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When Does A Game’s Loot Mechanic Cross The Line Into Gambling – 2024 Guide

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Are in-game loot crates used for gambling? This is a popular question among the video gaming community, as most video games have some form of loot crates that you can get by winning a certain amount of money. 

In the UK, the upper house, or the House of Lords, has recommended reclassifying this phenomenon as gambling as lootbox addiction seems to rise says Fherehab.com.

Most video games will have this as part of the game, and it’s usually a good idea to go into those crates with an idea of what you’re going to get when you open them. 

Some games have better variety, though, and if your luck hasn’t been quite good lately, you may want to consider buying loot crates instead of just hoping you’ll get something useful out of them.

Consider whether the crates you are getting are actually “loot” or if they are just blue items you can collect. 

What are loot crates?

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The loot in these crates are all used for a particular purpose, and while you might get lucky and get a valuable item out of one box, you’ll be less likely to get something useful out of a crate full of “uncalled for” loot. 

So is it gambling or just collecting?

Whether you are in-game loot crates gaming with the intention of gambling or just collecting, it’s essential to be aware of what the loot in the crates is for. 

Why might it be considered gambling?

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Sometimes the loot is for special items you can’t get anywhere else, but sometimes it is just garbage that you can pick up and give away. You’ll also have to be aware of whether there are items that are worth the money you spent on them. If you can get them for free, why spend the money on them?

Sometimes the game designers of specific games will put in crates that can be opened to reveal something valuable, but it may not always be the item you were looking for. 

For example, in the beta for Left 4 Dead, the last person who reached the last room before the timer ran out would receive a shotgun. While this may seem like a big reward, if everyone started doing this and the items were only obtained once the game was over, they wouldn’t be very valuable.

They are called crates because they are made to be opened quickly to get your hands on something. 

This helps prevent you from waiting around forever and hoping someone decided they had enough of the item and gave it to you. Even if they didn’t, it could have taken you ages to find the thing you wanted, and then you would have to go back and do all of the waiting again. With the quickness of crates, you can go through a level or two with much more speed and ease.

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Some games will have crates that can be opened using a key. These are used mostly in multiplayer games, but they can be used for single-player games as well. It all depends on the developers. In some games, the crates will be locked. 

This means that you can’t just open them and get what you need. Others may have no locking crate, so you might be able to get to the item you need without too much difficulty.

Do in-game crates make the item appear in your inventory list more often than other methods? 

Not always; it will depend on what kind of loot it is. It could be a rare item that players can’t find anywhere else. 

The rarer the item is, the less likely it will show up in the loot list, unless you happen to stumble upon it while looking for something else. It could even be a rare item that drops from monsters and other sources.


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If you love the idea of loot crates, you may want to look into getting some for your next gaming session. Make sure that you manage them properly so that they help to improve the game instead of harm it. 

Essentially, you should make sure to enjoy the game you are playing and use your initiative. If you need a loot crate to play the game’s main storyline, you may consider this too intrusive, and it could obstruct the fun value.

However, if you have the money and the game’s completion is not dependent on these loot items, you can use your judgment as to whether or not it is worth the purchase.