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How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills: In the world of freelancing, and online service we see different platforms such as Elance, Odesk, freelancers, etc which do not doubt great at their own places.

But all these websites are used by professionals where there is a big workforce behind every account, software houses run behind every account. For an individual to survive it is very difficult.

Fortunately, we do have a million $ market place where anyone can start their business in no time. Yes, you guessed correct its Fiverr. It is a market place where you do not need to be professional at all. you can be successful if you have any of these skills.

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On Fiverr, if browse you will find different funny, and cool gigs(services ) that do not require you to learn something, these are hobbies of people or their passions.

Suppose if you search you can find gigs under the title “I will sing a happy birthday song for 5$” Or I will decorate your companies logo or some sort of handicrafts etc. you will find a bunch of gigs that will be just someone’s hobbies, passions and they is making lots of money from it.

Voice Over:

you can find the whole bunch of gigs that are specifically related to voice over, they may be for any animation videos, or testimonial, etc. So if you are an English speaking guy, or you have a nice accent then you have lots of chances to enter the market.

Animation videos:

One of the hottest fields nowadays, you can easily buy a nice animation video making software for some 50$ such as Videomakerfx or Sparkol and start making videos for people. Making videos with Videomakerfx and Sparkol videoScribe it will merely take 5-15 minutes to make one video. So if you start today you can have a very good start within a week.


If you have skills related to SEO you have great amount buyers again waiting for you. By SEO skills I don’t mean to be and an expert, but having basic knowledge will make you able to earn a decent amount of money very soon. Some of the services you will find at Fiverr are blog comments, backlinks, link wheel, etc.

Social Media Marketing:

If you are a person like me who spends his time sitting in front of Facebook, and twitter then you still have a good future instead I would say great future on Fiverr. One of the legends said that very there is traffic there is money.

In the online world people try to get traffic to their site, product, service or other on-line activity they are interested in. If you have some Facebook pages with large numbers of fans or twitter accounts with a large number of followers then surely you can earn much amount from Fiverr, for offering the buyer tweets, and post shares containing their advertisement.

Programming & web-development skills:

Having some skills like programming, and web development will take you to the next level, you will simply need to do coding for others. or you will need to remove some bugs from other programs, websites, etc. Even you can charge for installing WordPress on someone server that merely requires a few clicks.

Virtual Assistant:

There are plenty of jobs regarding virtual assistant at Fiverr, which has different sorts of responsibilities. I would recommend to check out some services at Fiverr related to a virtual assistant and see what services you can provide to other people and generates some pocket money for your self.

I hope that you would have liked my Fiverr review, I would surely be adding more earning methods as I get time to write to know this is it.

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