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What Makes a Well-Rounded Firearm Collection

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Depending on who you ask, the question of what constitutes a well-rounded gun collection will result in varied answers from a budget-built AR-15 with a tactically configured upper receiver to shotguns, long guns with high-powered scopes, and everything in between.

As many avid firearm enthusiasts as there are, it’s no surprise that you’ll hear many different ideas on what to stock in your gun and rifle case. Most will agree on one thing, though.

Once you take the plunge and purchase your first, you’ll discover that the act of firing at the range and subsequent cleaning sessions eventually shifts from owning a gun as a hobby to a general way of life.

A competitive match typically dictates the type of firearm you’ll need to stock when it comes to competition shooting. If you’re a three-gun competitor, you’ll need at the very least one semi-automatic pistol, a semi-automatic or pump shotgun, and a dependable semi-automatic rifle. This website is a good option if you are looking to expand your firearms collection.

A quality bolt action rifle and reliable scope come into play for the competitive long-range shooter. If you love skeet shooting or, depending on the laws in your state, deer hunting with a shotgun, a twelve or twenty-gauge shotgun may be what you need.

Regardless of whether you compete, hunt or love to plink targets at the range, here are a few shotguns, rifles, and pistols you may want to add to your collection over time.

Shotguns Are A Great First Gun

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When the price isn’t the determining factor, and you’re looking to stock your gun collection with a versatile shotgun, look no further than the M3 Super 90 12 Gauge shotgun from Benelli.

Arguably, one of the best shotguns on the market today, the M3 Super 90 gives you all the advantages of a semi-automatic shotgun with the reliable action of a pump. The Benelli Super 90 offers lightning-fast operation using Benelli’s patented inertia firing system. So fast that’s it’s possible to fire five rounds before the first spent shell hits the ground.

Sporting a trigger pull of only 5.14 pounds and weighing in at a mere 7.2 pounds, the Benelli Super 90 easily handles a tough day in the field hunting or when you need a shotgun during a dynamic personal defense situation.

Although the Benelli Super 90 falls in the higher price range of over fifteen hundred dollars, you’ll get what you pay for with this shotgun. Another shotgun preferred for hunting and home defense is the Mossberg Flex 500. Available in both twelve and twenty gauges, the Mossberg Flex 500 sells for around five hundred dollars, but the lower price doesn’t mean less functionality by any means.

One of the most remarkable features of the Mossberg Flex 500 is the patented Flex tool-less locking system that makes it one of America’s most favored shotguns. The Mossberg TLS locking system allows you to interchange items such as stocks, forend, grips, and recoil pads quickly and without tools.

Aside from the price, this Mossberg shotgun, with its patented 500 & 590 pump reliability and quick accessory change capability, makes the Mossberg Flex 500 another excellent choice to include in your gun cabinet.

Bolt Action Lever Action and Semi-Automatic Rifles

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Whether you’re a long-distance hunter or a competition shooter, a Bergara B14 bolt action rifle should be high on your list of firearms to include in your firearm collection. With a starting price of around seven hundred dollars and topping out at approximately eleven hundred, the Bergara B14 barrel accuracy means precise shot placement at an affordable price for the serious competitor and avid hunter.

The Bergara B14 offers a crisp and smooth trigger pull, and Bergara guarantees 1.0 MOA at one hundred yards using quality match-grade ammunition. Another excellent feature of the Bergara B14 is that it can come from the factory for left or right-hand operation. It also handles multiple cartridges such as 30-06 .308 ammunition.

One of the most popular rifles guaranteed to bring about feelings of nostalgia for under one thousand dollars and still provide a powerful shot is the Henry Repeating Arms .45-70 lever-action rifle.

Its oversized lever loop allows smooth operation even while wearing bulky gloves and delivers enough knockdown power for any of the big games you’re likely to encounter. Aside from being a powerful lever-action rifle, the Henry .45-70 sports an iconic look, and firing this rifle is sure to provide a fun-filled flashback to a moment in time and days of the old west.

If you want to round out your gun collection with a more than capable semi-automatic rifle, you may want to consider the FN Scar H from FN Herstal. Battle-tested by some of the most demanding military units globally, the FN Scar H features various barrel lengths of thirteen and sixteen inches and sports a chamber that handles a 7.62X51mm NATO round, giving you terminal stopping power with each shot.

With Picatinny rails at the three, six, and nine o’clock positions, you’ll be able to fit a mass of accessory options on the FN Scar H semi-automatic rifle. Powerful, tactical, and ready for action, the FN Scar H will make a perfect addition to your gun collection.

Revolvers and Semi-Automatic Pistols

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One of the best revolvers to add to your collection is a Smith and Wesson 29 series revolver. Not only will this classic pistol provide you with a slice of history, but the forty-four magnum forty-four special caliber ammunition is sure to give you enough stopping power for even the most significant game.

Weighing only 43.8 ounces and featuring a four-inch barrel, the S&W 29 series revolver is an excellent choice for either concealed or open carry. Known for legendary performance but enhanced to provide you with the best advantages, the S&W 29 series will hold its own when rounding out your collection.

When it comes to a semi-automatic pistol, the P226 MK25 pistol from Sig Sauer should have a vaulted place in your gun collection. One thing that sets the P226 MK25 apart from all the others is the manufacturing ergonomics, making it far easier to handle.

In addition, the longer barrel of the P226 provides better accuracy and ballistic performance, and the P226 MK25 fires readily available 9mm Luger rounds.

Based on the same firearm used by modern-day Navy Seals, this Sig Sauer 9mm luger is not only a top-shelf pistol, but it’s arguably the one semi-automatic pistol that sets the standard for all other combat-style guns on the market.

Rounding Out Your Collection

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Although the market is full of quality shotguns, rifles, and pistols, the few mentioned here represent the top of the line for firearms. Whether it’s price point or functionality or just you wanting to revisit moments of nostalgia when shooting, there’s more than likely a gun you can find on today’s market you can take home to round out your gun collection.