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Attack on Titan Season 4

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The official release date for the 4th season of the famous anime Attack on Titan has just been confirmed.

This show quickly became incredibly popular, so it is not surprising that fans cannot wait to see the next season.

After the amazing finale of season 3, we are all excited for the fourth and final installment.

Here is everything we know about the release date and some details about the upcoming season.

Attack on Titan season 4 release date

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The fourth season of Attack on Titan will premiere on December 7th on NHK in Japan and later this year on Crunchyroll.

Many fans expected that Attack on Titan season 4 would premiere in October, but it ended up being rescheduled.

Besides, an Attack on Titan original movie that recaps seasons 1-3 called ‘Chronicle’ is scheduled to premiere on November 18th.

Some reports say we can expect a two-cour split season of 10 and 12 episodes – which is similar to how the third season was released.

That means we get the first part airing between December 2024 and January 2024, while the final part will come later in 2024.

The plot of the season 4

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Spoiler warning: We will not reveal any specific spoilers for the upcoming season, but if you can read the manga if you want to find out more.

The fourth season will follow the story in chapter 91 of the manga series, and it will focus on what happened to Eren and his team.

“This time, the story is expected to go overseas as the survey corps make significant progress. The protagonist Eren along with Mikasa, Levi, and Armin, will cross the sea and will find out some exciting details.” – The Nation Roar.

The reveal trailer shows the complete change of environment- the landscape resembles a World War-esc battlefield.

There are also some new titans who could influence the final battle with Marley.

Reactions to the reveal trailer

The incredible trailer of Attack on Titan season 4 shows us how popular the series is since it is the “most viewed Seasonal Anime TV trailer on YouTube.”

To be completely ready for the upcoming season, we recommend watching the previous ones one more time. However, if you are too lazy for that, we provided a summary of the most significant events.

Attack on Titan plot summary

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The story is set in a world where people live within cities surrounded by enormous walls. Those walls protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids called Titans. The show revolves around Eren Yeager, who decided to retake the world after a Titan destroyed his home and killed his mother.

Eren enlists in the military along with Mikasa and Armin, and five years later, the three cadet graduates are positioned in Trost district adjacent to Wall Rose when the Colossal Titan breaches the city gate.

During that invasion, Eren is eaten, but he managed to survive after creating and controlling a Titan’s body.

After that, many started considering him a potential threat, so the military tribunal assigned him to the Survey Corps under Captain Levi’s watch.