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Investingoal – A Website Made By The Traders, For The Traders

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As everybody knows, “Time is Money”, and every day we spend thinking about investing or not in our capitals, may be a lost day.

But investing properly your money is not an easy task and you may need some help during the process, especially if you have decided to start trading in a financial market.

In such cases, using a knowledge powerhouse such as www.investingoal.com is a must do.

Investingoal And Its Foundation

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Founded in 2014 by a team of trading-enthusiast headed by Filippo Ucchino, this website was created to give to other fellow traders an easy portal available to check the best brokering services on the market.

This objective was achieved by giving to everybody the possibility to compare and contrast brokers between them, providing in-depth reviews and personal experience, mixed with many intriguing and captivating tools.

How The Website Works

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Investingoal works in a way that provides you with the best search experience when using one of the best website’s features, the “Help me choose a broker”, by asking you a few simple questions.

Six, to be exactly:

  • “What is your experience level?” . Here you can choose from three different levels: BEGINNER, COMPETENT and PROFESSIONAL.
  • “What region are you looking to trade in?”. Here you can choose your country.
  • “What do you want to trade?”. Here you can choose from a list of assets, including: Forex, crypto, stocks, commodities, option, futures, interest rates and ETFs.
  • ” What is your trading style?”. Here you can choose your trading style from a list, including: scalper, day trader/swing trader, long term trader, EA trader and “don’t know”.
  • ” Would you like others to trade for you?”. Which is self-explanatory.
  • “How much do you want to deposit?”. Here you can select from a range of 100$-10.000 $ or more than 10.000$.

Once you finish the query, starting from these metrics you will receive a detailed list with all the brokers which fit in the description, and an overall score as well. That score is quite detailed, and it comprehends:

  • Overall score
  • Security score
  • Cost score
  • Trade score
  • Education score

If that would not be enough, you can also check the brokers’ reviews contained in Investingoal review aggregator. For every broker there will be an exclusive page with a detailed analysis of their PROs and CONs, a quick overview of their history and accounts available, and every specific feature that you shouldn’t miss.

Finally, there’s even the possibility to narrow your research of a specific parameter, such as:

  • Regulations
  • Leverage
  • Spreads
  • Account Types
  • Trading techniques allowed or enhanced

It goes without saying that if you like a specific trading style such as scalping, you’ll need a broker with the right features and fees, like competitive spreads and fast operational timing.


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Investing can be a great way to start building your wealth, but all investments come with an amount of risks that we cannot ignore. And that’s especially true today with the high level of market volatility and the propensity of retail traders to prefer short-term trading strategies to a long-term “buy-and-hold” overall strategy.

Experts say that in times of volatility, even the most professional investors have trouble making the right choices when investing in a financial market. And you can imagine what a newbie trader may obtain in comparison.

That’s why you should always invest what you are willing to lose, no matter how much you’re informed about that specific asset or market. Today, in a market dominated by the “Coronavirus” emergency, it is essential to be able to contain risks. Clever use of hedging tools, such as stop loss or take profit, can make a difference.

Another very important aspect is to always have a precise strategy to follow that also takes into account the risk of each single operation. When there is a lot of volatility, in fact, it is important to never invest starting from a “feeling” but, on the contrary, invest only when there are the conditions to do it safely.

With that being said, a good alternative may be looking for a broker that offers a demo account. This kind of accounts works exactly as a trading account, the only main difference is that it uses a virtual balance. By doing that, you will not risk any of your money, and keep trying your trading strategies without worrying about losing money.

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Thanks to the demo account it is possible to invest your savings in a “virtual” way, ie without generating losses or gains. It is an excellent tool especially for those who are starting to invest their money in the stock market and still do not have the right experience.

But be careful not to make the mistake of thinking that the demo account is a tool only for those who are a beginner. Even those who are experts, in fact, can use the demo account and make use of this important tool to optimize their work and invest successfully in financial markets around the world.

The demo account, for example, allows you to test a new strategy and verify its effectiveness on the market without risking your own money. A significant advantage that really allows you to develop effective and profitable strategies!

Always checking the correctness of a planned strategy is one of the aspects that makes the difference between an experienced trader, able to obtain excellent results, and a beginner trader who loses all his money on the financial markets.

There are many brokers who offer this tool to their clients. Precisely for this reason, the advice is to start in this way, so as to avoid taking unnecessary risks and start your career as a trader in complete safety.