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Simple Rules To Follow For Mixing and Matching Clothes

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Do you have the desire to look nice and different from others? If the answer is “yes”, then you are probably using different methods to reach your goal. One way you can do that is by going to the gym or exercising at home regularly. Being in a good shape was, is, and always will be attractive to people.

Another way you can do that is by changing your eating habits. It is always better to eat vegetables and fruits than junky food that we consume all the time. However, improvement of your body, skin, and hair sometimes isn’t enough. Because of that, you will also try out to dress appropriately and grab the attention of others in that way.

The good news is that you can find eCommerce stores with some beautiful pieces of clothes on every corner. If choosing the right one seems like a problem to you, we recommend you read more details before you make the final decision. You should check out the materials, previous customers, and other factors that come in form of confirmation that your decision is right.

Finding the right shop is not the toughest problem of all. Some people simply are not sure how to mix and match the clothes they are wearing. Because of that, we would like to provide you with a couple of simple rules that many of you will consider helpful. You don’t have to apply all of them, but they will definitely serve as an inspiration. Because of that, let’s find them out together.

Try Out Unusual Basics

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We don’t know who you are, how old are you, and where you are from. However, we are 100% that you have clothes colored in black, gray, olive green, and brown. These colors are often considered neutral. People purchase them because they can match them easily. However, these aren’t the only colors that you can consider neutral.

Have you ever planned to wear something silver or gold? These neutrals are not basic, and there is a big chance you won’t see them too often on the streets. When no one is wearing it, or a small number of people decide on silver and gold, people consider it unusual and strange.

Unfortunately, they do not understand that type of clothes can make them look unique. There is one tip that many ladies could apply. They can purchase a golden skirt and match it with any type of clothes that comes with some bold pop of colors. Doesn’t this seem like a good idea?

Pay Attention to Belt

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The purpose of the belt is not only to keep your pants up. It is also an important detail that can make you look attractive, especially if you purchase those made of leather. First of all, for a long period, leather is a symbol of status and wealth. You can check out images from the past, and you will see that the richest and most successful people are all wearing them.

If that matches your personal style, then you will definitely need more time to choose the right belt. The color of the belt should be the same as the color of other pieces of clothes. However, this doesn’t mean you should wear everything in the same color. On the contrary, dark blue pants can be an excellent combination with a brown belt and shoes.

In that way, you will match the colors, and you won’t look monotonous. This is only one of the examples that we provided you with. Whichever colors you like, the belt and your shoes should not be a contrast. For instance, white shoes and a black belt are something you should not wear.

Don’t Focus Only on Colors; Focus on Level of Formality

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Imagine how it would look to wear a basketball jersey and a black suit over it. Of course, it is hard to believe that someone will wear something like that, but you understand the point now. Whichever combination you plan to choose, you need to have the level of formality in mind.

The most formal stuff that you wear only on important meetings and events should never be matched with casual/everyday stuff. What about shoes? Well, this part can be extremely tricky because some leather shoes can be formal and casual at the same time. That is the reason why we recommend you write down one rule.

The leather shoes with darker colors represent a higher level of formality. On the other hand, ones with lighter colors are an excellent option for some casual events. They will be an excellent choice for summer walks as well.

Have Analogous Tones in Mind

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We are not sure whether you remember the so-called color wheel from elementary school. It is a wheel that contains all the colors of a rainbow. The colors that are on the opposite side are contrasting colors, and those are the colors you should never match.

On the other hand, colors that are next to each other can be an excellent option for people that want to properly mix clothes. Because of that, we recommend you check out the color wheel once again and check out which colors can create an excellent mixture.

Avoid Tonal Outfits

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This is something you can often see on the streets. You can easily discover the favorite color of a random person. We understand if you love blue, red, black, or any other color. However, tonal outfits are something you should avoid. You are actually wearing all three pieces in the same color, and that type of outfit makes you monotonous (shares do not fix things at all).

Final Thought

We hope that these pieces of advice will help you find the right combination. As previously mentioned, you do not have to apply all of them. The purpose of wearing attractive clothes is not only to impress others; you also need to feel comfortable whenever you get out.

If you want to see some real-life examples, checking out the outfits of celebrities can be a good choice. Of course, you won’t manage to buy the luxurious brands they are wearing, but you can see different styles, the best colors for matching, etc.