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League of Legends: The Reason for Becoming the Best F2P of the Decade

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League of Legends is a free MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. It is fast-paced, addictive, full of exciting championships, and the world’s most played game. At any given time, 7.5 million people worldwide play games, but what makes League of Legends so popular? Let’s find out!

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The Most Popular F2P (Free-to-play)

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League of Legends was introduced in 2010. The concept was unique from all other games ever made. If you told most people that it will become the most popular free game of all time, they might have laughed at you.

For League of Legends to become popular, their team ensured that players did not get an edge by investing money in the game. Their system comprises a separate in-game currency called Riot Points, and gamers can use real money to buy in-game products.

This can be used to unlock new heroes (although this can be unlocked by playing games), use new skins to pretend to be your favorite heroes, or unlock the summoner icon and ranger skin.

The attractiveness of free games has attracted many people, which makes them very popular. Still, many players spend more money on the skin than the membership fee to pay!

One of the factors League of Legends is so successful is that this is a genuinely free multiplayer game. You can quickly download it and try it out if you are idle and want to explore a competitive game.

This saw a huge surge in popularity during the game’s launch, and it has continued to grow ever since.

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Regular Updates

No matter what Riot does, there will always be a group of people complaining about changing a particular champion. While their balance team sticks to their own opinions, some are unfair, but they released over 100+ patches until now.

It is updated every 20 days, to be precise, and you do not have to pay anything for these releases.

Currently, this game has an exact number of 153 champions to select from. Giving players much work to prevent a riot ensures that older players do not get bored and move on. For more insights check out the Mobalytics.gg which provides builds and counters for all League of Legends champions.

This will not only keep your audience healthy but will also attract new friends. Without these regular updates, it is hard to see League of Legends becoming so popular.

Competitive Game Modes

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Another factor League of Legends is so famous for is its ranking style. Despite their high reputation, people still work hard. There are many memes about “solo queue” and the negative experiences of people during this period.

However, it is still trendy and has made Riot huge sums of money.

Climbing the highest rankings gives you the feeling that you are achieving goals and are rewarded for your progress as a player.

The frustration and toxicity of the solo queue stem from the passion and competition in the game. What keeps players climbing is that you will not exceed the range of professional players.

It is even possible that you will be discovered by the band and invited to the big stage. This goal prompted many players to keep the game. It also means that when someone watches the LCS, they can start the game to achieve the goal at that stage.

Multiplayer Arena

What is cooler than playing computer games? Play computer games with your friends! League of Legends does a good job in this regard and can easily attract friends to your game.

Another reason for League of Legends’ popularity is the difficulty of making friends. Playing the role of a supporter or shooter can be a good way to connect with other players.

If you get along well, you can refill after the game and continue playing. This social experience keeps the game fresh and epitomizes the internet: our shrinking world.

Short Game Rounds

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Many people have complained about this and have suggested that the playing time is very long, but it is completely untrue. When you play single-player games, how long can you play? However, it is not that simple when you are online.

While you can play games like GTA V and CS: GO at the selected time, other games cannot. The MMORPG and other “World of Warcraft” may require players to stay in the session for more than 3 hours.

Compared to that, a 35-minute game of League of Legends is simply useless. Do you need an hour to go out? Then you can start the game.

The game is suitable for many people’s lifestyles and can even break between study and homework. If the game goes on for longer, it may never be as popular as it is today.

Massive Esports Popularity

There is no doubt that soccer is one of the most popular sports globally as you can watch the heroes and play on big stages like Messi. With the development of esports, this trend began to be reflected in computer games.

Since season 3, League of Legends had become so popular because that is when the esports scene began. It is a great MOBA documentary (especially DOTA 2) that explains how this free model was made.


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This may seem like a minor problem on the surface, but the strong need to compete will undoubtedly encourage people to play games. Gamers will see their favorite pro gamers do a great job and naturally hope to be just as good – although that is a dream for most of us.

The way the league department works makes it easy to see how good you are compared to your friends. If they are promoting platinum games now and will beat you, you will have to play more games to win. It is so simple.


Has League of Legends become popular when born in due course, or is it the best game ever released? Without all this news and Twitch’s rise, will League of Legends (and MOBA) be as popular as it is today? We will never know, but I think it is worth considering.

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