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5 Reasons You Should Wear a Panama Hat – 2024 Guide

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I have noticed in these last couple of years that all kinds of different hats are becoming very trendy. So many people have started combining this accessory with their outfits. Personally, I love the idea that people are experimenting especially with this type of accessory. I have also noticed that Panama hats were especially friendly last year and even in 2024. But, what makes them so special? Why do so many think that this is the “ultimate” accessory for every outfit?

Well, I think the answer to that question is quite simple. It is elegant, it is lightweight, it looks cool and you can easily combine it with any other piece of clothing. It can be both formal and a casual piece of accessory.

It is also important to remember that it will provide you protection from the sun in those hot summer days. But, if all of this is not enough to convince you that you should start wearing a Panama hat, I believe that this article I wrote may convince you otherwise. I am going to explain all the reasons why you should wear one, went to put it on, and how to pick the right one.

1. A popular option for hundreds of years

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Before we can delve deeper into the reasoning why you should put on this type of a hat, we should probably talk about where it came from.

This piece of accessory has been popular for the past 300 years. Yes, you heard me right. People have been putting this hat on their heads since the 17th century. But, in those days, the Panama hat was not exactly a fashion statement. It was mostly used as a piece of protection for workers that worked under the scorching hot sun.

They were first handwoven in Ecuador and were slowly distributed to different countries around the world during the 19th century. Only then this accessory became a fashion statement instead of just another piece of equipment.

You could easily spot thousands of people with a Panama hat in big cities such as New York City, London, and that popularity even reached Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

2. Worn by famous celebrities

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Celebrities, models, and other such influential people are usually the ones that set trends in the fashion world across the globe. Here is an example. The famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio leaves his home and a very specific and unique outfit. He goes to a popular event that is filled with news reporters and paparazzi. They take hundreds of photos, the photos get posted on newspapers and online.

People browsing the Internet see these images and this new and unique outfit so they start wearing it themselves. This is how a trend is started. This is exactly how the Panama hat became popular in the world again in 2024.

I have seen so many different celebrities, actors, actresses, models, and singers combining their outfits with a Panama hat. It seems like everyone wants to be a part of this trend and I cannot blame them. It is definitely one of the cooler trends I have seen in these past couple of years.

However, do not think that this trend started this year or last year. In fact, the Panama hat was worn by Hollywood celebrities even back in the 60s and 70s. Famous Hollywood directors were in love with this piece of accessory. Famous actors from the 60s would also carry one at all times. Martin Balsam, Burt Lancaster, Marcello Mastroianni, Alain Delon, Robert Redford, and many more.

3. They are lightweight and usually handwoven

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If trends or keeping up with the fashion world is not exactly what you care about then I probably should start talking about other reasons why you need a Panama hat. And trust me, there are many other reasons why you definitely need one.

The most obvious reason why anyone should wear this type of hat is that it is very light. Usually, when you put on a baseball cap or a regular fedora, your head starts to get hot, to sweat and your hair gets oily. This is not exactly ideal. Once you put a hat on your head, you cannot because your hair will look ridiculous.

Well, that is not the case with the Panama hat. Since it is made out of Toquilla straw which is a very lightweight material, your head will be getting a lot of circulation of air. In other words, you want to sweat and your hairstyle will not get ruined when wearing this type of hat.

However, you should keep in mind that not every Panama hat is equal. Some of them are not handwoven and not made of an eco-friendly Toquilla straw such as the one you can find at Ecuadorian Hands.

The hats that are made out of different straw or a completely different material will not keep you as cool as Toquilla straw.

4. They are inexpensive

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If you do not feel like spending hundreds of dollars on such a basic accessory, I think you will love the fact that these types of hands are very expensive. Of course, there are always brands and models that go above the hundred dollar price point, but you do not have to buy them. Even the ones that cost $50 or less are usually handwoven and made out of a good straw.

So, if you ever lose it or tear it, you can always just buy another one since there are so inexpensive. If you wanted to last a lot longer, I would suggest buying the more expensive ones because they are usually made out of higher quality material or are woven with a much more complicated pattern making it more durable.

5. It can be combined with any other outfit

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The last reason why you should wear a Panama hat is because of the fact that it looks cool and that it can be combined with anything that you wear. Whether you are wearing a formal outfit, a casual one, or something in between, you can always put on a Panama hat. It will look good with anything.

After reading through this article, I hope that I have provided you with the reasons that will convince you why you need to wear a Panama hat.