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5 Reasons Why The Rise of Bitcoin is Unstoppable

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There is no point in arguing whether digital money is worth investing in it. If the past decade has taught us anything is that doing so should be on top of our “Where to invest list,” as cryptocurrency is absolutely something that will stay with us for quite some time and something will mark and shape our future.

The only question is which crypto is the next big thing, as determining that can make us so much money, but even if we want to take less risk, the opportunities are vast, and Bitcoin, as the most recognizable and popular crypto out there, is definitely one of the best options.

The more people invest in it, the more stable BTC gets

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During the last year, even though almost every expert predicted that BTC value would only rise, many were skeptical, and, to tell the truth, there were reasons for that. Namely, its value was steadily decreasing for the most of 2024, all the way up to December, when it started to rise rapidly.

We probably don’t need to mention how things work out at the beginning of this year when its value skyrocketed, even after the halving. Now, even though its volatility is definitely something to be concerned about, the price of BTC will only increase as time goes. There are plenty of reasons for that, and the number of people realizing and starting their own crypto investing adventure certainly has its influence, but let’s focus on facts and more significant reasons for that.

It is adopted as a payment method

For a long time, Bitcoin was not considered a safe currency, and because of that, it was not possible to use it as a regular payment method. It was possible only on a few websites, which weren’t enough for people who live busy lives and want to have everything they need available online.

Luckily, one of the most popular websites for online transactions, PayPal, now allows its users to use Bitcoin and other cryptos like they can use any other fiat currency. In that way, people around the globe have the opportunity to buy, hold and sell cryptos much easily, and because of that, the price of Bitcoin increased instantly, and it is expected that this trend will only continue.

Besides PayPal, many other payment apps now allow their users to use cryptos, and that makes things much easier for them and their users. Every transaction can be finished in a few minutes without unnecessary waiting and converting.

It is now more accessible to a wider community

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The great thing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that we can use them to store our wealth and make transactions and use them in our everyday life for any purchase. Since they are now adopted as a payment method, their popularity is only increasing, and many people around the world are more and more willing to try to use them.

Although many people are still skeptical about their usage for storing wealth, they gladly accept transactions in Bitcoin and convert them into fiat money and use it in everyday life. On the other side, those who are more familiar with cryptos use their fiat money to buy them and store their wealth because they think it is the best way to save it from inflation.

The usage of BTC is much higher in some countries during the last period because of the instability of fiat currencies, which only adds to the Bitcoin rising. Because BTC and other cryptos are now accessible to regular folks, and it’s expected that they will be even more accessible in the future, many new investors are willing to start to participate in the crypto market.

Limited amount of coins

One of the things people often forget about but is one of the most influential factors of why there is no stopping Bitcoin is that there is a limited amount of Bitcoin that can be mined. Namely, there are only 21 million BTC that can ever exist, and with the current rate of mining, by most predictions, the last one will be mined in 2140.

Yes, it’s a distant future for most of us, but it is something that assures its regular value rise, as BTC is the only currency in the world that has a limit that cannot be crossed. Now, many people wonder how come in just a little more than a decade, miners were able to mine more than 18 million BTC, and in the next more than 100 years, less than three million will be mined.

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple, as that’s where halving steps in. When halving occurs (every four years), it reduces the reward (BTC) miners get to half, which is also why it’s pretty easy to calculate when will the last BTC be mined.

It is now a safe-haven asset

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Many big companies, or so-called global giants, are now converting their entire wealth into BTC and other cryptos because they believe it is one of the safest ways to keep it safe. People are massively switching to digital money, and big companies are following that trend.

It is much safer to keep less cash on the account because that market is changing all the time, and its value has intense swings. When one big company converted its wealth into digital money, many smaller ones followed, and now many of them are storing it in that way. Because of that, people are more willing to try BTC because they think that if big companies are using it for their uncountable wealth, it must be safe and secure enough that regular people can use it too.

To summarize

As most of you already knew, the rise of Bitcoin is unstoppable, but now, you know why. These are the five most important factors that grant its growth in both value and popularity.

Understandably, there are plenty of other reasons, and knowing how important it is to keep up with the latest crypto news, it’s also crucial to find a reliable source of information, a place where you will get a steady flow of valid crypto market news, which also means that everyone should find one like cryptobenelux.com.