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6 Reasons Why are People Still Obsessed With RuneScape in 2024 

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Runescape is an online multiplayer game, which is famous for its role-playing feature. Jagex developed and released this amazing role-playing multiplayer game in January 2001. Since then, people are hooked to it. It seems like the fervor of this game is going to last forever. Yes, people are that much obsessed with this online role-playing saga.

The mobile version of Runescape was released in October 2018.  The application had over five million downloads. Both the PC and the mobile versions of the game are being continuously updated. Many new players are initiating and showing interest in this game. Runescape is undoubtedly one of the most famous role playing games.

Imagine having ardent followers, who have been playing the same game for 20 years straight. That itself speaks a lot about the beauty of Runescape. In this article, we will talk about the reasons as to why people are still obsessed with Runescape in 2024.

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1. Never-Ending Game

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Runescape is not based on any story, and hence it does not have any specific set of conquests. Once you get the drill, you will understand that it is a never-ending game. You have to keep playing the game. Select the skills that you wish to master and keep playing until you reach the level number 99 of every skill.  Choose the skills, goals and keep moving forward in the game.

The only challenge that you will face is to master the skill that you have picked up. There will be numerous hurdles, and it might take you years to master one skill.

2. Interaction with Players

The biggest advantage is that it allows various players to interact with each other. People often view gamers as introverts; however, these multiplayer games prove to be a boon to them. It allows them to follow their passion for gaming and, at the same time, socialize with people. The players can interact with both online players as well as fictional characters present in the game.

3. Nostalgic Feeling

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Runescape has been around for quite some time now. People who have grown old playing it feel a sense of nostalgia every time they hear about this game. They get teleported to a time when there were no gaming PCs and playing video games was a luxury. Runescape has survived in the gaming industry by sticking to its core values. The combat system has hardly undergone any changes over the years.

Back in the day, Runescape did not have any high graphics. It allowed gamers to play the game without having to upgrade their computers. It became a major hit among the teens and the young adults. The addictive gaming interface is yet another reason why people got so hooked to it.

4. Numerous Skills to Master

The basic gaming interface of Runescape is to master the selected skills like cooking, carpentry, crafting, construction, herblore, etc. These skills help you play in the game. The makers of Runescape have used a business strategy.

There are a total of 28 skills present in it, and the people playing the free version of it can only master 17 of these skills. To master the rest of the skills, they are needed to purchase OSRS gold points. This is an extremely addicting gaming saga, and once you start playing it, you cannot stop.

The best you can do is take a break and distance yourself from the game for a few hours. There are numerous role-playing sagas, but a majority of them involve a storyline, where you have to play as one of the characters. Whereas, in Runescape, you can choose your own skills and make your storyline. This is what makes the game stand out in the crowd.

5. Addicting Gameplay

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We cannot stress enough on the fact that Runescape has an addicting gameplay. Once you enter into the maze of Runescape, you will never finish it. Select the skills you wish to master and keep playing until you reach level 99 of every skill.  Even if you reach that level for all your skills, you cannot possibly reach 200 million XPs. It is like a never-ending continuous loop.

No matter how many skills you master over the years, there will always be more skills and goals for you to acquire.  At some point in your life, the characters from Runescape will even start to haunt you in your sleep. Also, be prepared to dream about losing a few points. That will be a terrible way to wake up indeed!

6. Grinding

People love the Grinding feature present in Runescape. It is one of those features that glues the players to it. One person can make numerous types of accounts. Back in the day, a person made an ironman account in the hardcore mode of the game. The character died, and the player got logged out permanently.

Final Words

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Only a few MMOs have survived as long as Runescape. It is a point and click on the mouse type of a game that is based in the fantasy world of Gielinor. Players can interact with each other in this game and also with the non-human characters. Runescape follows no direct story and you can make your decisions. Nothing is compulsory in this game and everything is optional. It is up to the players to choose the skills that they wish to master. There are various types of skills and each skill follows its own basic principles.

In terms of combat, Runescape features two fighting modes. Players can choose the mode they are comfortable with and start the conquest. All these features contribute to the popularity of Runescape to-date. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, the makers of Runescape keep on redefining the aspects of the game.