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Why Can’t You Wear Jeans On a Golf Course

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Have you ever heard that people who play golf should follow a specific dress code? Some pieces of clothes are strictly forbidden at the field, for both male and female players, even for inexperienced and beginners. This sport is considered as an elite, and even though today is available for everyone who is interested, it wasn’t like that in the past.

There are plenty of rules that should be respected, and you can always look for the needed information about them on clubs’ websites. But, one of the most interesting questions in the history of golf is why the players aren’t allowed to wear jeans during the game? And the reason is, as we said, they were the last resort of the very rich people, who used the field for socializing and gatherings with the same layers of the society. It was their runaway, and there, they were pretending there aren’t poor people and economic problems around them.

So, they created an ideal world in their clubs, and even though today this sport is available for everyone, the rules are practically a homage to that time. Surely, in the past, no one was going there in everyday clothes. They paid a lot of attention, even though it’s practically a type of sport. Almost every club has some clothing rules, but forbidding jeans is present almost everywhere.

Why are jeans forbidden?

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There are many theories, but there is still no official claim on which one is true. One of them is that the fabric isn’t appropriate for the moves, and the stitches and metal parts can cause injuries. The traditional blue jeans aren’t an athletic choice, and even though they won’t offend anyone, the people there can point to the player who wears them as a rude person.

Another widely accepted theory is that these trousers were considered as the clothes of the poor, and appropriate for riding horses – something that “original” players were disgusted with. If the club has this rule listed, then you should be respectful. Also, there are many younger clubs that encourage the players to wear what they think it’s comfortable for them.

Other traditional clothing rules of the golf

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Some of the most common dress codes of the golf clubs forbid wearing a usual T-shirt. Instead, you can wear a polo shirt or white shirt. Women should avoid tank tops, and they can stick to female models of polo shirts. Try to use microfiber, since it warms up your body, but at the same time lets it get cool. Use collared shirts if required. Fitting tops aren’t allowed, and the sleeves should be at least on the elbow. Make sure the shirt is always tucked, so you can avoid sloppy looks.

Ladies shouldn’t show their cleavage, even at the gathering after the match. Players are allowed to wear vests and wind-protecting jackets, depending on the weather conditions that day. As you can suppose, denim jackets are also forbidden, and hoodies too. Wear the right size of clothes, because too tight or oversized can cause a lot of movement issues. In the specialized stores, you can find models of golf pants, that are made of absorbing and breathable materials and fabrics. The most anticipated color is khaki, but you can’t get wrong with black or white.

Khaki is the most acceptable one because the mud and dust aren’t visible on them. Shorts are allowed in specific cases when it’s too hot outside. For women, there are a few acceptable models of skirts and dresses, and of course, as you suppose, those made of jeans are a big no-no. Don’t wear too long pants, yoga pants, leggings, tight skirts, and miniskirts. You aren’t there to be fashionable, and you should always remember that. When it comes to shoes, the rules are simple – don’t wear footwear with metal parts, avoid sandals and winter boots, and keep things simple and comfortable.

Am I able to wear accessories?

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Some accessories are acceptable, and some aren’t. You should consider buying golf socks, so they can make a nice and smooth connection between the pants and shoes. Match the color of the socks with shoes.

It’s allowed to wear a hat, cap, and sunglasses, to protect your eyes and see the field better. Wear a belt too, and you can choose to match it with your shirt or pants. Fedora hats aren’t allowed. Ladies shouldn’t wear jewelry, because they can easily be injured because of them.

The goal is not to be cool on the course

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Every sport has a dress code to be respected. Can you imagine playing basketball in boots or suits? Or football while wearing a karate kimono? It’s simply inappropriate, and we all should be respectful of the club’s rules. Many newbies find the prices pretty disturbing for their budget, but here we are talking about high-quality clothing, and not that dynamic sports, so they are pretty durable, and should be considered as an investment.

The clubs that are doing this for entertainment purposes aren’t that strict with the rules, but the serious ones usually have the rules listed on their websites, or they can send them to you once you are interested to join them. When it comes to the colors, they should be toned down. For example, you should choose clothes with earthy and neutral tones. Vibrant colors can be a distraction for other players. Keep it simple, and don’t feel like you are limited.

By respecting these rules, you are paying respects to the other players, to the club, and to the mentors you had while learning to play golf. Jeans are a practical and fashionable piece of clothing, that can be made in many colors, shapes, and patterns. But, the shades of blue aren’t acceptable on the golf course. As you can see, there isn’t some particular reason why it’s like that, but the least you can do is to forget about your favorite piece of denim, and take that khaki pants out of the closet, as they are the most acceptable model of pants on the field.