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Supernatural Season 16 – Review and Release Date 2024

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A 16 season television series? Must be incredible, isn’t it? Or else why would it run for so many seasons? Yes, you’ve got the point. The Supernatural series is one of the longest-running series to be telecasted on television.

It includes multiple genres such as dark fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, adventure, action, and is also packed with visuals. A detailed meal for your brain! So let’s get to know more about the 16th season of Supernatural through this article.

A peek into the storyline

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Just as the name suggests, Supernatural is no ordinary story and deals with supernatural and unearthly beings. The story deals with two dashingly-looking brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.

These brothers hunt demons, monsters, ghosts, ogres, and other supernatural existences. The story begins with the main character’s mother, Mary Winchester being killed by a demon in an accident.

In search of the demon that killed their mother, began their father, John Winchester. While learning how to reach that demon, they come across these monsters and beings, leading them up to executing them.

Through the story, the father encounters the same demon who killed his wife and plans on his kill. But to his utter dismay, the demon kills him leaving the two brothers alone.

As the story advances, the characters come across this demon and eventually assassinate him. In addition to that many, more demons and issues come that they handle quite smoothly.

The cast of the series

The main characters of the series are played by two incredible actors. The role of Dean Winchester is played by Jensen Ackles and Sam Winchester by Jared Padalecki.

As it involves them going on a monster hunt, it involves recurring characters rather than standing characters similar to other television series. But one main role of John Winchester is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Apart from these main characters, there are a few characters such as Castiel played by Misha Collins, Crowley by Mark Shepherd, and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer who would be repeatedly coming back on the show.

When do we expect the arrival of season 16?

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Unfortunately, season 15 was stated to be the last season of the Supernatural series. This has been concluded officially by the writers and producers of the series. The series began in 2005 and came to an end with its 15th season in 2024.

More interesting facts about Supernatural

The creator of the series, Eric Kripke, plotted the story for only five seasons while he was initially writing it. But the demand of public interest drove him to bring the series into 15 seasons.

The whole of the series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The show was initially filmed by the WB until 2006 after which it was taken over by the CW until 2024, which is the end of the series.

To conclude

 The Supernatural series involve astounding plotlines and cliff-hanging moments at a large. They are enthralling and make you crave more horror and mystery. All of that being said, these series have come to an end with their 15th season in 2024.