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New Trends in Irish Online Gambling – 2024 Guide

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Time brings changes with it, and it is what we must accept. As humans, we keep evolving every day with new ways to do things in finance, entertainment, fashion, and almost every industry. These changes and innovations cut across all industries, not leaving behind gambling. In the past few years, we’ve seen many changes in how we gamble online in Ireland.

The majority of these new trends have made online games more convenient and rewarding for all parties involved. Since the industry is a flexible one, adapting to these changes has been very easy. The changes have caused significant shifts in the Irish gaming world. So, let us take a look at some of these trends.


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This trend started about two years ago. Since then, many Irish online casinos have continued to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Bitcoin is solely accepted in most places while others accept other coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Gamers are on the outlook for the best crypto casinos, and Irish CasinoHEX is one of the few platforms that provide Irish gamers with such casino options.

Accepting cryptos will not magically turn gambling into a wonderland, but the advantages of blockchain in the industry are undeniable. With this trend, transactions have become faster and, to some extent, easier. Unlike traditional payment methods, bitcoin payments come with negligible charges.

Additionally, players enjoy some sort of anonymity when paying with cryptocurrency. So, casinos or other third parties cannot misuse the information of players in their care.

This trend is still very new, and at the moment, it’s still in its adoption stage. We expect to see more of the trend in online casinos in the future. By then, many more casinos would adopt it and even more players as well. One of the most significant benefits of blockchain is the trust issues it can solve if deployed skillfully. Most times, gamers don’t trust casinos regarding odds, payouts, and other transactions. Blockchain helps store game records, bet, results, and payouts. Players can always access their transactions to confirm that odds were not rigged, and due payments were made. Hence, the immutability of blockchain transactions seems a great benefit to online gambling.

Mobile Compatibility

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The recent advancement in technology now allows the creation of mobile games. Although mobile sites have been available for a while, the invention of HTML5 now allows developers to make these games into mobile applications. With these phones’ portability, casinos and their games can now be accessed easily by players anywhere and anytime they choose.

Players in Ireland now have more comfortable, convenient, and more flexible options. As a result, online casinos are seeing more traffic and more traffic and more money. While some might play for free, the casinos make a lot from the adverts they display for these punters to see.

More Live Dealer Games

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For many players, the reason for visiting casinos is for entertainment. So, when casinos started having online platforms, incorporating the fun aspect of land casinos into their online counterparts was challenging.

Slots didn’t have issues at the start; in fact, they adjusted just fine and gave just the same fun as their land-based versions. However, table games were not the same as it was for players on the casino floor.

To solve this problem, online casinos now have live dealer games. In these games, players play alongside others from around the world. The tables have their dealers who, for the sake of privacy, cannot see anyone.

In the future, there is more to come from these live dealer games. We expect to see more Blackjacks, poker, roulette, and many more. For players who love the atmosphere at the casino, live games are the way to go.

Better Slot Machines

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Due to the stiff competition in the gambling industry today, casinos are doing a lot to keep players spending. Keeping in mind that most punters in Ireland are of the younger generation, slot machines are changing for good. Young people gamble more these days because they have the devices and are better informed about these games.

Unlike the older generation, these younger people need more of what they can relate to. To this end, you will notice that the games you have these days come with colors and lots of action in their gameplay. This is unlike before, where symbols were not many, and the action was not as much.

Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality, since its invention, has continued to change the online space. Online gambling has also benefited and shared these changes. Now, players can sit in the comfort of their house while they walk through virtual online casinos and enjoy their games.

With this system, the fun and excitement of the casino are brought home to the player directly. For that reason, and many more, people love the trend.


The trends above have played significant roles in the industry and have improved the gaming world at large. Even though we have seen so much, it’s evident that we are yet to see what the future holds. However, when it comes to gambling, we are confident, the future is bright from here.  Other popular trends include Interactive Gaming Systems and Augmented Reality Gaming that has made gaming better. From 2024 into the future, we expect to see the inclusion of smartwatches in many casinos will be very popular. In everything, one thing stays the same; the innovations bring about convenience and accessibility.