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5 Reasons You Should Start Thinking About Using UV Light for Disinfection – 2024 Guide

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In a world where viral and bacterial infections are commonplace, regularly disinfecting any surfaces that you come in contact with can be a life-saving routine. While traditional methods still work, they are rarely effective and convenient enough to meet the challenges that exist in the world today. And the year 2024 has shown everyone just how crucial it is to use the best possible means when fighting for our health.

Furthermore, they tend to be inconvenient to use, something that makes people less likely to disinfect. All this increases the odds of creating a health hazard. The good news is that there are better disinfection methods, and one of the most effective and convenient disinfection techniques available today is the one with UV lights. And given that companies like Led Ibond use incredibly durable and compact forms of UV light, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t embrace this superior form of disinfecting surfaces. How does UV light help us in combating the viruses?

When it comes to UV, they are divided by their wavelength and energy. The one used for disinfection is the most energetic, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. When we are outside, this type of most powerful light is blocked by the atmosphere, but weaker ones are the ones that give us sunburns. Since they are so strong, they can harm viruses and bacteria. They accomplish it by mutating them so they can’t reproduce. We can think about it like they deactivate the virus itself. So that is how they do it, but let’s learn why you should start using UV lights.

1. It is Nontoxic

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Traditional methods of disinfecting surfaces usually involve using harmful chemicals, and most of those chemicals have a negative effect on the environment. Commonly used disinfectants can also poison human beings, and one always has to worry about loved ones getting poisoned. UV light is nontoxic. It does not have a detrimental effect on the environment. And it also does not pose any danger to your loved ones. If you care about removing toxic substances from your home or workplace, then switching to UV light disinfection lights is something that you should definitely consider. In a world plagued by global warming, it is vital that we pollute as little as possible. That is another reason why we should avoid chemicals that are toxic, and that is because they are not only harmful but creating and producing them is usually pretty damaging to the planet.

2. It is More Effective

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The range of harmful organisms that UV light destroys is much wider than what the average disinfectant can. There is also the fact that one can get the concentration of traditional disinfectants wrong, or one may fail to use the right cleaning technique. Any of these things can lead to inadequate disinfection. It may thus leave people vulnerable to infections. On the other hand, with UV light, you don’t need to use any special cleaning techniques or to worry about getting that concentration right. It offers an easy to use and highly effective disinfecting solution that kills an incredible array of organisms. That includes spores and mold. Therefore, switching to using UV light disinfecting devices makes sense simply because it offers better protection. Being this effective in disinfecting is one of the reasons why so many people and experts see it as the key factor in fighting the COVID-19. That doesn’t mean that we are going to start using UV light on people when they enter the supermarket, but it can still be used to clear all surfaces and items of any viruses.

3. No Risk of Pathogens Developing Resistance

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The problem with using chemical disinfectants is that the target organisms tend to develop resistance. Therefore, their effectiveness drops gradually to a point where they become useless. In such a case, you may have to start looking for a different product. When you use UV light, you never have to worry about harmful organisms developing immunity against it. UV light is always efficient, and you never have to worry about the inconvenience of trying to find another solution after years of use. We already explained how UV light kills viruses, and while they can adapt to fight against certain types of chemicals, there is nothing they can do against high energy waves. All that makes them a perfect answer to this problem that is not only efficient, but it will also never stop being effective.

4. It Offers Highly Portable Options

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Advances in technology have led to the development of UV light devices that are incredibly portable. These devices are light in weight and are small in size. When compared to the amount of soap and water that one may need in order to disinfect surfaces multiple times throughout the day, these devices offer a highly portable and convenient disinfection solution. In the modern world, where people are always on the move, this is something that increases the likelihood of use. So if we consider a professional that would have a job to clean as many stores, offices, or even residential areas, he will simply be in a much better position to do his assignment with the UV light than with any other method.

5. It’s Cheaper in the Long-run

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UV light disinfection devices require a one-time investment, and they won’t need any maintenance. And you also do not have to spend any more money on spare parts. These devices typically have a long lifespan, and they can also be used multiple times. When you factor in these two things, they end up being cheaper compared to using cleaning chemicals and traditional disinfectants. Even in cases where these devices are used in commercial spaces like offices, they offer a relatively cheaper disinfecting solution since they can work autonomously. As a result, companies who use them can keep their offices germ-free without having to spend money on the labor costs that typically accompany traditional methods of disinfection. So, in the end, there are savings in time it took to disinfect the desired area, it took fewer workers to do it, and we didn’t spend any materials. It almost sounds like a deal too good to be true.

Final thoughts

As we just saw, there are several reasons why using a UV light for disinfection is not only a great idea but most likely, the standard of our future. The COVID-19 pandemic just showed how significant it is to have the best methods used consistently, especially when ensuring our safety and health. With all of the benefits UV light has and all of its advantages over other means of disinfection, no one should doubt that, in the world of tomorrow, we will use it regularly.