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How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands

Although many currencies have appeared in WoW, gold is still the most important currency. It is necessary for many in-game conveniences. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by buying gear, items, materials, or cosmetics for gold instead of trying to mine them yourself. Also, a large amount of gold is absolutely necessary if you want to interact with MMORPG’s player-driven economy.

Earning gold may seem easy, as it can be obtained from almost every quest or monster in the game. However, earning a lot of money is a different story. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to mine gold in the Shadowlands expansion, as well as their pros and cons.



Playing in an auction house is by far the most effective way to earn gold. If you master “flipping” (buying at a low price and selling at a high price), you can earn a huge fortune in a short time.

There are many types of items you can try to sell, including crafting materials, consumables, gear, and cosmetics from inherited content. However, this method also has many drawbacks. It requires a significant investment of gold to get started.

You’ll also have to spend your time and attention studying the server’s price dynamics and coming up with trading strategies. While some find this activity not only fascinating but also profitable, trading on a regular basis is certainly not for everyone.



Using professions to mine gold is closely related to trading since you will still be selling items through the auction house. The only difference is that you will focus on your own items.

Helping create legendary items is the main source of income from the professions. Blacksmiths, tanners, and tailors create basic items, while inscribers sell trebniks that determine bonuses to secondary stats.

Enchanters and alchemists provide enhanced materials to create Legendary items but also have a wide range of other items, such as consumables, which gives them a crucial advantage in gold production. The ability to sell their potions just before raid night puts alchemists ahead of other crafting professions.


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Gathering professions, such as skinner or herbalist, have a distinct advantage over the above craft professions. They are much easier and cheaper to learn. Once you have acquired the skills and tools, all you have to do is spend time gathering resources and selling them to craftsmen.

While miners and herbalists can find more demand for their materials because of their wider use, skinners can more easily combine harvesting with regular farming, saving players time. Even after the best nodes of the furrier business have weakened, it remains very profitable.


You don’t have to rely on trading to earn gold. Completing quests can also be very lucrative if done correctly. To earn a regular income, you should do the latest world quests. They are repetitive, simple, and offer decent rewards. Even better are performing Covenant Appeals.

These daily quests involve battling enemies and completing quests (including worlds) in various parts of Twilightland. In addition to the rewards you receive for completing all of these quests, you will receive a chest of items that can be sold profitably to NPCs.

Completed quests also increase your reputation in one of the endgame factions, such as the Harvest Court. When you reach Exalted status, every 10,000 reputations earned in such a faction will give you a Paragon chest, which also contains rich rewards.

Earning a reputation on its own may not be worth it, but when combined with the other benefits of World Quest, it can be quite rewarding. Event and contract bonuses can speed up reputation earning, making this method of gold mining more efficient.


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Finally, the Command Adventure Table, which you can place in the Covenant Sanctuary, offers another relatively easy way to earn money. While the rewards for individual adventures may seem unimpressive at first glance, they are reliable and mostly passive income.

All you have to do is unlock companions by releasing them from a merchant or upgrading Renown and assign effective tactics. Missions will run themselves, bringing gold and items you can sell. Depending on your needs, this may be enough, or it may supplement other sources of income.

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