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What are Mobile Casino Games and What Tips and Tricks Can You Use – 2024 Guide

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Gaming in general is now a huge business. From the early days of Nintendo Game & Watch to Fortnite’s World Cup streamed by 200 million people, gaming has grown year on year. It is no wonder really with the power now available.

PCs, tablets and laptops are more powerful than ever and even the lower end computers are capable of playing some of the best online games so for most people there is some form of gaming entertainment within reach. Smartphones make gaming even more accessible.

These days a smartphone can incorporate enough power to run games that even many laptops would struggle with. The Asus ROG 3 is an incredibly powerful piece of kit running at 3.1GHz making it the best mobile platform for gaming on earth.

It isn’t surprising then that mobile casino games have also taken hold and captured the imagination of fans of traditional card games and other casino entertainment.

What are mobile casino games?

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Mobile casino games are exactly what they sound like. All the traditional games that you know plus a few you may not and available for you to play on mobile devices. All the major casinos now have a presence on the internet and have seen year on year growth in this area of the gambling market.

What games are available?

It is very easy to find dedicated poker, blackjack and slot machine apps for download. These games either run offline or allow you to join with other players. Online poker tournaments are very popular as are slot machines. There are dozens of different slot machine games on the Play Store and they remain very popular. One reason slot machines are downloaded and installed so often is that they are probably the most accessible casino game. Slot machines require no real skill to play and are generally very simple to learn. However the shelf life isn’t great as playing them for virtual coins can become dull and repetitive after a while. That is where mobile gambling comes in.

Free games or gambling for real money?

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Casino games on mobile devices come in two forms. One is free to play and usually involves virtual currency and can be the aforementioned slot machines, poker tournaments or blackjack. These games often make money through advertising. Some of them will offer to remove all advertising for a one off fee and this is how the developers can afford to give games away seemingly for free. Other games, especially non casino games, offer in-app purchases where you might buy an upgrade or better weapon for your online character.

The other way casino games make money is the same as in a traditional casino. You deposit real money into your account and then play against the house. Traditionally Apple and Google have not allowed mobile gambling apps on their stores that used real currency but that stance is changing. Google relented partially by allowing casino games that use real money but did not allow Google Payments to be utilised.

Can you play on PC too?

It isn’t just mobile devices that allow casino games. PCs and Apple computers can run the games but are also ideal for running the online casinos. While smartphones are great for playing slots or poker a PC can let you play online with a bigger variety of games. Bet365 casino mobile app from Mr Ringo has a big range of games including roulette which is good for smartphones and tablets but sometimes a player may want to play on a bigger screen which is where PCs come in. Using a PC for sports betting may be a good idea as the screen allows for more detail and a live casino might be more fun with a big monitor displaying the dealer.

Even though sitting down in front of a nice big screen is more immersive the smartphone is still the most popular way to access these games. Mobile phones were large clunky affairs when they were first released and then they gradually got smaller. The technology used in phones is very different today and while smartphones are thin and quite light they have a larger surface area and come with crisp clear displays that are perfectly capable of running casino games.

What are the system requirements?

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This is an area mobile phone users rarely have to worry about. With PCs you have to check the system requirements every time you want to install a program or game but with Android or Apple it is far simpler. The Play store will often tell you your device isn’t compatible before you bother to download and normally the only thing you have to worry about on an Apple device is updating the system. If your phone cannot run a certain casino game then just search for another – there are plenty out there. Developers are at pains to get the most players possible so they optimise their websites to work on all devices so a casino website should operate fine on a tablet, phone or PC regardless of screen size or processor.


Free to play games should have no issues anywhere but not all states allow online gambling on apps or websites. There are many places that do not allow online or offline sports betting and also many that don’t allow online gambling of any sort. It is a law that is almost impossible to police and unlikely to result in the prosecution of an individual but still it is something to consider especially if travelling overseas. You may find that you cannot access your usual casino website while on holiday in some countries.

Are there any tips and tricks that can help win?

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Everyone wants to win big in an online casino and if you are playing for real money then you obviously want to make a profit. Unfortunately there are no guaranteed ways to win but like anything practice is essential. Learn the rules and any relevant strategies. Some blackjack games have basic strategy installed in them and show hints. By playing one of these games you will pick up on the moves you should be making and once it starts to become second nature you can join a casino and play online for real money. Other things to look out for are sign up bonuses where you will get 50% or 100% of your first deposit extra.

Always use a reputable casino online and look for Google reviews and Play store reviews before installing. Even in these days there are still some less than reputable companies out there. Check online for other players comments and look for secure payment systems and then you can relax and enjoy the world of mobile casino games.