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8 Most Common Online Gambling Superstitions – 2024 Guide

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Nowadays, many people are involved in gambling activities. Some experts have the rituals that they follow while playing any game. They believe that it brings fortune to them, and their tendency to win more get increases. There are some bad and good superstitions that most professional gamblers follow to increase their chances of winning.

They avoid bad superstitions so that they do not become unlucky while playing their game online. In the following write-up, we will discuss some gambling superstitions. Knowing them is necessary to win more, and therefore, you have to go through this article completely. You can reduce your chances of losing by avoiding some unfortunate things.

If you follow these old beliefs, then you will also become a part of such rituals. You can follow these superstitions at any land-based casino or on an online gambling website like qq39bet.me. You can participate in any game or sports betting event and try your luck with the following techniques.

1. Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

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In the world of gambling, two numbers are known unlucky by many bettors, i.e., 4 and 13. According to Chinese books, four is considered as one of the unluckiest numbers because it denotes death. It is preferable not to do any good thing on this number day.

Therefore, many gamblers never choose this number; instead, they choose 8. They believe that it denotes prosperity and many Chinese bettors bet on this number to win the deal.

2. Crossing Legs or Fingers

Everyone is aware of crossing fingers’ superstition that it provides fortune to a person doing this gesture. Crossing legs denotes bad luck, and it should be avoided when you are playing any game. Even when you are playing online, you can cross your fingers while betting and avoid crossing legs.

It may feel strange to you, but it exists, and many people believe in it. They follow the rule to increase the winning chances instead of losing. While playing online, you must sit in a comfortable position so that you do not make any mistake of crossing legs.

3. Do Not Check the Money Status

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According to the famous saying, one should not count anything on the table. Similarly, if you are playing online, then you should not check your money status repeatedly. It should be either tokens, money, or anything. Once you are done playing, and then you can do whatever you want to.

If you do so in between the game, you can face bad luck and lose the money. It can also affect the fortune of your fellow players that are playing with you virtually. Therefore, you should avoid such a habit if you have any. After ending the game, you can check the money status and check whether you win or lose.

4. Lending Your Tokens or Money to Others

It is a common superstition that you should not give your money to someone. You might have won the amount, and you cannot share your winnings with others, even if you are playing online. Therefore, it is necessary to hide your money status from others so that no one can ask or lend money from you.

Gambling is about losing and winning, but you should neither share your money nor take money from others. If you are constantly losing, then it is better to leave the game instead of lending.

5. Blowing Air on the Dice

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You might have watched this scene in many movies, that an actress is blowing air on the dice and give it to his soulmate. It is like you are blowing a fortune on it. There is a scientific reason due to which this practice is not popular in land-based casinos. When someone blows air on any surface, it gets covered with moisture and debris.

In many cases, when the gambler throws the dice after blowing, he gets the same number. It is quite an unpopular technique, but if someone is doing so, then he is quite superstitious. But it is a popular method when you are playing gambling online. You can do whatever you want to do and try your luck.

6. Having Lucky Charms While Playing Online

Many people believe in having lucky things with them in jewelry, clothes, horseshoe, etc., while betting. Such people hide these objects from other people so that no one steals it. They keep it in their pocket to hide it and use it whenever required.

Sometimes, such devices work wonders with gamblers, and they win a lot of money in some bets. It is a common practice among the gamblers, and many of them take their lucky charm object with them.

7. No Change in the Posture While Playing Any Game

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Many gamblers follow this superstition, and they stay in the same posture in the entire game duration. They believe that if they change their posture, then it will affect their luck. Therefore, they either sit or stand, depending on whether they are winning or losing.

If you are trying out different games on the same day, then it is possible that the same posture will not work for another. So, you can change your posture for another game according to your winnings.

8. Preferring Red Color

Red is an auspicious color that denotes luck, prosperity, and wealth. Many gamblers prefer wearing red when they gamble or carry a red cloth to increase the chances of winning. It is found that many people bet on red as compared to black. Sending someone is red color wrapping paper is also considered as lucky.

The Bottom Line

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Many superstitions exist in the world of gambling. Many players follow these bad and good rules to increase their chances of winning. If you are a newbie in betting, then you can try these superstitions while playing online.

You need to take care of these rituals so that no one can interrupt you while playing. Not everyone follows these superstitions, and if you think that these practices are lucky for you, then you can do them.