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What Are The Greatest Wins On Online Slots in 2024

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Online casino games exist and people can win huge prizes and jackpots if they are dedicated enough, follow the rules, and play the game every day. The good thing with playing slots on the Internet is that everyone has an equal chance of winning, knowing that the game is run by an algorithm, and no one can manipulate the results. Of course, there are cases when someone is using malware to confuse the game and make a winner someone who doesn’t deserve that.

Also, there are those people who prefer online slots instead of going to the casino and play on the real machines. These games gained a lot of popularity during the coronavirus restrictions, when most of us stayed at home and had a lot of spare time, because we didn’t have to travel to work and go back home, saving hours and hours because of that. Of course, it’s always more simple to download an app or log in to some website that provides casino games, using a valid email, your username, and of course, the password.

These services will ask for your credentials, so they can be sure there is no scammer behind the name. Usually, you will need to provide a valid phone number or copy of your personal ID card, so they can be sure you are a legit player. Also, you need to be careful where you are logging, and to choose reliable platforms like Megaclusters, so you won’t end losing the deposit without winning anything, or not getting the guaranteed bonus every player gets when putting money on it.

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Many of you may ask is there any real winner that can prove these games are legit and the players can earn real money. We will offer just a few examples of them, just to see that people really win here and earn a lot of money. There are a lot of websites where people stream their winning actions.

According to a few sources, one user named CasinoGrounds won 11,103 euros by betting 2 euros on the game Pirate Kingdom. The user CasinoDaddy won big during three games sessions, including Snake Arena, Dead or Alive, and Jammin’ Jars, winning almost 20,000 euros, only betting on 15 euros. These are the results from only one week of playing, and probably, they earn a lot more if you follow them week by week.

The user CasinoGrounds also runs a blog, where he/she is publishing their greatest results, but also saying that people who bet at low stakes, have bigger chances to win. According to this user, there are three names that should be remembered in the history of roulette, like Charles Wells, Mike Ashley, and Ashley Revell. But, online stakes are different and people avoid to win high, so they won’t lose too much.

This is a shortlist of the biggest online casino wins in the first half of this year:

SugarHouse Online Casino

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One 53-year old woman from New Jersey bet on $2 playing Divine Fortune, and then she ended up winning $278,802. She chose this game because it looked attractive to her, and the developer guaranteed big winnings for those who bet. She surely was happy to receive this small fortune on her bank account. There is no further information if she proceeds to play the game, or she gave up after she won.

Hard Rock Casino

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A guy named Gary won a little less than a quarter of million dollars on Divine Fortune, playing through a different platform than the woman we mentioned above. He put $5 and proceeded to play until he got that day’s jackpot, worth $230,552 – a great prize for him since he had hard times at work at the moment. He was also aware of the potential of this game and didn’t mind investing in it. He was lucky and he won the jackpot, a moment that changed his life forever.

There was another guy who played through Hard Rock Casino platform, named Michael, but he chose another game, Lock It Link Night Life, and he played a few hands, winning $226,170 in total. According to Hard Rock Casino, this game has the biggest winning rate, because there are a few cases just this year when one woman named Tricia won around $125,000 a few weeks before Michael.

Do these casinos actually payout?

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Online slots exist for years, and that’s enough time to see if some of them are legit. You also need to research deeper, because financial scams still exist on the Internet, and no one wants to get into something like that. In order to recognize if the platform you chose is legitimate, you need to check the “About Us” section, see if they listed their address and contacts, or if they have a proper customer support service. If they offer some deals that are too good to be the truth, then they are too good to be the truth and you need to invest your money more smartly. According to gurucasinobonus.com, most of the legit casino services will require a deposit, and you will get a bonus for your money. Then, you can use that money to play and win. After you win, you need to provide your bank account to receive your money, or sometimes, they offer you to send a voucher to your home address, you can exchange in their headquarters. Winning the lottery or casino games is a thing of luck, and if you don’t win this time, you will have a chance for that next time.

The people and gaming users we mentioned in this article are proof that everything is possible. You may need to invest some money in these games until you win something, but if you don’t do that, you would never know if you ever had a chance to win.

We don’t say it’s a good choice to bet and gamble online, but surely some people saw some benefits of doing that, and if you are older than 18/21 years, and you earn money by yourself, and want to have fun at the same time, you can try playing online games to win some more money. But if you see that you are getting addicted, you need to stop at the same moment.