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What Your Wedding Ring Says About You – 2024 Guide

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The history of the wedding ring has its roots in ancient Egypt, where people wore rings of love. The Romans also associated rings with marriage using “fede” rings, which usually showed two hands in a handshake, but were not always worn on the same finger. In the time of ancient Rome, people believed that there was a vein in a certain finger that was directly connected to the heart. They called it the vein amoris or “vein of love”, so during the wedding ceremony the ring was placed on the fingers that symbolize the love of a partner for another partner. Clearly, this vein doesn’t actually exist, but the idea behind it is nice.

Wedding rings speak your love without words, they stand as a symbol of something big and special, and believe it or not, the model you choose says a lot about you as a person and as a couple. Countless of wedding rings available at  www.valeriacustomjewelry.com each telling a unique love story. If you haven’t thought about what your wedding ring tells about you earlier, here is a 2024 guide.

“Strong” wedding rings, with discreet details

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As soon as you saw them – you knew they were for you! In essence, they are simple, yet special and striking. They simply stand out from the rest, and their “rough”, “strong” design are given a perfect dose of romance by their subtle details. Even though you might not be aware of it, yes, you have chosen the wedding rings according to your relationship – you are a strong and harmonious couple, you have gone through so much together and you are confident in your decision to stay with each other forever.

You go through every challenge with ease, and you carefully guard and nurture your special, delicate feelings. He is there to protect you, you can always rely on him, and you bring as much love, attention, and tenderness into his life as he needs. You complement each other perfectly!

Classic wedding rings with romantic detail

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If you do not want to experiment with the choice of wedding rings and prefer classic wedding rings that may have a subtle, romantic detail, it means that, when it comes to some values, you are quite traditional and strict. In fact, the meaning that your wedding rings have is much more important to you than that they stand out in appearance and are understood as an accessory.

You are both quite modest, you know what is really important to you in life and you do not attach importance to the material, and especially not to what others will say. You live in your world filled with happiness, romance, enjoyment and true love, and that is the most important thing to you. As a couple, you are strong and unbreakable, and your love is like from a fairy tale with a happy ending!

Wedding rings of unusual, striking shape

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If your wedding rings everything but classic and already seen, you are one those couples who are impossible not to notice when walking down the street. Yet, not because you behave weird or inappropriately in the public, but because you are charming, attuned, and your love radiates.

You are that couple that people can only love, a couple that is gladly seen at all gatherings, a couple whose love makes everyone tender and enthusiastic because you are simply soul mates. There is no better match than the two of you! Other couples envy you! You are, above all, best friends, the greatest support to each other, and all that is “spiced” with strong and powerful love that is imperishable.

Bold wedding rings made of a combination of different colors of gold

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Wedding rings that are bold and different, never seen before, unique and classic, which even combine different precious metals, show that you are a modern couple who likes to be different, to stand out and set fashion trends. You love to be the first and innovative in everything, which is why many couples look up to you.

Your relationship is full of glamor, you love luxury and often imagine that you are on the red carpet like your favorite celebrity couples. However, behind the glittering exterior that many would characterize as superficial, hides a couple who truly love and respect each other and who are ready to follow each other to the end of the world.

Simple, thin wedding rings

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If you first chose thin, simple wedding rings, completely “clean” for him, and decorated with subtle zircons or diamonds for you, it means that as a couple, just like your wedding rings, you are simple. But not in a bad way! You simply don’t need so much for happiness – you are enough for each other. You find happiness in the little things, in the everyday things you do together.

For you, problems do not exist – a healthy conversation solves everything. You enjoy life and you are a real hedonist. You don’t pay attention to material things and you value memories, travels and all those sweet adventures that you lived together much more. The roles in your relationship are divided, but you try to be original and by no means traditional and monotonous.

Wedding rings are so much more than just a ring. Wedding ring is a symbol. A symbol of love, a symbol of togetherness, a symbol of a new, exciting and certainly the most beautiful chapter of life that starts after you both say the oh so important “I do”.

You may be used to rings, because you wear them all the time, but he certainly isn’t, and the willingness to change this habit of wearing a wedding ring because of you, because of your joint life, adds to the importance of it. For him, this ring will be the first and only one he will wear, while you will gladly replace all your accessories that you have worn all your life with this one, eternal one, with a special meaning.