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Octogamex: An NFT Marketplace Made for Metaverse

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Interest in Metaverse and GameFi is growing by leaps and bounds! Every day we hear more and more information about new platforms, games, and technologies. We can conclude that Metaverse and GameFi will become as commonplace as blockchain technology once was.

Octogamex believes that the Metaverse is the future of blockchain technology. GameFi is a crucial component of this burgeoning market. Blockchain games are at the forefront of DeFi in the Metaverse because they’re easy to monetize. In-game assets have evolved into NFTs (nonfungible tokens) which can be bought and sold for crypto. GameFi is the next generation of DeFi, made for anyone interested in blockchain games, whether they are a gamer or NFT collectors.

But what makes Octogamex’s NFT crypto marketplace better than others? Simply put, it’s all about user experience.


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Octogamex users enjoy a convenient marketplace where they can customize transactions to meet their needs. On Octogamex, users can buy, sell, trade, and even auction NFTs. Of course, you can do this on other NFT marketplaces too, but they might not let you specialize your exchange as Octogamex does. We call our users the affectionate word Octies. After all, being Octies is not just choosing a venue, Octies is choosing a way of life!

Buy and Sell

One major advantage to Octogamex is that users can buy a token in the blockchain’s base currency as well as for a token the NFT seller specifies. This way, both buyers and sellers enjoy more transaction freedom. It allows capturing a wide range of transactions using the multi-blockchain platform.


Users can also exchange NFTs via trade. Trades can be in multiple or single NFTs, as the two parties agree. Also, trades can be augmented with crypto coins or other NFTs. Flipping on Octogamex is built in the most convenient way for all our users. You can set the price you want, and be sure that there will be a buyer for it.

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Besides a simple transaction or trade, NFTs can also be auctioned on Octogamex. The final bid is the winning bid. Octogamex designed its auctions to make them easy for NFT collectors and sellers alike. Sellers are provided with price suggestions and collectors are free to price their NFTs as they see fit.

Secure and Reliable

Smart contracts are the foundation of any DeFi app or NFT Trading platform. They are the nuts and bolts that make transactions happen without interference from third parties. They perform their functions as written by developers. So when users buy, trade, and auction NFTs on NFT selling websites, they are guaranteed reliable, secure transactions.

All transactions made on NFT marketplaces are transparent. They are visible on the blockchains on which they function. So if users want to make sure their transaction went through, all they have to do is look on the blockchain to confirm.

Octogamex is a decentralized NFT trading platform made for blockchain gaming enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike. As the Metaverse continues to develop, getting in on ground floor projects like NFT selling sites can only be beneficial.