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6 Relaxing Video Games to Help You Relieve Stress

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Our modern technological world makes our life more convenient than ever before. But despite all the high-tech marvels and achievements, we’re still overexposed to stress. From routine chores to important projects at work or exams at school… There are lots of reasons to feel the itching anxiety. Many researchers believe it can lead to illnesses. They influence our mental and physical state and negatively affect our lives.

That’s why doctors and scientists are ready to use any tools that have calming effects. Lately, they’ve been investigating the impact of relaxing video games. Previously taken as useless entertainment, digital toys keep showing that they’re more. Let’s find out why they’re so effective. As well as list some options with the best zen energy to de-stress.

What Makes Virtual Adventures Attractive During Hardships?

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What do you do when you feel trapped, nervous, or afraid? Some freeze and hide in a quiet place. Others become super active and drain anxiety in physical exercises. Recently, more people opt for digital mental escape and dive into fun games. Unlike books or movies, they switch you off from reality 100%. You just stop thinking about what makes you nervous and recover from constant brooding.

These are not someone’s unconfirmed thoughts but proved facts. For example, Leonard Reinecke, professor of Mainz University, writes about recuperating effects of casual gaming. Over 1600 participants took part in an online survey. Its results show that people systematically apply to virtual journeys because they help with anxiety. But why does it work in this soothing way?

  • When you play, you feel better: your body secretes dopamine, a hormone of happiness.
  • Every adventure is split into smaller missions. When you overcome them, it boosts confidence to solve any problem.
  • Showing significant results in hard challenges makes you feel competent. It’s vital for self-esteem.
  • Gaming often leads to online interactions. Talking to like-minded people is a high-octane stress-relieving tool.

No matter what title it is: puzzles, violent shooters, simulators, etc. They all work as a coping mechanism. Let’s have a look at 6 cool options to start with.

The Best Calming Games to Relax

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Eufloria HD

It’s a picturesque anti-stress RTS title about an alien race that looks like insects. The creatures live in open space on asteroids and develop their swarms. When they’re big enough, they can occupy other areas and fight enemies.

The adventure is a perfect nerve-soothing pill. All thanks to mesmerizing visuals, addictive mechanics and an interesting concept. As a ruler, you control the insects, manage terraforming, resources and population. The responsibility can’t but glue you to the screen, causing a meditating effect.

Combines Game

Do you remember that old Snake where the creature moved in a limited space? It ate dots and grew, which made it harder to creep over the screen. Combines has similar mechanics but is a modern challenge with multiplayer elements.

You’ll drive a vehicle over a field with ripe crops. As you move, you become longer, with collected brackets towing behind. The agenda is to keep growing and leveling up. Avoid bumping into your tail, other players and fences. Otherwise, you’ll crash. But if the same happens to your enemies, grab the brackets they leave behind! It’ll boost your progress several times. Competitive and hooking, it’ll help you relax.

Untitled Goose Game

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What is it like to be a goose in a small town? Try this creation designed for PC and Nintendo Switch and to see. But don’t expect it to be something like eating, swimming, laying eggs. You’ll become a badass bird whose only goal is to scare and piss off humans around. Start with a gardener and steal the man’s keys. Destroy roses, pull away the watering pot, and make other low-stakes trouble. The town is split into several locations, each having a list of tasks to complete.

The chilling title has simple but pleasant graphics, with the emphasis on audio effects. They help better merge with the role. You’ll feel each creature’s step, wing beats and gaggling noises. The objectives are mindless, but amusing. It’s good for anyone’s stress levels.


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Video games that relieve stress don’t have to be peaceful at all. Violent shooters also make you focus and forget about any problems. You’ll surely get stuck for hours in this free browser FPS. There are several modes, lots of weapons and never-ending mayhem of bullets.

Fight against everyone or team up with other players. Make clean shots, earn points and level up. The trickiest part is to become as efficient as you can. Train your hand-eye coordination, speed reaction and decision-making. All this comes with practice, so zone out from the world and perfect your skills.


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Oceans are the least explored areas on Earth. Their depths are hard to get to, but they hide many secrets. In this underwater journey, marvel at the environment and have a glimpse at that beauty. Learn more about various subterranean fauna. Explore the ruins of ancient civilizations. Find huge skeletons of already gone creatures of the past. In short, take it slow and enjoy the swim.

The sound effects and aesthetic visuals won’t disappoint. Everything about the adventure calms you down and welcomes to continue slow-paced traveling. If you need to feel chilled, take a deep breath and dive in.


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Let’s finish our list of relaxing games with the toy set in a similar environment. This one is based on violence and competition. You turn into a merciless sea predator and roam around looking for food and treasures. Armed with a sharp horn, you attack other players, stabbing them right through.

But you need to be smart about what tactics to apply to. The atmosphere is intense: everyone wants to hurt their opponents. Avoid damage, speed up before hitting and evolve into someone bigger.

Summing Up

There are only a few calming games covered in this article. One can find more entertainment options to use as a coping tool. As well as kill the boredom using your computer, smartphone and other platforms. Find what works for you the best and chill out: alone or play with friends. Click here to add a couple of decent options to the list above.