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8 Most Popular Ways To Pay a Deposit For Sports Betting

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When it comes to depositing for online betting, there are several ways to do it. One of the simplest ways is to go to the branch of your bookmaker and personally ask the operator to top up your account.

But that time has long passed because more and more people, and especially now because of the pandemic, rarely physically visit land-based bookmakers… In addition to this classic method, depositing to a betting account can be made at a bank or post office (again, traditional methods), via e-banking, as well as payment cards.

Nowadays, punters also have the opportunity to make their payment wherever they are so it is possible to deposit via a mobile phone, which is certainly the latest novelty in the world of betting.

1. Payment Cards

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One of the most popular ways to pay a betting deposit is through a payment card. Online betting is possible using various cards of this type of which the most popular are Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro – these have proven to be the most secure payment methods.

If they opt for this method of payment, the users are able to complete the transaction in just a few seconds, through the site or betting application. At the very beginning, each registered user on their account has the opportunity to choose how and with which card they want to make the payment.

By simply logging in to the site and entering information that includes the type of card and the amount to be deposited, after such a payment, your funds automatically become available on your user account.

If we talk about payment cards, it should be said that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and depending on that, the users decide which one to choose for their betting needs.

2. Visa

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Visa is one of the most famous brands that use the latest payment and security technology. Most bookmakers also offer the option of depositing via this card, and by simply selecting this logo on the site and filling out the form, you can top up funds via this card.

One of the biggest advantages of using a Visa card is that you can transfer funds to your account at any time, and the only condition is that your card is not issued in the US. It should also be noted that no fee is charged for payment via Visa card, and your payout through this service can only be made if you have had at least one payment in the previous six months.

3. MasterCard

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MasterCard covers more than 24 million merchants worldwide and is therefore considered the most commonly used method of payment by card. As in the case of a Visa card, you can only make a payout to your card if you have had a successful payment to your account in the previous six months, and your funds are transferred directly to your card within 3-5 days.

You can deposit your betting funds by simply logging in to your account, where you will select a MasterCard card as part of the payment card selection options, and simply deposit the funds into your account by filling out the form.

This card is characterized by top protection based on technology similar to that used by banks and financial institutions around the world, so this type of payment is one of the most reliable on the Internet.

4. Maestro

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Maestro is a debit card of MasterCard that has a very developed network of users, with over 11 million locations worldwide.

Apart from the fact that it is possible to easily make a payment on the card by simply selecting the logo on the betting site and entering the card information, the advantage of the Maestro card is that in most cases it is not subject to transaction fees.

As in the case of Visa and MasterCard cards, payout via Maestro card can only be made if you have had at least one successful payment to the account in the previous six months.

5. E-Wallets

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Digital wallet, or so-called e-Wallet, is one of the ways that online betting can be made in a fast and secure way. Since it works similarly to Internet bank accounts, once you register your account you can transfer funds to your e-Wallet and make deposits, including those for betting services.

You can transfer your money to e-Wallet in several ways:

  • By connecting to a bank account or credit card
  • By payment via e-banking or by e-mail
  • By debiting a mobile phone bill
  • By prepaid cards

When it comes to betting, once you have the money in your e-wallet, you can forward it to the betting site. To do this you need to log in to your account, select your e-Wallet as a way to make a deposit, and select the amount you want to transfer.

The advantage of the e-Wallet is that it easily enables the transfer of funds from one betting account to another, and since opening an account is free, an increasing number of users opt for this type of depositing money.

There are a large number of e-Wallets that have found wide use on the Internet but if we are talking about their use at bookmakers, Skrill, PayPaypal, and Neteller should be singled out. There are, of course, more, like, say, MuchBetter.

Given the popularity of e-wallets for depositing at online bookmakers, there are websites that have made bookmaker reviews according to which of them accepts e-Wallets as a method of payment and withdrawal and how many of them they accept. So, for example, there is a list of the best MuchBetter bookmakers for the ongoing year, which can be seen here.

6. Skrill

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Skrill is probably the most popular e-Wallet used by bookies to deposit a betting account. It allows a user with a valid email address to securely receive real-time online payments.

It can be used for:

In order to deposit funds to your Skrill account, you need to log in to it, find the Skrill logo, which will ask you for additional information related to the payment, and Skrill will then direct you to a site that will confirm your request.

One of the biggest advantages of Skrill is that you can deposit funds into your account via debit card, online bank transfer, direct banking, or by check. One of the disadvantages of this service is that you cannot transfer funds from Skrill if they have been previously paid into the account via MasterCard.

If we are talking about possible amounts for payment and withdrawal of money to the account, it should be noted that each transaction should be approved in advance by the in-charge internal team, which will allow you to perform transactions within 24 hours.

The minimum amount that can be paid out via Skrill is $ 10, and the maximum payout amount is $ 10,000. It should be noted that payments via Skrill are subject to a fee of 4.9 % per transaction.

One of the faster ways to pay via Skrill is the so-called Skrill 1-Tap. This service performs transactions only in euros, and the payment procedure is identical to the Skrill account. Skrill 1-Tap is a service that provides a completely secure method of payment, primarily thanks to a combination of transaction monitoring.

7. PayPal

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Although it is one of the most popular and safest e-Wallets in the world, this service is not so popular among bookmakers. However, if you do decide to bet via PayPal, you need to open a free account to make payments, and just registering is quick and easy. You register on the site of this service and your account is ready immediately after registration.

The main ways to make deposits via PayPal are a bank transaction as well as a credit and debit card. Payment to the account is also made by selecting the logo on the betting site, entering the amount to be paid, and simply confirming the transaction at the end of this process.

The main advantage of this service is the security itself and, in addition, it should be emphasized that PayPal allows payment in amounts higher than your initial payment. One of the biggest drawbacks of this service is that it supports transactions only in EUR and GBP.

8. Neteller

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Neteller is an e-Wallet that allows you to pay via mobile phone, as well as to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds via the Internet. Just opening an account through Neteller is quick and easy, and in addition to being free, it is possible to open it on the site itself.

The main advantages of Neteller are certainly the immediate realization of payments, payment to companies without commission, and the possibility of sending money to other Neteller accounts. When it comes to security, the Neteller system uses military-level encryption to protect the data and money deposited, so your security is guaranteed.

If we are talking about betting, Neteller also allows you to pay more than the amount of the initial payment, and it should be noted that the minimum amount to be paid is $ 10, while the maximum is $ 50,000. One of the best features of this service is that some of the world’s largest bookmakers allow the payment of deposits through Neteller without commission.