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Different Types of Vaping Devices and Tips For Choosing the Best One

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The world has seen a lot of technological developments in almost every field and aspect of human life and has completely changed things. These changes can be seen all around and have impacted every big and small act of the human race.

One such change was the invention of vaping devices, which have revolutionized cigarette smoking for many. Vaping devices are available in many forms and shapes and are usually in the shapes of pens, which can resemble a traditional cigarette.

These different devices have seen a recent boom in business, as many traditional cigarette smokers are now starting to use vapes. Many service providers are now offering people different types of vaping devices, such as the most common vaping pens, online. Customers can order these devices from the comfort of their homes simply by using the internet.

These service providers also provide additional services to meet the requirements of the customers, such as the batteries of such divides, different vaping juices, and other spare parts. For additional information and to order anything related to vaping right now, you can click here.

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the term ‘vape’ in recent times. Vaping has become a popular activity among the youth. But not everyone is aware of the different variety of vaping devices available in the market.

To help you with this situation, given below is a list of a few of the different types of vaping devices available in the market, and a few tips which would help you choose the best one.

Vape Pens

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These are most definitely the most common form of vaping devices and are widely known all over the world due to their concise packaging and small size.

Vape pens can be further classified into numerous groups, based on their liquid vaping content. A few of the commonly used types of vape pens are CBD-based pens, e-liquid pens, dry herb vape pens, etc.

These pens gained popularity in the early 21st century, and slowly covered the entire world. These pens are generally preferred because of their easy-to-use application, portability, and small size. These are usually battery operated, with a rechargeable battery.


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Just like the name implies, cig-a-like are like cigarettes, only without the long list of health hazards of smoking an actual cigarette. They are shaped to look like real cigarettes and were first introduced to help smokers quit the latter.

Cig-a-likes are the closest one can get to cigarettes, as this e-cigarette device looks and feels just like a real one. These devices lack any buttons and are to be puffed in to take a whiff.

The refills are filled with nicotine-based e-liquids, which can be refilled as per the smokers’ needs. These are also rechargeable, battery-operated devices and work on an MTL principle. The vapors drawn from these are pushed from the mouth to directly the lungs and hence called an MTL (mouth to lungs).


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The smallest vaping device to ever exist, e-cigs are short and convenient. They are single-use vaping devices, meaning they can not be refilled once finished, and users will have to discard the entire device.

This created a lot of waste and pollution, and the various e-liquid flavor variants are also not very good in these devices. These are used due to their easy availability and discreet nature.

Box Mods

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These are large mods, or vaping devices, which are both powerful and battery-operated. These mods have a much larger cartridge, which stores more vaping juice. Vaping juice is the e-liquid that goes into an atomizer and is used to form vapors, which are then puffed in.

Most boxes have a variety of settings, and a few can even control the temperature. These boxes are MTL as well.

Squonk Mods

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Another type of vaping device which is gaining popularity in the market is the squonk mods, which are a size bigger than the box mods. These squonk mods are also power and battery-operated and have an RDA, which stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer.

These mods get transformed from a vaping device to a safety bottle within seconds and contain a battery, a bottle, and a dripper for easy usage. This is the reason why they are quite popular with the youth.

Tips for choosing the best devices

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  • Always choose the devices as per your need. If you are a new smoker, you might not want to invest a lot of money on your very first device. This can be done by making the correct decision about your vape selection. New smokers can try out e-cigs or cig-a-likes to get a hang of vaping.
  • Check before buying. This can be done only while making a purchase from an offline store, but when buying vapes online, it is always best to use preferred and trusted sites to make any transactions on. You can take help from the online reviews available for the same.
  • Buy regulated mods. Mods are available in two variants in the market, the regulated and the unregulated. Regulated mods are fitted with a circuit board within them, which gets activated and protects the users from short circuits.
  • Buy refills with less quantity of e-liquids. With more liquid present to take a whiff, users can get a little too carried away and might finish the refills sooner than expected and this can result in an increased requirement of vape liquids.
  • Fewer customization settings. It is preferred to buy such devices which have few customization settings, a predefined wattage value, and easy-to-fill tanks.


Vapes have revolutionized the way smoking was done earlier. Vapes are usually portable, hand-held devices that make use of an atomizer, that vaporize the e-liquid filled in the cartridge tank.

Vaping is considered safer than smoking, cigarettes, and other stuff. However, it is not safe for kids under the age of 18 or 21, depending upon the various countries to use vape. Lastly, vaping is banned in a few countries as well. Users’ discretion is needed.