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Growing Tips And Medical Effects of ACDC Strains – 2024 Guide

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Certain cannabis strains come with high ratios of cannabidiol (CBD). One such strain is the ACDC strain of the Sativa family. While every CBD strain has some THC ratio, the ACDC strain will NOT get you high or exhibit any intoxication effects.

This is why ACDC is so popular with people that like to consume CBD for medical purposes. Since cannabidiol has been proven to help with numerous disorders and diseases, it makes it a highly attractive strain within the community.

In this article, we are going to talk about the medical effects of ACDC and give you first-hand growing tips. Without further ado, let’s start.

Medical Effects of ACDC Strains

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Although we mentioned that ACDC is a strain that comes from the Sativa family, official numbers point to the fact that ACDC strains are 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This goes completely against its family origins, but it does land a helping hand in boosting its medical effects onto users.

Since CBD is highly used for various disorders, high CBD strains such as ACDC can help users with lots of things.

The official THC percentage in ACDC is around 0.2%, while the CBD concentration is around 20%.

· Seizures

This labels the strain as high CBD, and with that come certain medical effects. One disorder where this strain is widely used for is seizures. People suffering from seizures and epilepsy can treat these disorders by taking high CBD strains such as ACDC.

Medical studies point to the fact that cannabidiol has the power to alleviate symptoms and prevent seizures and epilepsy attacks from ever manifesting. Take this statement with a grain of salt as there is no real evidence that cannabidiol can cure this disorder.

· Stress and Anxiety

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If you know anything about the medical effects of CBD, then chances are you’re familiar with it being a potent cure for stress and anxiety. These disorders plague our society like nothing else. Nearly 80% of the population has experienced stress and anxiety. While anxiety is far less common than stress, it is far more dangerous.

Anxiety can completely ruin a person’s life if not treated. Instead of taking medication to treat anxiety, ACDC oil is a far greater alternative.

Since CBD is grown naturally and is extracted into oil through natural means, it means that you’ll be taking “medication” derived from Mother Nature itself. If you want to learn more about how to take CBD oil we recommend visiting the cbdcentral.com.

· Insomnia

Insomnia is yet another common disorder that will keep you up for days, weeks, and even months. Chronic insomniacs experience hell in the literal definition. For those that don’t know, insomnia keeps you up in the night and prevents you from getting any rest.

This can be very counterproductive as it will make you very tired throughout the day. Insomnia can cause problems with work, life, and create a never-ending cycle of restless.

There are many ways to treat insomnia, and a great way to do it is by doing a complete lifestyle change where taking CBD will be your main ally.

CBD has the power and ability to treat insomnia because it puts you in a state of wellbeing and relaxation. If your body and mind are relaxed through the night, then falling asleep is very easy.

Taking ACDC Strain for insomnia is a great way to cure the disorder since ACDC is very potent with CBD. Lots of dispensaries and online sellers, such as Miami Rave, have ACDC buds that you can smoke to help alleviate all of these disorders.

· Depression

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Depression is yet another disorder that plagues our society. But unlike both stress and anxiety, depression is a different type of fish altogether.

Depression can develop into a chronic and severe disorder where escape is impossible. If you are diagnosed with depression, then treating it should be your number one priority. CBD is great for it, but CBD Hemp Flower is even better.

You’d ideally want to smoke the highest possible quality of cannabidiol when treating depression. But can you smoke hemp? Of course, you can, and smoking it is a great way to ingest it.

But regardless of the ingestion method, whether that might be oil, bud, tinctures, and edibles, ACDC is great for treating depression, according to  cannabisexpress.co.nz.

Now that we’ve explained some of the medical effects of ACDC, let’s talk about how to grow it.

Growing Tips for ACDC

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This strain isn’t like most cannabis plants, in a way that it is medium in height. Most strains you’ll hear are either tall or very short, and ACDC provides the much-needed balance between both. The average height of this plant is around four feet.

A very typical observation of the strain is that buds resemble that of the well-known skunk strain. That’s because the buds of this plant group together instead of growing separately.

This gives you lots of versatility when harvesting, knowing that you can simply chop off an entire branch. However, don’t think for a second that growing ACDC is easy.

This strain has been described by many as very challenging and very tricky to grow. But why is that? Well, let’s discuss it.

The first growing tip we’ll give you is that the plant requires a lot of looking after. If you want a successful yield, then you have to offer a lot of support to the plant.

The first thing you’ll do is create some sort of platform where you’ll grow the plant and provide external support where the branches and stalk can grow in height. This is the best way to develop strong branches that will yield quality buds.

Failing to provide this will instead cause the plant to decline in health and ultimately die. Minerals and vitamins are important when growing hemp, but even more so when growing ACDC.

Thus, you have to provide lots of minerals to the plant if you want it to be tall and healthy. The most important ones to include in your daily supplement are magnesium and calcium.

And the final growing tip isn’t a tip but a piece of information. It doesn’t matter whether you grow the plant indoors or outdoors. What is important, however, is to provide a controlled environment where the plant will get plenty of light.