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How to Get Massive Traffic From Reddit

Get Traffic From Reddit

Get Traffic From RedditGet Traffic From Reddit

How to get massive traffic from Reddit: Reddit, most popularly known as the front page of the internet, is one of those sites on which thousands of users land daily to read their favorite content. Whether you are a gadget or a technology geek, interested in politics and global affairs, Reddit caters to all and sundry.

Bloggers and social media activists prefer Reddit as a platform to share content with readers. Basically, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that brings everything in one place. You can get a lot of traffic on a daily basis from Reddit but most people don’t take full advantage of Reddit.

Reddit Marketing 101: 5 Steps Ways to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit


On Reddit, you can submit your post as a link or a text post. After you submit your post, other members can vote up or down on your posted link. This voting plays a crucial role in your rankings on Reddit pages. You need to focus on getting more upvotes to get your place at the top of the Reddit page.

Here is how you can get more traffic from Reddit.

Create a catchy headline

The first thing you should do is to create catchy headlines. This will ensure that more readers will click on your post and share it. Use titles that contain rich keywords. This will grab the reader’s attention instantly.

When the readers read your content, they can comment and give you a positive or negative vote based on the content. If you are able to get some positive feedback, this will increase the chances of your post being up on the front page.


Try your best to know more about your audience. This will help you to better cater to their content needs. When you know what your audience wants to read, you will produce something as close to that as possible. This will increase the traffic coming to your site.

Furthermore, let the audience know more about you. Tell them something about yourself. Interaction with the readers is directly linked to Reddit’s success. Reply to the comments and remain active on the social bookmarking site.


Add more friends to your Reddit friend?s lists because this will help you to grow your network. Therefore you get more traffic on your website. Ask them to share content with their friends. That is how a network develops. Develop a good reputation among your friends and help them out when they need you. T6hey will be more than happy to return the favor when you need them.


You will not be happy to know that your submitted link has gone under hundreds of other links. If you post at the wrong time, you will never get traffic and your post will not get the popularity. On the other hand, posting to Reddit when your audience is there to read your content will certainly turn things around for you. You can easily feel the difference between the two.


It is highly recommended that you avoid using a link shortener because these link shortener will redirect your audience and takes more time for the pages to load. They are also dangerous from the security point of view because many people hide executable files and spam in the garb of link shortener which can compromise your privacy and security.


Last but not least, is selecting the right category to post. No one will read your technology-related article if you post it in the politics section. Although, that is understood many Reddit users fail to maximize the potential of subreddit and lose traffic in the process.