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6 Differences Between Inflatable Dolls and Real Sex Dolls

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Over time, technology advances more and more. That’s why inflatable dolls are a thing of the past since real dolls appeared. With their functions and realistic appearance, they resemble the right person, which additionally causes satisfaction. This is also great news for people who are lonely, because they cannot find a partner. A lot of them have a built-in relationship with their doll, and real dolls allow them to do just that. However, they can also be very expensive.

Let us remind ourselves that they were created according to the model of inflatable dolls, so they have a lot of similarities. Due to the great popularity of real sex dolls, people began to wonder what differences exist between them and inflatable dolls. Read on for a few basic differences between them to better understand the transition from the era of inflatable dolls to the era of real sex dolls.

1. Material

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It is definitely the biggest difference in the material. This is what you will notice first on these dolls. While the real sex doll is made of silicone material, the other type of doll is made of plastic skin. However, there are two forms of silicone material and this refers to TPE material. Anyway, they are environmentally safe, have a high level of elasticity and high strength. The feeling you have with these dolls is very real, because their skin does not only resemble a human.

They are quite soft to the touch while resistant to various weather conditions. We must not forget that they tolerate high temperatures very well. TPE material has been somewhat more popular lately, but also more expensive. The reason is the complexity of the model, because only one doll contains TPE material of top origin and a complex interior made of a metal skeleton.

Include design, mold, makeup and other details in all of this. On the other hand, we have a simple inflatable doll that is not that difficult to produce. All it needs is plastic skin, and to get the finished product you have to inflate it.

2. Stimulation

Although the inflatable doll contains vaginal parts that are coated with silicone material, there is a difference in stimulation. A real silicone doll is much closer to the real feeling of the skin on every part of the body. We must not forget the incredible softness. They are able to even maintain your body temperature for a long time, which means that the feeling is completely realistic.

In addition, you can bend them on different parts of the body to place them in the desired position. Their skin really wrinkled at the folds and it got the look of a real person. This means that you can play with it in various ways, and that is exactly the dream of every person who has a lot of fantasies.

Since sexual desires are different, we will agree that a real silicone doll can fulfill a lot of dreams. It will also have a sexy and seductive look because you can choose all its features. This applies not only to body shape and height but also to facial features, body parts, their features, etc. So, you can get the perfect partner when you have been looking for it for so long.

3. Realistic look

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Because of all the above and other characteristics, a real sex doll is much more like a real person. So, you get it ready-made with all its functions that can afford you an unforgettable sexual experience. It is a little different with an inflatable doll, because it will get its shape only when you inflate it. You will also be limited when it comes to its positions. Some models may even look scary at first glance, because the construction is very rough.

4. Weight

Another feature that makes these dolls different is their weight. Although you can choose silicone dolls in different sizes and shapes, the weight will generally be up to 40kg. Manufacturers were guided in production by international standards when it comes to weight. For example, if the doll is the height of the average person, this weight would be almost realistic.

According to the myminisexdoll there are even models over 50 kg which is average weight for women. On the other hand, it is clear to you how much inflatable dolls can weigh. Their weight barely exceeds 2 kg, but it is therefore easy to handle. You will also put it off very easily, but you will not get a stimulation that reminds you of the right person.

5. Handling

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When we talk about weight and puppet management, we have to mention a few important things. First of all, a doll made of silicone material is solid. You can start using it immediately after installing or filling it with air. This means that it is great for use at home, but because of its strength, it is not so suitable for wearing.

6. Maintenance

No matter what type of doll you want to choose, the most important thing is to take good care of them. If you clean them regularly, you will prolong their lifespan and, most importantly, you will preserve your health. Since the most untidy parts of the doll are those that have dents, it is especially important to clean them well. In that case, it is best to use small objects that you can use to move even the most remote parts of the doll.

However, there is a difference in its maintenance. This mainly refers to the type of material, because some are less resistant than others. For example, silicone dolls are even more resistant than TPE models. You can also disinfect them with warm water, which is not the case with TPE, and even less with an ordinary inflatable doll.

This way you will get a completely clean doll, because you will wash all surfaces better. Also, the chances are small that you can damage them, because this material is quite durable. We must not forget that the interior is filled with a metal skeleton, unlike an inflatable doll that is empty. So, silicone dolls can withstand heavier weights.


The biggest difference between inflatable dolls and real sex dolls is their material, as they provide different stimulations to the users. In addition, the visual appearance attracts the most attention and this mostly applies to real sex dolls due to their realistic appearance and amazing functions.