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Importance of Magento 2 Product Attachments – 2024 Guide

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Are you interested in launching a new product in the upcoming festive seasons? If yes, you need to use the Product attachment feature of Magento 2 to attract your customers. To know more about Magento 2, you can check here.

Complete information about a product displayed on the website will also boost your conversion rate as users will be convinced about the usability of the product. In addition to this, accessible information about a product will help users to make better choices.

The Magento 2 product attachment will enable the file uploads right on the product page to make it more informative and easily convincible so that users can be convinced to make the purchase.

What is Magento 2 Product attachment?

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It is a module that can be used by store owners as a file upload tool. This extension allows store owners to upload downloadable files like the user guide, license, warranty cards, and price list of any type of products or services. The best part about the extension is that it enables uploads of all file types and sizes like PDFs, document files, audio and video files, presentations, zip files, and flash files.

After the coming of the digital age, every customer wants to get detailed knowledge about the product they are purchasing. Thus, the product upload module will help them to get details, which in turn will improve the Magento 2 store’s customer experience. In addition to this, it also boosts the confidence of customers in the product, as they are getting all details of the product in a single place. Customers can also download the product attachment files to use the product in a better way and to understand each and every detail about the product.

The extension restricts the product attachment download to only customers and store view wise to avoid any unnecessary confusion. The admin of the store can also create a separate page to easily show this downloadable file. It also helps in easy file management, and the admins can also upload files through the product grid. The icon images provided can also help customers to identify the file they are going to open.

Features of Magento 2 product attachment

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  • Admins can easily upload all required documents with the product
  • The Document URL and files will be related to the product
  • The document can be associated with two means that include by uploading the attachment and by linking the attachment.
  • These attachments will be shown at the following locations that include the product detail page and the attachment listing page.
  • You will also get an option of “Product-specific,” which will restrict the display of the attachment on the product detail pages only.
  • The import feature will help the admin to bulk import the document via CSV.
  • Multiple file formats are also available.
  • Multiple attachments can also be allowed for a single product.
  • The extension can be easily enabled or disabled from the configuration.
  • The attached file can also be downloaded by the admin through the grid.
  • The title and description of the files are also displayed in the grid.
  • The filtering of the attachment can also be done using the options in the admin file that includes ID, attachment title, sort, and status.

Specifications of Magento 2 Product attachment

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  1. Attachment title shows the title of the attachment
  2. Attachment description shows the description of the attachment
  3. Upload via URL means that you can easily associate the attachment via link
  4. Sort order means that you can sort the order as per the importance of the files first.
  5. Product-specific means to restrict the attachment to be displayed on the product page only
  6. The status option shows that you can easily enable or disable the specific type of attachment.
  7. The product selection grid allows an attachment to be associated with multiple files and vice versa.
  8. Numerous configuration options are also provided like:
  • Attachment tab label: This shows that the label of attachment will be displayed on a product page. All attachments assigned to a specific product will be listed under this section.
  • Attachment per page limit will show the number of attachments per page.
  • The attachment listing page shows a user-defined part of the URL for listing all attachments.

Why should you use Magento 2 Product attachment?

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There are numerous benefits associated with Magento 2 product attachment. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. Use of Magento 2 product attachment provides a handy feature of sorting in such a way that important files can be shown at the top of the page and list.
  2. Users and customers can easily view all information in a convenient way.
  3. You got a large number of file attachment options.
  4. Multiple attachments are allowed for a single product and vice versa. Thus, it minimizes the efforts that are needed for uploading the same type of attachments. Thus, it will also eliminate the chances of any type of duplication of work.
  5. The bulk import feature helps in uploading multiple attachments. Thus, file management becomes easier, faster, and effective.
  6. The store manager gets help in attracting the attention of customers by providing eye-catching instructive media, answering the customer’s questions in an instant, and also increasing customer interaction, conversation, and retention.
  7. The bridge tables are used for storing an association between the products and the attachments, and this ensures scalability without hurting the performance of the website.
  8. Even if you are not too tech-savvy, you can easily use it.

It is very important for all ecommerce store owners to make sure that the product page is informative and visually appealing. Your target customer should have detailed knowledge about the product you are selling and about the quality and specifications of the product. If you are selling a complex product, it is very important that detailed information is provided about the product.