Nintendo’s Mario Party has been a classic game. The multiplayer option will give you and your friends hours of entertainment. Playing Mario Party while stuck indoors with your friends or family is a great way to enjoy yourself. It’s hard to think that the first edition of the Mario Party was released 23 years ago on the Nintendo 64.

Fans immediately fell in love with the game and it’s still a very popular choice. Mario Party is certainly a game that can be enjoyed by both men and women of all age groups. During the pandemic, having friends over to your house might not be an option. However, most games these days have online multiplayer so you can play your friends online without having to see them in person.


For many, indulging in marijuana at times has been a major positive during the pandemic. It can make playing video games more fun and it allows you to immerse yourself into something apart from the pandemic. To game, you don’t even need a gaming console or a powerful computer. There are plenty of fantastic games available for your smart device too.