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How to Improve Your PUBG Mobile Experience

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Most Player Unknown Battlegrounds contenders have dreamed of winning the coveted prize money that comes with some official tournaments. But did you know that it is not restricted to the PC platform? That’s right, mobile gamers will be relieved to know that there are tournaments for those of you with a competitive nature.

So, whether you’re a veteran mohawk wielding sniper or just starting out, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the pack and on your way to that big win.

How To Improve Your PUBG Mobile Experience In 6 Steps?

1. Consider Using an Emulator

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For some users, the mobile platform can be a daunting task, from the restricted screen to working the sometimes-complicated touch controls. That’s why running an emulator for PUBG mobile PC like Gameloop can help improve your performance in-game.

Not only will you have access to bigger, more performance-based screens, but your controls will also be easier to handle and manipulate. Emulators have been around for ages and have always been a viable option for mobile gamers to use.

Their high performance and control-oriented changes allow for an entirely unique environment. On top of these bonuses, most come equipped with anti-cheat protection so you can stay protected on your survival journey.

2. Mobile Oriented Controllers

Smartphones become stronger as the industry and the insight into technology grows. So, it’s no wonder some of us prefer to keep to that platform and stay true to mobile gaming. But how do we improve our control abilities while gaming on our handheld devices? Over the years, devices like smartphone controllers have grown in popularity.

Smartphone controllers help adjust your controls to suit your play style. They may take some getting used to at first, but once you’re oriented and have your bearings, you will see a noticeable change in your gameplay. This is especially true for console gamers looking to switch over to the mobile gaming platform.

3. Learn to Loot Faster

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There is nothing worse than grinding for that well-earned kill, only to be blown away by a sniper watching you loot a corpse indecisively. As frustrating as this is, there are a few ways to help deter this.

  • Improving your HUD navigation while looting and knowing what gear to look out for will help lessen the downtime you spend on inventory screens.
  • When looting a body, make sure you’re always slightly moving to help make yourself a harder target.
  • By doing the move known as the PUBG shuffle, slightly moving from side to side quickly while your inventory is open, you help make it harder for enemies to get a shot on you.
  • Learning the hot keys for moving and managing your inventory quicker helps increase your survivability in the end.

So, it doesn’t hurt to practice as often as possible, even if you fumble the first few times.

4. The right region server for your gameplay

Region switching used to be an easy way to move to another region and enjoy a different part of the game, especially if you were failing and constantly dying in that specific part. This was the key for new players who were trying to win.

As the game developed so did this feature and nowadays you can only switch regions every 60 days, making it a hidden yet sweet gem. This little tip will come practical and handy if you are playing at the wrong ping in your own region or you’re away from home.

Players can switch between 18 different maps. Your learning experience will depend a lot on the approach you take and will vary from one player and from one map to the other. Rookies may prefer different (newer) maps when playing on their phones.

5. Assembly arena for the switch of the clothes

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You should always think tactically, even when playing on your smartphone. Muted shades and of course, camouflage are the best step and go-to move that you can make when it comes to your appearance.

So, did you know that once the game begins and you enter the assembly arena that you can switch up your clothes and other players can swap with you? You can switch up your appearance and you will end up with a better selection before the game begins.

You will have around 1 minute to switch up your clothes and distract your opponents with a new appearance. Assembly arena will have a lot of perks and pros when it comes to your gaming.

6. Weapon usage will vary depending on your device

What is the most common go-to selection of yours when it comes to your weapons and guns? The best move to make is to get your saw or sniper rifle from the resupply crate. You will notice a red smoke indicator on a weapons crate with great weapons in it.

Go for a saw or a rifle. In some additions, there was also a flare gun. What approach do you plan on using and going for? In case you’re inside the play zone, you get weapons, but if you’re outside the play zone you get an armoured car.

Both options are good but used for different circumstances within the game. Stick to the one that suits your mobile gameplay a bit more.

Ready to play and give it a go?

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Are you a true PUBG fan and an experienced player? Since now that you have your preferred mobile setup, you have the practice, and you’re as fast as the wind in stripping enemies bare, are you ready to give it a go?

Make sure that you have enough of your spare time to take on the world of PUBG mobile and leave your mark on the history of mobile gaming. Be equipped with patience and energy before you begin. Follow these practical top six mobile and game-related tips and tricks when it comes to your next big session, you will enjoy the gameplay and you will definitely win!