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How to Increase Valor Rank in Destiny 2 – 2023 Guide

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There are dozens of widely popular multiplayer video games today with millions of registered accounts and hundreds of thousands of players playing them at all times. One of them is Destiny 2, a first-person shooter online video game developed and published by Bungie. The game saw the light of day in the fall of 2017 and was originally available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Two years since its initial launch, it became free to play and became available on Google Stadia. When the new generation of consoles appear in PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game will be immediately available for the users as well.

Game Overview

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Destiny 2 is set in a mythic science fiction world where players can interact with each other and either play PvE content, which is player versus environment, or engage in PvP, that being plater versus player. There are different things to do and various gameplay elements to experience in both, which is why most players play the story element sin PvE and battle other players in PvP equally.

Since the launch, four expansions came out expanding the content and bringing new things into the already popular and rich game. “Curse of Osiris” arrived only two months after the game came out, in December of 2017, “Warmind” came in May of 2018, and Forsaken was released in September of 2018. The last expansion so far, “Shadowkeep”, appeared in October of 2019. Three more expansion sets are planned for the future as of yet. “Beyond Light” is scheduled for November of 2023, “The Witch Queen” for 2023, and “Lightfall” for 2023.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the player versus player element of the game and explore how a player can increase their valor rank in the game. Read the article carefully and thoroughly in order to learn everything about this gameplay element and become a better PvP player.

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What is Valor?

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In Destiny 2, valor is a progression ranking system in which players earn points towards a higher valor rank. These points are earned by completing matches in different PvP game modes in the Crucible, including Quickplay, Rumble, and Mayhem. The system was first introduced in update 1.2.

Both for winning and losing the players can earn points. Of course, winning a match brings a lot more. Winning successive matches wins steak bonuses and it is one of the best ways to obtain more points quickly. The streak bonus caps out at five wins, after which it resets and you have to chase it again.

Right now, there are six rank levels of valor in the game. Those with 0 rank points are Guardians, with 50 rank points you become a Brave, while with 350 rank points the player is a Heroic. Moving up the ladder, once you hit 700 rank points you are a Fabled. Jump to 1150 and you will be called Mythic. The last and most respected tier is Legend, which is reserved for those with 1800 rank points. This is not all, however, as the player is allowed to reset the rank once they get to 2000 points and play again. Valor ranks and rank points are reset after each in-game rank season.

Different valor rank allows the players to earn new and better emblems, ornaments, and weapons. Whenever a player progresses to a higher valor rank, they also receive a Crucible engram that turns into a valuable piece of gear.

Earning Valor Ranks

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Of course, like any other competitive multiplayer game, let alone a very popular one, it can be quite challenging to obtain rank points and climb the ladder. If you do not want a head start through the boosting service mentioned above, there are alternative ways and practices of doing it that are quite challenging at times.

1. Rumble Mode

The rumble mode is the classic free-for-all game mode of Destiny 2, and a place where it is arguably the easiest to win valor points and climb the rank. The top three players get equal points so you do not even have to be the best one in a match. These matches are usually shorter in length than the others, meaning you can cram more of them into your average game session and earn some points quickly.

2. Playing with Friends

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Since online multiplayer games are meant to be played together with other people, they provide the best experience if you play them with your real-life friends. Since you know each other and you have probably played many other games together, you will know how each of you thinks and what they are like in a fight. Therefore, your moves and strategies will be better coordinated and you will earn more points while winning together. Player roles are crucial and cohesive teamwork in a unit is best utilized in objective modes like Countdown.

3. Practice makes Perfect

It takes time and practice to become good in Destiny 2, and grinding for better gear can take you more than you thought. Therefore, it is crucial never to quit and become better as you play more and more. Without some hard work put in, you will never become better. Like everything in life, competitive games require dedication above all else if you mean business! Never quit matches early because you can lose more points than you would if you merely lost.

4. Hot Streaks

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If you win a game, you will be eligible for a win streak bonus. Therefore, never quit while you are ahead and always try to play better in the next game. By winning consecutive games you will win more tank points. Make use of this inventive and give more than 100% after each new win to maximize your chances.