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Why Online Mobile Betting is Gaining Popularity Among Millennials in 2024

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The newest revolution in the gambling industry came along with the development of mobile phones. Today, it’s known as mobile betting and is becoming increasingly popular among millennials. Big, colorful screens in the best graphic possible, touchpads and ultra-fast mobile networks made it possible for the gambling companies to make use of the market. Mobile betting became popular with the development of high-performance smartphones, such as the ones developed by Apple. Ever since they made this breakthrough pattern, the popularity of the content available on mobile devices only rises. This applies to gambling, as well.

At the moment, there are still many casinos and betting shops available in the communities, but one thing we could predict given the circumstances with the pandemic is that more and more of them will be moved online. They’ll be replaced with online gambling platforms and finally, mobile betting apps.

Reasons for this are rather obvious. The world has been under constant lockdowns, curfews, social distancing measures preventing people from spending time with each other. But there are other reasons these apps are becoming popular, especially among millennials. Continue reading to learn more.

Millennials are a high-tech generation

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While people born in the seventies and before cannot relate to growing up in such a high-tech environment and have had difficulties adjusting to the fast development of technology, those born afterward grew up with this stuff. As they were thriving, so did the technology. And by the time they were in their teen years, the internet was already there. Not the same as it is today, but it gave them a chance to slowly learn about it, and therefore adjust to what comes next more easily.

Their brains could adjust to the growing number of information received through all the devices we cannot imagine our lives without now. For more than had of their lives, they’ve been using mobile phones and computers, so this type of entertainment is interesting and well known to them. Their parents probably never tried things like a Nintendo or a computer game. While all the other generations that came cannot see anything more fun than online games and social media networking.

Mobile phones are easier to handle than computers, and make betting more available

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It’s a bit scary to think about how much time an average millennial spends on the phone, but judging by what we see around us, it’s more than a lot. The reason is simple, they are much more convenient to carry around than laptops. Betting on mobile devices now makes one able to do it wherever and whenever they feel like it. While sitting in a pub, while going home from work by a subway, or while watching a game on the local stadium and discussing the result with others. With a couple of clicks, you can place a bet and keep track of the outcome. Who wouldn’t want to take a chance and earn some passive income?

A variety of apps

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As for the technical part of why is betting gaining more popularity, one can conclude it’s because of the variety of apps available. In general, mobile betting could be divided into two categories: betting via apps and WAP betting. Almost every online betting site has a mobile version, such as 22Bet. If they didn’t the number of users would drastically decrease, because of what we already mention (everyone owns a mobile device now). Most of them will automatically switch you to the mobile version, when you visit the website and it detects the access is from a mobile device, to make sure you stick to their platform. WAP mobile betting, on the other hand, requires you to have internet access and a mobile phone. All newer versions of the mobile phones have access to the internet, and therefore make all those who enjoy games of chance able to follow the results of the games and place bets.

Bonus programs for the newcomers

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There’s no doubt that the reason behind the popularity is the fact that most of the betting platforms give additional bonuses to those who use their apps. Some even offer a free first bet, for the newly registered users. However, this is not always the case, and if it is the amount is a couple of dollars. But, for those who know their game, a couple of dollars can make a huge difference in their pocket.

To be eligible for such a bonus, and ensure the amount is at your disposal as they promised, there are certain criteria one has to fulfill. Once fulfilled, the free bet option can be activated. Some even offer the same bonus, as a sort of a cashback option. This means, if the first wager was placed via a mobile device and it was not successful, you’ll get a second chance, free of charge. Bonuses are many and all of them sound very tempting, which is why millennials choose the mobile app option.

A good app is easy to recognize on mobile

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If one already has an account opened in the favorite bet shop, the same user data will work on the app as well. If not, it’s clear that there’s no quality in the provider. Therefore, it’s rather easy to recognize if the application is worth your time or not. Other criteria based on which this can be checked are access to all other usual features you’re used to having, like account access, history of the past bets, transactions, or access to the offer where a transaction can be performed within seconds. 

Betting platforms and millennials keep up the pace of time. Technical support of the platforms works constantly to improve their given services and ensure the best availability possible, which directly influences their relationship with users. Millennials are a tough crowd to satisfy. Their expectations are high because they are aware there’s always someone better on the market. Therefore, online mobile apps for betting have to keep their guard up, at all times.