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How To Get Your Bingo Career Started

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Online bingo has fast become one of the biggest areas of gaming in recent years, competing with the likes of console games, casino games, and more. In the past 18 months it’s become even bigger than ever. And with money on the table, people take it seriously.

More and more people are beginning to play, some of which are treating bingo gaming as a professional job, similarly to how people dotted around casinos do. There are tons to take into account when it comes to getting started with bingo, particularly if you do want to take the game seriously. So, before you do, here are a few tips to help you along the way…

Find The Right Game For You

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Like any type of gaming, whether you’re wanting to take PS5 gaming seriously, casino gaming or bingo gaming, you need to find the right type of game for you. There are more bingo games than ever before, from the traditional like 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, to slingo bingo and all manner of other new variants, which combine elements of other games.

Start with low stakes and sample each game to find the right fit for you, and then focus your energy on that particular game. It may be a case where you even find the right site for you too, although it’s certainly worth opening multiple accounts online to make sure you don’t miss out on any high jackpot games.

Understand Odds

To really make the most of your bingo gaming, then you should be understanding of the odds when it comes to bingo. It is much easier to work out than casino games like roulette or blackjack, with one number just as likely to come out as the next, and one bingo card just as likely to win as the next.

However, you can improve your chances of winning by playing multiple cards. For example, if you have one bingo card in a field of 20 active bingo cards, you have a 5% chance of winning. However, having two cards in a field of 20 active bingo cards will give you a 10% chance of winning. Consider how many active bingo cards there are in a room, and work out your odds to see if the room is worth playing in.

Consider Bingo Tournaments

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The big bucks often lie with bingo tournaments, so they are well worth considering once you know the ins and outs of bingo. They come with a variety of different rules and prize pools with plenty of handy guides on sites such as Moon Bingo telling you all about those, while you should also consider what you have to pay in and the odds of what you’ll get out with these too. Bingo tournaments can be great fun though, and it’ll put all the skills you’ve picked up in regular bingo to the test, and is where many of the more serious players will play.

Develop a Strategy

While bingo is largely a game based upon luck, you can improve your chances of winning. Understanding odds, as we have already mentioned is a big part of that, but there are other things to consider such as:

Time of Day: You can boost your chances of winning by playing at quieter times of the day. Fewer people in the game, the higher the chance of winning. Most bingo sites have games starting every few minutes with busy times around early evening. Consider late in the evening or during the day time when people are largely working their day jobs for quieter periods of gaming.

Know Your Times

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It isn’t just quiet times of bingo sites you should consider, also find the right times for you. Depending on your daily routine think about when is the most productive time for you to play. For example, if you’re not a morning person it’s unlikely you’ll be focused enough to endure a solid bingo gaming session. Think about when your brain is at its most focused and plan your sessions around that.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is also an important part of any strategy. Without bankroll you can’t play. There are many top tips on bankroll management online, as well as different betting systems that can be adopted. Systems such as the Kelly Criterion and the Fibonacci system are particularly popular but it’s always worth reading up on all systems before selecting the right approach for you.

Partake in Brain Training

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You can improve your bingo skills without actually playing bingo. To supplement your bingo gaming, partake in some brain training. You can improve many brain skills that are important for bingo gaming through apps such as Lumosity and Elevate.

These apps offer small daily games that have been scientifically proven to increase your mental capacity, improving things such as concentration, reaction speeds and memory, all important for playing bingo games.

Among the apps to consider downloading include:

  • Lumosity
  • Elevate
  • Peak
  • Mind Games
  • NeuroNation
  • Impulse
  • MindPal

Think About Multiple Cards

It is important to start simple. When you’re brand new to bingo, start with playing with one card and concentrate on that. However, as your experience builds you can then start to play multiple cards and increase your chance of winning.

The more cards you have in a game of bingo the higher the percentage chance you have of winning. For example, let’s say you had one active card in a game with 20 active bingo cards. In this instance you’d have a 5% chance of winning. If you had two active cards in a game of 20 active bingo cards, you then have a one in 10 chance of winning.

It isn’t easy monitoring multiple cards in offline bingo, you need to be incredibly concentrated. Online though it’s a lot easier as bingo cards are marked off automatically. What is important though is to ensure if you are purchasing multiple bingo cards, you have the bankroll available to do so.