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Is There Any Difference Between Monatomic Gold and Ormus?

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Monoatomic gold, also known Ormus, is all the rage today. Famous for its revitalizing properties, there is little which is not promised with it. But if you want to know the difference between monoatomic gold and Ormus, you will have to understand what monoatomic gold, colloidal gold and Ormus are.

This is what this article will primarily be dealing with. Let us drive into knowing more about it and see If there are any differences at all.

What is Monoatomic Gold?

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Gold has long been associated with alchemy and the science of immortality. Even though alchemy is considered bogus by many, the promises of a long and enriching life remain solid in the hearts of many. Gold as an element is precious enough to cause wars. Very few people know the far racing effects of this element on one’s mental and spiritual well-being.

Gold is reduced to its molecular state in two forms. One of them is called the monoatomic state. Monoatomic gold is finer than nanoparticles to be better absorbed by the body. Monoatomic gold is easier to ingest without adversely reacting with your metabolism. If you want spiritual betterment by strengthening your aura, it is better to opt for monoatomic gold.

There has been significant research to suggest that monoatomic gold is better at injection into the body and helps with an increased flow of energy. See your body as a conductor, which is then turned into a superconductor with the consumption of monoatomic gold. This helps promote mental and physical well-being without causing an imbalance in your chakras.

What Is Colloidal Gold?

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The other way in which gold can be reduced to its molecular state is through a colloidal state. Colloidal gold is characterized by it being in a colloidal solution. The colloidal solution essentially means a heterogeneous solution that appears to be homogenous.

In a colloidal gold solution, the nanoparticles of the element are suspended in a liquid, mostly water, and then consumed. This colloidal solution is consumed as a reliever for joint pain. Even though many people consider this to work excellently for them, others say that colloidal solution needs to be finer than it is.

A colloidal solution is classified by the size of its particles. The size of its particles is where the main problem with ingestion lies. For proper ingestion, people often prefer Ormus or Orme.

A homogenous solution has finer particles than a colloid. This is why the nanoparticles in a colloidal solution need to be broken down even further to be absorbed into the body. This is why monoatomic gold is considered to be better with cellular absorption than colloidal gold.

What is Ormus?

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Ormus is a combination of both monatomic and colloidal gold. The preparation of Ormus varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it claims to give the maximum benefit of both colloidal and monoatomic gold particles. This is a combined molecular state which is sought after by many people wanting spiritual betterment.

Ormus is created through the mixing of monatomic gold and colloidal gold at a molecular level. The technique of formulating it is an ancient technique that allows for maximum benefit. The colloidal solution is added to the mixture only at the highest point of transmutation to bring out the best of it

If we are talking scientifically, then when monoatomic gold is mixed with colloidal gold, the solution formed is a colloidal suspension. While there are other methods of creating it, this one is the most preferable.

Ormus, being a superconducting element, helps in high synergy and stabilizes the aura. If you want an enhanced spiritual and emotional experience, choosing this substance a colloidal suspension will be better than either monoatomic gold or colloidal gold.

What is the Difference?

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Now that you have learned about the properties of colloidal gold, monoatomic gold and Ormus, you are better equipped to find the scientific difference as well as the spiritual difference these elements claim to provide. To answer the big question, this article is meant for, yes, monoatomic gold and Ormus have significant differences between them.

One might argue that colloidal gold has nothing to do with either monoatomic gold or Ormus, but that is not the case. One has to understand that while the health-based effects of all three elements are different, Ormus cannot be created without either colloidal gold or monoatomic gold.

If you believe in a revitalizing experience given with the help of an ancient technique, then you should go with Ormus gold which has better absorption properties as compared to colloidal gold.

Why Go With Orme?

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Ormus has far-reaching benefits that are not restricted to promoting spiritual well being. It promotes better metabolism and even repairs DNA cells. The vibrational energy created with the consumption of this substance is unparalleled. Taking it will help promote CHI energy flow, the restriction of which can lead to chronic diseases and other health-related problems.

Essentially, Orme promotes longevity and transports a higher amount of energy to ourselves on a molecular level. Since monoatomic gold is used in Ormus, it is likely to have the beneficial properties of the platinum group as well.

The best part is that the substance has been mentioned across history and time for its healing properties. Equated with the elixir of life, It is a great option for anyone who wants to promote better health conditions. Scriptures from ancient Egypt as well as the Old Testament mentions its benefits

The Takeaway

Depending on the type of preparation, there can be certain differences between Ormus and monoatomic gold. If Ormus has a mix of both colloidal gold and monoatomic gold, it will be colloidal suspension which is very different from monoatomic gold.

On the other hand, there are Orme types that consist of monoatomic gold particles only. In such a case, the differences are greatly diminished. Knowing the scientific classification behind both the substances will better equip you to make this distinction which we hope you can do now.