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How to Remove a Tree Stump Without Using Any Poisonous Chemicals

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Having trees in the yard can be a great way to improve the look of your household, as well as to contribute to a nicer atmosphere. However, the same goes for removing trees. Sometimes trees are diseased or obscure other trees from light, causing them to suffer.

If for these or any other reason you feel you need to remove a tree from your yard, we suggest you go for it. Of course, you need to know how to do this in the best way. Cutting trees to the ground will not permanently solve the problem, because the tree can continue to grow from the stump.

That’s why eliminating tree stumps is key to making sure the tree isn’t coming back. If you want to learn how to remove a tree stump without using poisonous chemicals, keep reading.

Why shouldn’t you use poisonous chemicals for removing a tree stump?

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While it may sound logical that you shouldn’t fill your yard with toxic chemicals, people get confused when they need to remove a tree stump. Many people think that this is the easiest and only way to remove the remnants of wood from the yard, so they are subject to the use of techniques that are not at all harmless.

Yes, the use of toxic chemicals is one way to remove the stump, but it is far from the best. Using these chemicals can help you do the job, but think of all the disadvantages that come with it.

You will most likely kill other plants in your yard and permanently damage their health and the aesthetics of your household. Below we share with you some techniques that will help you get the job done without compromising the health of other plants in your home.

How to remove a tree stump organically

Keeping the stump away from the sunlight

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If you are not in a hurry to remove the stump, we suggest that you use the cheapest and simplest technique that exists for this purpose: to keep the stump away from the sunlight. As we know, every plant needs sunlight to feed and sustain itself. If you take it away from her, she will eventually die.

This technique is very simple and will require only a few minutes of your time. All you have to do is find some light-resistant cover and place it over the stump. It can be a garbage bag or anything else that you think will serve a purpose.

Make sure that this cover is also resistant to rain, so that the stump would not get water. Eventually, the stump will rot and die, and you will be able to remove the remains very easily. This whole process will take a lot of time (about half a year or more), but if time is not your limiting factor, then we definitely advise you to go for this simple and effective technique.

 Use epsom salt

The next way to remove tree stump without any toxic chemicals is to use epsom salt. This may sound confusing to you if you have heard that epsom salt actually promotes tree growth. And yes, this is true, but only when small doses of epsom salt are used. When the dose is too high, epsom salt kills the root of the tree and leads to the death of the stump. Epsom salt consists of magnesium and sulfur and you can buy it in various garden centers.

The way this technique is performed is to first drill holes in the surface of the stump, so that the solution can penetrate deeper into the stump and perform its effect. These holes should be as deep as possible because this way the epsom salt solution will work more efficiently. We suggest that the holes be at least eight inches deep so that you can succeed in your intention.

Fill them to the top, then apply duct tape to cover the holes. Place some light-resistant cover over the stump to keep it away from sunlight and rain. Sunlight and rain promote the growth of plants, so it is important that they do not reach the stump so that you can remove the remnants of wood in your yard as quickly and efficiently as possible. This technique will allow you to remove the stump from your yard in less than 6 months and achieve the result you want.

Burn the stump

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Lastly, there is another technique that is cheap, but also fast, so you can expect your yard to be stump-free in just a few hours. This technique involves burning the tree and can be a good option, but only if you are legally permitted to perform it in the place where you live.

In some cases, this option is not allowed due to fire codes, but if you have permission and the ability to implement it can be very easy and effective. You need to drill a few holes that are deep enough so that the fire can penetrate even the deepest parts of the stump.

After that, you will have to fill the holes with kerosene (this is the best option when it comes to burning stumps). Then place some scrap wood on the surface of the stump, light it, and continue to add wood until you see that the stump is completely burned. It will take a few hours for the process to be completely done, and then all you need to do is remove the ash and pour the soil into the hole and you are done.

 Hire professional tree services

And finally, if you do not seem to have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully remove the stump from your yard, we definitely advise you to leave the job to professionals. Instead of bothering with this task, you can hire professional tree services and ensure that the whole process is completed quickly and efficiently. Read more about professional tree services here.


Removing a stump from your yard can seem like a long, tedious and complicated process. That is why some people decide to use poisonous chemicals in order to remove the stump as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, it is true that this is not a good idea for several different reasons and that there are organic and effective options for removing stumps.

Using epsom salt, keeping the stump away from the sunlight and burning the stump are just some of them. Of course, if you feel that you cannot do this on your own, we suggest contacting professionals who will ensure that this task is completed quickly and as best as possible.