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Do Permanent Hair Extensions Exist – 2024 Guide

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It is said that your hair can make you feel amazing, or it can ruin your day. We like to dye it, cut it, and create different styles, and we are always looking for permanent solutions for your hair issues. Extensions can make us look better, feel beautiful and they are easy to clean and maintain. Many girls nowadays choose to use extensions instead of waiting for their locks to grow.

Everyone wants a long, shiny, and thick hair, but getting locks like that can take up to 5 years if you want to do it in an all-natural way. However, many believe that getting extensions will damage your natural strands and that they will fall after the first wash. Here we are going to teach you more about the permanent hair extensions, and we will debunk the myth that they don’t exist.

What are permanent extensions?

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One of the worst things you can do for you and for your locks is to have to put add-ons every time you wake up and take them out before you go to sleep.

Temporary hair enhancement is great if you are looking for something to make your locks fuller and longer once a week or once per month. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution, and something that you won’t have to deal with every day, you should look into permanent add-ons.

Even though these extensions are called permanent, they don’t last forever. There are different types, and depending on what you want, and what you decide to purchase, you can get some that last up to several weeks and others that last up to a year or 18 months.

The reason why you need to change these add-ons and remove them from your hair is not that they will get damaged and fall on their own, but because your natural locks continue growing, and you definitely don’t want to end up with something that’s stuck in the middle of your natural hair length.

Now let’s talk more about the options you have, and which types of permanent add-ons are available on the market. We will look at the pros and cons that come with every type, so you can make a good judgment for your specific situation and needs.

Types of add-ons

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There are a lot of different types of extensions, and some are more popular than others. Now we are going to look at the most popular types that are used by celebrities all around the world. These types are durable, they are easy to maintain and they will help create any style with ease.

Glue ins

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The way these add-ons are attached to the locks is that the glue or the keratin is fused or melted in the hair. This process may take a while because the technician has to add the extensions to separate little locks. That way they won’t be noticed and you won’t feel them in your hair. It may take about 6 hours for the whole process to get done.

These extensions last about a month or two, and they can easily be removed or reapplied depending on your desires. The main positive thing about them is that they will provide a natural look, and no one will be able to notice that the locks are not yours. You can easily purchase different colors and make your color unique and special without needing to dye it.

The negative thing about glue-ins is that the procedure may cause irritation, depending on the add-ons and the glue that is used. Since it is going to take a long time, and the strands need to be really thin, your natural locks may get damaged. You will also need to be really careful when washing your hair so you don’t damage or tangle the add-ons.

Sewn-ins/Bead add-ons

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As the name suggests, these add-ons are added by sawing them on your natural locks, and they can also be attached to your hairline by using metal loops that are clamped.

According to glamlocks.com, this process will provide a natural look without damaging your natural locks, and you can choose how long or short you want the pieces to be.

This process works on any type of locks, and you will be enjoying these add-ons for up to one year. One thing you need to be aware of is that you will have to dry the roots after every washing, no matter if it is winter or summer. This will prevent tangling and it will make the add-ons more durable. The whole process is usually done in about 3 hours, but that depends on the salon you choose and the skills of the technician.


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Probably the easiest of all processes and the way it is done is that a medical tape is added to the roots of every separate section of hair. You can get as many or as little of them added, and they will last up to 2 months.

It is the fastest process and it can get done in about an hour. The removal is fast and easy as well, so you won’t have to spend too many hours per month sitting in the salon. You can also use the same tape over and over again, and save money on the add-ons. You should know that to do this, you will need to take proper care of the tape and the add-ons.

In case you have thin and fine locks, this may not be the best option for you, because the tape may be visible under your natural locks. Another issue is that the glue may cause some irritations, and you may even become allergic to it after a while.

Other permanent types of add-ons include clip-ins that can last between 3 and 18 months, depending on the quality and the maintenance, I-tips that are really similar to the glue-ins, fusions, and micro links. Always go to a trusted place, and check the reviews before making an appointment. Talk to the technician about the best way to clean and maintain your extensions, and your life will be easier and better than ever before.