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Proven Live Betting Strategies To Try in 2023

Nowadays, sports betting has become a favorite pastime for many individuals across the globe. It is the perfect method to make enough money while sitting at home. There is no need to go anywhere during the pandemic. It is easy to enjoy any favorite sports on your TV and then, make a bet on it. If one is fortunate or knows crucial strategies, it is easy to do live betting. 

Many professionals follow some techniques that help them win your bet. You can get plenty of online betting portals from this source. You can choose any platform and bet on any of your favorite games. Today, in this write-up, we will know some proven live betting strategies that one must try in 2023. 

When you start following these techniques, it will be easy for you to win the bet. You can easily make more money through these techniques. Be consistent and keep practicing to get a positive out within some time. You can have a bright chance to make enough money in 2023.

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Chasing Steam

In the world of betting, the word Steam describes some crucial movements. If you observe the odd movement, you can estimate that many professional punters or gamblers are betting on a single side. There are more chances that massive cash is available on that bet. The punter or bookie aims to manipulate the odds to another side by paying less amount. 

Many experts know which team will win, and they determine the outcome very well. It is necessary to consider the constant change in the behavior of the odds. In this way, it will be easy to get the best value to bet.

Public Bet Fading

This technique is relatively contradictory to the above one. Here, you can easily bet on another side of the professional bettors. If you observe the statistics that are moving in a direction and you are considering another way, then you are going out of trend. You can easily use this technique in a highly public event where you are proving the public completely wrong. 

You must know that many bookies or other bettors can change the statistics. But it is relatively challenging for you to choose the best option when you can easily follow the bets by the public. But on the safer side, you can easily bet on any player or team.

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Consider Outliers

The term Outliers are known as odds against the standard trend. If you wish to get the perfect deal, you need to consider the perfect odds. You must have various accounts to compare many bookies. It is easy for professionals to search for the perfect odds, but it will be difficult for beginners. 

Many punters keep betting on outliers without having enough event knowledge. If you need to win the money, you must follow all the odds because it comes from various expert punters. In this way, you can find consistent value betting prices.

Backing Heavy Favorites

There is no need to have any skill to operate this strategy. It is relatively easy to learn for a beginner. There are high chances of winning the perfect bets in various sports like boxing and tennis. But it is necessary to own a massive bankroll to deal with these games. 

There are more chances of winning a profit, i.e., 5% to 10%. It is a risky technique because of the small margins. There is no chance of a money return if you lose any bet. The low odds can happen because many bookies can reduce the losses when people put money on their favorites.

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Arbitrage Betting

Another term used for this betting technique type is miracle betting. Here, a bettor can easily bet on both sides to make enough profit. If you are losing on one side, then you can win on another side. You have to search for a bookie, which provides opposite odds. 

It is a simple technique that anyone can use to win money through sports. The odds keep updating all the time, and it can be challenging for you to look for the best opportunities. It is necessary to keep updated and stay fast.

Hedge Betting

This one is a similar technique as the above one. Here, you can easily use the odds that you have placed already. You can refer to multiple examples. There is a possibility of winning the old legs if you own Acca in one leg only. 

If you need to win a profit, then you must place opposite bets with ease. Sometimes, hedge betting can be a complicated technique, but it is quite worth trying for long-term winning.

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Winning the profit amount is guaranteed by multiple bets. You can win anyone’s bet and make money. It is a perfect combination of arbitrage as well as hedge betting techniques. Consider horse racing, where you can bet on many horses at the same time. If any wins, you will get the profit. You can also adjust the size of the bets. Win the exact same cash without considering the result.


This one is a similar technique as dutching, but here you do not have to balance the bets. You need to think a lot about the outcome, and whatever you think wins the race, you will place the bet. There are more chances of winning because you will bet on the winning result.

Final Thoughts

All the mentioned strategies on sports betting are must to try in 2023 to make enough money. Many individuals are involved in betting, but they do not know how to make bets, and they lose their amount. It is not the perfect method to get profits. It is necessary to follow the techniques like every professional gambler does and proceed further. 

If you do not follow any strategy, then you may be winning because of your luck. Your fortune will not stay with you all the time, but these techniques will. Therefore, it is a must to follow these strategies and make enough profits.