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The Psychological Reasons We Love Casinos

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The release of chemicals in the brain like dopamine is surprisingly not the only reward people subconsciously seek when they play gambling games. Or in general, take certain risks that could lead to rewards.

For instance, there’s also the potential of winning money, improving your social standing or just good old-fashioned fun. Which casinos are known to deliver games specifically designed to get you hooked?

Most people can casually enjoy casinos and their offerings and get on with their lives. Or they don’t take it too seriously and aren’t exactly attached to the outcome of any activities they enjoy in casinos.

Seeing it as nothing more than just a form of entertainment to enjoy once in a while. There are also some people who can’t stand making any sort of gamble, whether it’s in life or just casino games.

No matter which category you fall under, there’s definitely some solid psychology behind what your habits are in casinos. We’ll go into further detail in this article. That way, the next time you visit NZCasinoGames.com, you’ll have a better understanding of why you do the things you do.

It’s Can Actually Be Addictive

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A recent study showed that certain parts of the brain light up when you’re doing activities that release chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. For instance, there’s a reason you can’t get enough of checking your social media accounts and it might be the same reason you can’t get enough of your favourite slot game as well.

They both effectively give you the same instant rewards, whether real or perceived. This is one of the reasons that some people get hooked on visiting casinos. Chances are they are the same personality types that are addicted to their phones as well.

Chasing Losses

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One of the main things that anyone with casino experience will advise against is chasing losses. Yet it’s one of the most tempting things to do when you’ve hit a rough patch in your game.

When you’re up and you have a certain amount in profits, you get the feeling that it’s only going to get better. Then, when things go downhill, you become desperate to get back to where you were.

Or at the very least, earn back what you started with. However, this is one of the worst things you can do at any casino game. Because more often than not it leads to bigger losses and you leave in worse shape than when you started.

The Illusion of Control

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Although gambling is largely based on luck and we’re all well-aware. In fact, if they were not based on an outcome we couldn’t control, casinos probably wouldn’t be as popular as they are. Still, many people feel a false sense of control even when playing games where skill isn’t even a factor.

For instance, slots players always tend to feel like they have figured out the right formula for winning. Even though all logic shows that you have the same chance of winning whether you’re on your first spin or you’ve been at it for hours.

The illusion of having control over the outcome of a game that isn’t possible to control is one of the most harmful behaviours you can take part in. It also contributes to why some people believe so strongly in good luck charms and other rituals meant to help them win.

Gambler’s Fallacy

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The gambler’s fallacy is incorrectly believing that just because a certain thing occurs more often than usual at some point that it’s going to continue happening in the future. For example, if for some reason the roulette wheel keeps turning up black several times in a row. In actuality, regardless of what has already happened in the game, the probability of the next outcome does not change at all.

For instance, when playing slots, each spin can result in any of the possible outcomes regardless of what has already happened. Another reason that sticking to the same game for hours on end does not necessarily guarantee that you will win eventually.

Losses That May Feel Like Wins

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Some people engage in casino games so often that they don’t take into account their overall losses and wins. For instance, over a period of years, someone can completely disregard what their total losses have been if they end up winning a big jackpot.

Even if that prize doesn’t allow them to break even, it will feel like a great accomplishment. Of course, this is the main reason most people play casino games in the first place. Because they get the dual benefits of enjoying the fun that comes along with it.

Even on days that they end up losing their money. Then, there is always the possibility that it can work out in their best interest with an enormous win that could change their lives.


As you may have noticed, some people are far more likely than others to fall into the above psychological traps that can lead to less than desirable gambling behaviours. It begs the question of what exactly it is in certain personality types that some are able to keep things casual and have some fun.

Whereas others, become obsessive, desperate and end up making major mistakes as a result. Studies have shown that some people have general behavioural traits that determine whether casinos are going to be a positive or a negative experience. For example, if someone is more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, they may also exhibit traits such as gambling addictions.

There are also things like greed and adrenaline that comes into play that can trigger reward chemicals in the brain. But thankfully, most of these scenarios occur very rarely and isn’t something that the vast majority of casino users need to worry about.

Additionally, when it comes to online betting, casinos go the extra mile to maintain a positive environment. Via the use of tools like account settings that can opt you out or set limits on your time and spending.