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5 Tips for Playing Online Casino Games When Abroad – 2024 Guide

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The expansion of online Casino games available on the internet has brought us so many offerings and options to choose from when doing our boring everyday tasks or when we simply want to make some extra money, having fun at the same time. What was once reserved only for brick and mortar casino visitors, is now widely available, popular and accessible to anyone willing to indulge in this world of adrenaline, strategies, and luck.

From strategic games such as poker to the ones when you’re trying your luck playing against the computer such as slots, to the sports-related betting, the wide variety and the fantastic bonuses are what makes online gambling a one-fit-for-all. It doesn’t come as a surprise that people even prefer online betting compared to traditional gambling. And it doesn’t mean people bet online only in the comfort of their home. The convenience of betting on your phone, tablet or PC is what attracts so many people and finally, makes them continue playing.

The experience and the fantastic deposits and free spins that renowned websites such as kiffslots.co.za offer, is often better than physically going to a specific location, entering the casino and exploring the available options. By choosing to go online, you choose a more practical solution, since you are being provided with the list of all the active casinos, their regular and special offerings, requirements, bonuses, tournaments and races, sign up promotions as well as clear terms and conditions. With all the information in one place, you can find the perfect fit for your needs, save your time, have fun, play games, socialize and of course, earn some money. Makes sense?

However, if you plan on traveling somewhere, whether it’s a vacation, a business trip or any other occasion, you’ll most likely want to bring your games with you. As a fun and lucrative hobby, you certainly wouldn’t want to exclude online gambling from your everyday life, just because you’re traveling. While this is completely logical, there still are some tips and tricks you should apply if you wanna spend your time on a new location, without having to worry about missing out something, or even worse – breaking the law.

Here are 5 tips for playing online casino games when abroad:


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You might think this is not necessary, if the online casino website you usually gamble on is not based in the country you’re traveling to. However, it’s utterly important to check the laws of a country you’re visiting because online gambling can be completely or partially banned, so you better take a break from your gambling routine and get back in shape after you return home. Research government’s opinion about gambling in general, since sometimes online gambling is not specifically mentioned but the rules about gambling are being applied to online gambling too. You might think that you won’t get caught if you place a bet or two on your cell phone. This is a mistake, because the authorities in countries where online casinos are prohibited, track and monitor these sites as well as every internet provider and customer’s activities. You don’t wanna indulge in something illegal instead of enjoying the trip! Still, in the majority of countries, online casinos are completely legal, which means you don’t have to worry about gambling, just the amount of time you’re willing to spend online.


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The easiest way for you to visit online casinos is through various apps that provide you with the best user experience. In case you already have one installed, just make sure to check if that app and that website are allowed to use in the country you’re about to travel to. If it is, just continue doing everything you’ve been used to. If not, it means you should do some research and look for other ones that are allowed. What’s different between apps and websites is that apps are specifically optimised for your mobile phone, meaning that all the visuals, options, loading speed and every feature are oftentimes better in the app than the website alone. Better user experience, easier navigation and personalized options are what you need every day, not only on the vacation, but on the vacation especially. This way, you don’t have to carry your PC around nor you have to make extra effort to access online casinos. With a few clicks on your phone, you’ll enter this world of fun.


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We all know the old advice about using VPNs. However, we don’t use them enough. This is especially important when you’re not in your country, and when you’re accessing unknown networks. Why is it so crucial? When you’re constantly changing networks, or when you don’t know who is the provider, who else is connected and how safe it is, your data as well as your credit card information, passwords and other personal stuff might get compromised. When using a VPN, you’re saving your info from hackers’ attacks, significantly lowering the risk of criminal activity and significantly increasing the levels of your security. Saving your privacy is not only about keeping your surfing history private. It’s about saving your bank account from robbery or your devices from malware.


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You might think that you should simply avoid free Wifi and you’ll be completely safe. While that could be partially true, it still doesn’t mean you should use your mobile data for surfing the internet and online gambling. Why? You certainly don’t wanna return home with hundreds or even thousands of dollars phone bill. Still, people often forget to click that mobile data button and turn it off, which might cause them some bad headaches in the future. Make sure to turn mobile data off as soon as you get to the airport and consider buying a local sim card with unlimited data, instead of spending 10 or 20 times more money on mobile data by a provider from your native country.


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Last, but not the least trick is quite logical but still needs to be mentioned. Anywhere you go, try not to get carried away with both your winnings or your losses. If you just won an online casino game, try to keep it quiet to avoid unwanted attention or potential problems. Be aware of your behavior, especially if you travel to a country with a completely different culture. In some countries, it might be legally allowed to visit online casinos but the people’s mentality could be quite conservative when it comes to gambling. Pay extra attention to where, how long you gamble, and how you act in public. Finally, place a couple of bets and track your scores, but limit your betting time to a certain amount of hours allowing you to enjoy your travel, not distract you or ruin your experience. Online casinos will be there. Live adventures might not.