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8 Reasons to Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring – 2024 Guide

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Proposing is a very special moment in your life, showing your intentions to spend the rest of it with the girl that you love and respect. There are a lot of rings that you can find in the jewelry stores and they are really beautiful, but it’s understandable if you want to do something more special for her, like creating a custom piece of jewelry that is meaningful for you both. Also, you can expect that these rings may be more expensive than the products in the store, because it takes more time to be manufactured, and you may choose more expensive metals and stones for the custom piece of jewelry.

On the other hand, it can be easier for you to choose it, knowing your girlfriend’s taste, and of course, it would be an even more remarkable step to take, and she will surely appreciate that. Many girls and women have exceptional taste in jewelry, and the ordinary rings won’t delight them. But, choosing the custom option is great if you want to show her how important is she to you.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option if you want to propose:

1. You have plenty of options

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According to www.valeriacustomjewelry.com, the customization of the wedding jewelry dates since the ancient traditions and civilizations, because it’s a symbol of the love and life the couple will have together after they tie the knots. In the past, people were making the rings from woods, stones, and different kinds of metals. Today, you can pay a visit to a store, or check the availability online, design it by yourself and place an order. Usually, it will be delivered to you in a few days, or as long as it takes to be crafted. You need to plan it in advance, because depending on your choices, it may take even a month until you have the product in your hands.

2. You can plan the budget too

If you have a pre-determined budget, you can choose the materials that fit it, without having to worry that the ring will be too expensive, and you can’t afford it. Every piece will be charged separately, and you have the freedom to fit it in your budget. Also, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with a jeweler who will suggest some practical adjustments, and give you proper advice if you are over the amount you are planning to spend.

3. It’s exciting

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The creative freedom you have can be pretty exciting at the same time. Just thinking about the moment how you surprise your girlfriend will motivate you to upgrade the whole design. We can assure you that this decision is the right one for you if you want to avoid the traditional proposing, and make the whole moment special for you two.

4. You are saving a lot of time

Going from one store to another can be pretty time-consuming and exhausting, and no one wants to spend a lot of time in stores and malls while the world is still in a state of a pandemic. When you exactly know what do you want, you can choose the parts and assemble the pieces together, and finish the whole thing in an hour or two. The next visit you need to pay to the jewelry is to take the ring, or as we said, you can ask to be delivered to your home.

5. You are creating something very personal

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The nice feeling you have knowing that you do something special and meaningful is priceless. It’s a magnificent experience, and she will appreciate this action. Also, you must know her style and preferences, so you can make the right choice and get the most of your budget.

These special moments are something you will remember throughout the whole life, and can you just imagine the looks on her friends’ faces when she shows them the ring for the first time?

6. It’s good for your creativity

Usually, the service will assign an expert to help you make the jewelry, and you can be sure that the final product will be of exceptional quality. Also, this whole process will boost your creativity, and you may get some nice ideas for the proposal. Yes, when you decide to do something like this, you should be ready that the whole process will be specially tailored to your and her preferences and taste. You can add some meaningful symbol, engrave the day you will propose, choose her favorite gemstone, and add something that is important for both of you.

7. Bring all of your ideas to reality

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The jewelry service will set an appointment between you and an expert. You can talk about your ideas with him/her, draw the jewelry, visualize it, and pay enough attention to every detail until you get the perfect match. Also, you can follow the whole process of manufacturing, and some service may offer you an option to take a part in it, so you can clearly see if everything is good.

8. You can get custom wedding rings too

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that one partner is using to propose the other. After you schedule the big day, you will probably want to buy the wedding rings you will wear as long as the marriage lasts. Most of the stores that offer custom engagement rings can make the same with the wedding ones too, and you can be completely sure your money is well spent.

We are those who are creating special moments in our life. Proposing your loved one is one of those things you don’t want to forget, and making something important for the person you love is an ultimate experience. You both, and your families, will remember that moment for the whole life. Choose the right store that offers this kind of service, and start planning the day when you will ask her to marry you.