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Nvidia RTX 3080: Games to Test Its Power – 2024 Guide

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Without too many doubts we can say that Nvidia RTX 3080 is one of, if not the fastest graphics card you can purchase nowadays. The RTX 3080 is the flagship card for the new Ampere generation. Although the new generation RTX 3090 has been released too, people still prefer the 3080 one just because it is more affordable.

Although the market for this generation of GPU is scarce, it still managed to climb the scoreboard of GPU landscape. The Steam November hardware survey presents us that RTX 3080 had the biggest percentage change in the past month. According to Steam, the RTX 3080 GPU managed to achieve 0.23 percent in the ladder of GPU, snatching the number four spot.

RTX 3080 specifications and Design

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This GPU’s main purpose of existence are games. It was bred with all that dedication and hard work just so it can run efficiently every game that exists until now. The most important specifications are the CUDA core numbers. The number of these cores have doubled than the previous generations.

The heart of it, or the chip, is the GA102 GPU, who powers up the RTX 3090 (10,752 CUDA cores) too. Even if RTX 3080 has only 8,704 CUDA cores, it is still more than double the number of cores the last RTX (2080) had. The cores itselves are arranged across 68 SM (streaming multiprocessors). RTX 3080 GPU is designed on the Samsung 8N, which has an 8nm production node, and a 628.4 mm2 die size. The 10GB GDDR6X memory is faster than previous ones too, as it can run across an 320-bit memory interface. The standard GDDR6 Turing card has only sub-500GB/s compared to the 760GB/s speed of its X version.

In terms of design one of the most noticeable design features that we can see is that of the dual-fan setup. The setup has shifted, and so the RTX 3080 does have one fan on each of its sides. The bottom fan role is to pull cool air into the card, as the second fan role is to eliminate the warm air. This design greatly optimizes the airflow from your PC case and such you will notice an improvement in reducing GPU temperatures. An unnoticeable change with Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is the switch to a new pennant-shaped board. This, in combination with the cooling shroud, makes a beautiful looking graphics card perfect for playing the best games available on the market.

So let’s discover together some of the games that can challenge RTX 3080 a little bit.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the first game on our list. The game developed by Eidos-Montréal was released on 14 September 2018. As it was released nearly two years ago, some of you may have recognized or even played this game. The integrated benchmark is made up of three scenes of difficulty, and so, the graphic cards will show different results.

The RTX 3080 has a clear advantage of 31 percent over the previous 2080 when you bottleneck with a 5.0GHz Core i9 10900K CPU. The improved version of 2080, Ti, is only 11 percent behind the new Nvidia’s flagship. The situation starts to change drastically when we use higher resolutions. At 1440p RTX 3080 sees a 58 percent better performance than the previous graphic cards. The percent is at an even astonishing seven digit (71%) when used at an 4k resolution.


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This game quickly became fan-favourite in testing the capabilities of the new RTX 3080. And Control is one of the best suited games to do that. Its large rooms full of different surfaces, apocalyptic environments and visuals that may take your breath away are only a few of the tests that this game offers to 3080.

As it was the case with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in Control the RTX 3080 performs much better than other graphic cards. When used at a 1080p resolution, 3080 has from a 65 to 175 percent more than the others. If the resolution is raised to HD one, the RTX 3080 will still keep its lead, but this time with only 32 percent over 2080 Ti.

Call of Duty Warzone

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A popular franchise game, Call of Duty Warzone has already more than 50 millions registered players. The game, based on a battle royale style, has some of the best visuals that will entertain you.

The game released on 10 March 2024 functions exceptionally well on RTX 3080. For example at a resolution of 1080p RTX 3080 has an 60 percent higher performance than RTX 2080S. This percent raised to over 70 when used at 1440p and at 4k the performance of CoD Warzone is significantly higher than all other previous graphic cards generations.

Other notable games that will showcase the might and power of Nvidia RTX 3080 are Watch Dogs Legion, Borderlands 3, the new Cyberpunk 2077 and many more.


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As I mentioned above, the surveys show us an increase in popularity for this graphic card. Of course, we can’t take Steam’s survey for granted, as we can’t tell for sure how many participants there are in the survey. The only thing we can do is to extrapolate the 0.23 percent to 24 million users from Steam. If we look at the PC Video Card Usage by Mfg data we can also see an increase (1.04 percent) in DirectX 8 GPUs and below. This doesn’t mean that people are buying older graphic cards. They probably use their old PCs or laptops for playing retro games. Like the veteran games from the beginning of gaming or if they are more like me, you can check out Diamond Cash Slots.

As the Nvidia motto seems to circle around the speed, the stocks of this graphic card are rapidly depleting too. But if you can purchase one copy of it, the upgrade over the previous GTX generations will amaze you. You’ll probably won’t need to upgrade your machine again for years. As the next sensation in terms of gaming (4K PC gaming) is here, you’ll need a graphic card who can run as smoothly as it can.