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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

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Selecting the perfect web hosting provider for your website that be a very overwhelming task once you find out how many different services there are actually with various hosting plans. Logically, it is in their best interest to tell you that they are the best choice for your business.

However, you need to get familiar with some potential mistakes that you need to avoid when you are deciding on a web hosting provider for your business.

1. You decide to use a free hosting service

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Even though free hosting services look like a very tempting deal at first glance, the truth is much different. This can be a good opportunity for someone who runs a blog or website for the hobby, however, this is not an option for a serious and credible business platform. People who are new to this do not really know that those free hosting services are surviving thanks to those pop-up ads and different banners that are displayed on a particular site.

With those annoying ads, users’ experience is negative because no one wants to see things like that. Additionally, search engines including Google do not allow users to reside on these free hosting services. Therefore, these websites do not show on top of search results.

This means that you will lose traffic with the hosting of this kind. Additionally, free web hosting does not get very good domains which will leave a very unrepeatable impression for potential users. More things that you can expect from free hosting providers include poorly speed, unreliability, and unavailability.

Logically, since you have not paid anything for the service, you can not expect to get some compensation. We will discover you one trick, all free hosting services are existing so they can hook up some clients and that offer them many effective packages that they need to pay for. These types of packages are even more expensive than those that are offered by other established web hosts. So, you are definitely better off choosing a reliable host such as verpex.com rather than going for a free hosting plan.

2. You decide to choose a web hosting package with no refund guarantee

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One more mistake that you can make is getting a web hosting service that does not have any type of refund guarantee in its offer. They are not reliable at all, and if you choose this one, you will soon find out that you made the mistake.

In case you want a website that will be promoted to different interests, blogs, or even some community interactive group, and you do not care about losing SEO points, you can decide on this option. However, if search engine optimization standard is very important for highlighting your business, this type of hosting package is the one you need to avoid.

You need to realize that any reliable, credible, and legit hosting provider company will refund your invested money in case you are not satisfied with the package you have chosen.

That is why you need to avoid hosting providers that do not provide this type of money-back guarantee service. You can expect that in most cases, a reliable hosting provider company will give you 30 days to change your mind if you are not satisfied with them and some of them will even give you a 90-day money-back guarantee.

4. You choose a shared web hosting package

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In general, maybe you have noticed that small businesses are the ones that are thinking between the shared web hosting option and a virtual private server – VPS. When someone is new at this, they do not realize the difference between the shared web hosting service and a VPS one.

That is why we are here to explain to you the difference. First, when it comes to VPS, you should know that your website will be hosted on an infrastructure that is shared with other people, however, you will get your private set allocation of resources including CPU time, storage space, etc.

Therefore, if your only expectation is linked to getting a high level of traffic very fast or to have a chance to install the apps that are not supported on shared web hosting, you can decide on a VPS option. However, if those are not your goals, you should save your money and invest it in some credible hosting provider.

5. You consider web hosting providers based only on price

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When people do not understand web hosting, they think that their services are basically the same, so they just need to find the one that would be ideal for their budget. Logically, people then make the mistake of choosing the cheapest option that they found.

On the other hand, there are even people who do not realize the difference but are convinced that if they choose the most expensive package, they will not make the mistake. More precisely, they will get high-quality service. The truth is that cheap web hosting providers offer poor speed, storage, not enough features, they do not include customer support and the infrastructure is not good.

Also, they often have some extra costs. On the other hand, there is absolutely no guarantee that if you choose a higher-priced package you will get the highest possible quality. In fact, there is no reason to overspend your money, because your company may not be able to use all the features, storage, and bandwidth that come with the paid offer.

What you should know before choosing a web hosting provider?

In general, knowing what mistakes you should avoid when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider are not enough. You additionally need to understand and make sure how a particular web hosting service will affect security. Also, you need to get familiar with domain privacy, as well as how hosting can impact SEO.

These are all important factors, especially if you are running a serious business that you want to develop even more in the future. As we said there are so many different types of web hosting providers that you can choose from. We tried to cover all common mistakes that you should avoid making. Additionally, we want to help you find the best possible option for your business or your company.

That is why we suggest you check hostadvice.com which is a platform created to help you find the best web hosting solution for you. It is developed to compare all possible web hosting providers based on their features, users’ reviews, reputations, reliability, and professional opinions.