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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Win at Online Slot Machines – 2024 Guide

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What will casinos earn if they give all the money to you? Of course, casino owners want to earn too and that is the very reason that they started this business. Through gambling, not just people but casinos earn quite a huge sum of money. Furthermore, slot machines are the ones that bring a lot of money as they have a high house edge. Therefore, the chances that you will win at the slot machine are low.

You can get access to the amazing slot games at casinofy.com. They will provide you with an amazing slot game experience. So if you want to win a large sum of money through gambling you can go there. On the other hand, you should play online slot for fun only and by betting low amounts. You won’t be having a high chance of winning anyways.

There are some reasons why you can’t win at online slot machines. Moreover, despite the reasons many people tend to look for the slots. Basically it is because of the temptation of the game and addictive nature of human beings. So if you want to know more about it, we have the details for you.

1. Rigging in online casinos

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How can the gambling world be free of illegal things and rigging? Therefore, don’t think that they come clean. Earning fast money is not easy and simple. But if someone is offering you the chance, there might be an inside money. The same is the process of online casinos. Most of them are not even registered and does not have a license to work. Therefore, they can easily scam you.

If you think that the game is fine and you even hit the perfect lightning strike and hit the jackpot. There will be a surprise for you, the operator will refuse to pay you the won amount. It is that simple for them.

Therefore, if you don’t want to get scammed, you should always look for the license. Furthermore, be cautious of the licenses that are from Malta or Curacao. They are just rubber stamps and nothing more than that. Apparently, they will provide a little insight and even the faux documentation but that is of no use. So if you are playing only for the sake of enjoyment, play all you want without thinking about winning. But if you have the intention of getting huge sum of money, don’t waste your own in order to win. Because that’s all they can offer you.

2. Beware of the penny slots

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Although penny slots were the real games but it is not at all true that they cost just a cent. So if you have reached to a place that is offering a one cent per spin, that’s a fraud. They are scamming you. What they offers you is that even if you set one cent for every spin, you will still have the equal chance of winning the jackpot. You even think that it’s possible? No not at all. It is just a way of scamming people into spending more money. You will eventually bet a huge sum of money in the long run.

What actually happens in such penny slots is that you get the option of making bets of 0.01 dollars. So for every single payline you will be paying 0.01 dollars.

The common reel alignment in slot games is of 5×3. According to this, you will get 5 vertical reel and each one of them will have 3 reel spaces. Thus, if you want to win, you have to ensure that the matching symbols line up across reels. And its just not the horizontal lineup but also the zig-zag alignment that is also considered a win. So here, you will have 10 paylines and 0.01 dollars per every payline. Furthermore, the standard set by the industry is to bet on 30 paylines. So although it may seem like the betting is less, it is rather expensive. Thus, they suck out your money through these methods.

3. A higher house edge

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Another technique that profits the casino and not the gamer is the unequal distribution of money. The house edge in the slot games is too high. Even when you are using a basic strategy, the house edge goes to 0.50 percent. So even if the house do not scam you or is using cheating tactics, having high profitability is not possible.

In the basic game, you have to bet $100 with only 1 dollar in hand. Thus, the return expected for the house is 0.50 % for the blackjack table. Therefore, on the average, you are going to lose 50 cents on every 100 dollars you bet. Moreover, this 0.50 percent house edge is only for the standard casinos. In online sector, the house edge ranges from 5 to 10 percent and even higher. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to lose some 5 or 10 dollars per 100 dollars of bet.

4. Misleading RTP

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Providing misleading RTP is one of the cheating tactics that the house use in online casinos. RTP is the return to player. For instance, if the game is offering 95 percent RTP, it means that you will get 0.95 dollar per one dollar. But that’s not how it works. They will only attract players by showing a higher RTP. What actually happens is that players tend to play more. Thus, they get a lot of money from them. On the other hand, the winners are just a few.

It has even led to the conspiracy theory that the casinos lie when they feel like it. Or they even change the payback when they go into loss. Thus, to state simple, such games with high RTP are just a source of attracting more players into the game. While the reality is completely different from what the house states. There is a chance that you will win more jackpots with a 90 percent RTP instead of a 96 or 95 percent one.

To conclude, you have to pay attention to such trivial details if you want to earn more.