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5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for Your Traumatic Brain Injury – 2024 Guide

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Unfortunately, today there are many cases where a certain accident ends in a head injury, and that also often leads to consequences for the brain. This mainly happens because it is a very sensitive part of the human body. So whatever accident you experience, if you lose your balance or simply experience a blow in that part, there can be very serious consequences.

Although our skull is made of heavy and resistant bone, on the other hand, our brain is very sensitive to any sensation, especially turbulence. Regardless of the fact that there may not be any noticeable bleeding, swelling or blood clots, every injured person will have extremely severe headaches as well as significant problems with concentration.

Sometimes with blurred vision, sleep problems, but in any case the consequences exist and sometimes remain permanent. On the other hand, there are also more serious injuries after which the victim of the accident loses certain vital functions, and this is treated as permanent damage.

In both cases, insurance companies will sometimes try in every possible way to avoid paying monetary compensation due to injuries. However, we are here to tell you that you are not alone in this and you do not have to rely solely on these companies. With the right lawyer, you can make a claim and thus get fair compensation for the accident. Keep reading to find out other reasons why you will definitely need a professional in this kind of fight.

1. Brain trauma is the most dangerous injury

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The brain is the most complex organ in us and that is why such injuries are the most dangerous of all, because they lead to the greatest complications. They are also generally very difficult to diagnose. If there are not very large traumas, which cause bleeding, brain swelling or hematomas, they often go unnoticed even if MRI and CT are done.

Microtrauma is difficult to diagnose and therefore insurance companies in these cases try to challenge the extent of the injury. That is why you need a lawyer, who will insist that even microtraumas on the brain require compensation. It is not possible to measure microtrauma to the brain with microtrauma of, say, a muscle, because of the complexity of organ.

2. Mild injury can have lasting consequences

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As we have already said, even very small traumas can have a long-term effect on a person, and even permanent. Many consequences can occur such as chronic headaches, blurred vision, changes in character, mental illness, as well as hypersensitivity to various external stimuli. All this will prevent a person from leading a normal life and doing certain jobs. What insurance companies will try to do is deny that the consequences were due to trauma, rather than another.

Especially because in most cases of TBI the situation improves over time. When we spoke to the experts from Foyle Legal, who are most successful in resolving such cases in Perth, Western Australia, they told us traumatic brain injury is often called an invisible disability that is why it is important to have brain injury compensation lawyers on your side, to prove that the consequences are caused by the trauma. They will their influence to speed up the whole process, not to let insurance stall the whole process until you fully recover.

3. Pay one instead of several experts

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If you do not have serious injuries that were immediately identified during the examinations in the emergency room where you were admitted, it will be very expensive for you to prove the extent of the injuries yourself. You will have to hire different medical experts, perform different analyzes and everything else, which in the end can be so expensive that you are not able to pay for it.

If you hire a specialist lawyer, he will most likely already have a team of doctors and other necessary professions to work with him on your case. So it will be much cheaper for you, because you will only pay for a lawyer instead of five different specialties. Although of course you pay them through the money you give to a lawyer, it will definitely be cheaper because they make up one team.

4. You will have support

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While this may seem like a reason that is not so important to you, because you have the support of family and friends during this difficult time in your life, it is still not the case. The lawyer will provide you with support and security in another way. As much as family and friends are with you, they can’t help you fight insurance companies. Having a lawyer will give you confidence that everything will end well, which will give you the necessary peace to continue your recovery. A lawyer will also know how to communicate with you, as a kind of psychologist and make you whole recovery period easier.

5. You will get more compensation

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Even though your brain injuries are easily provable and you know you will get compensation, you definitely need a lawyer who specializes in that area. Because insurance companies will always try to settle with you quickly and thus reduce the amount they need to pay you. The lawyer will know which amount is acceptable and which should be refused. His knowledge of the whole problem, as well as the necessary terminology, will deter the insurance company from litigating with you, because they know that they will lose and will offer you a larger amount as a settlement.


In addition to the aforementioned milder symptoms due to a head injury, which are called mild traumatic brain injury, more intense symptoms can occur to the accident victim. Then there may be loss of consciousness for several hours, days or longer. After that, there is a possibility of consequences in speech that becomes unclear, and other consequences can also occur, such as altered behavior, anxiety, vomiting, etc.

Such traumatic injuries leave consequences throughout life, and even in the mentioned cases, they change it from the root. Whoever finds themselves in this, must not be left without financial compensation, and for something like that, you will surely need a professional person such as a lawyer. We hope that we have explained enough to you in the text and why this is so.