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The Sims 4: Overview of the Best Add-Ons

Various Sims 4 add-ons open new horizons for the players due to hundreds of new items, activities, and locations. Thus, add-ons differ in the size of the pack, price, and availability of additional content and features. While choosing the addition, you should know for sure what new features you would like to get after the uploading. Here, we are ready to present some of the best expansions and packs, which will definitely change your gaming experience while playing The Sims 4.

Game Packs

Game packs contain some additional content to a base game. After uploading the game pack, you will get new objects, interactions, and other unique game features.

Realm of Magic

The Sims 4 Ream of Magic fits the most for the fans of Harry Potter. The primary focus of the game pack is, of course, on magic. It also involves spellcasters, a new life state, and the new world named Glemmerbrook. Your sim will be able to learn the craft of magic by creating drinkable potions, turning other sims into objects, or making others fall in love. In case you need more information about a game and its key features, you can visit Insider.Games to get some useful tips. Finally, this pack provides an opportunity to discover the Neighborhood full of secret portals, mystical discoveries, and various NPCs.



The Sims 4 Vampires is the comeback of the vampire lifestate. The key feature of this game pack is the opportunity for the sim to become immortal and get supernatural powers. The players will also be able to escape to Forgotten Hollow, the perfect land for the vampires, to develop unique powers (such as controlling minds and conjuring spiritual energy). It’s important to remember that vampires also have some additional needs, which are quite different from ordinary sims. Hunger is replaced with a thirst for blood, and life energy is changed to vampire energy. Finally, remember that vampires have a totally different lifestyle, and you will need to hide from the sun and satisfy the thirst.

City Living

The Sims 4 City Living introduces the new city world of San Myshuno with various apartments, penthouses, and city festivals. Your sim will get a chance to start a life journey in the city from the small apartment to the big penthouse. Also, this game pack opens new metropolitan career opportunities. Sims will be able to try career paths in different spheres, including social media, art, and even politics. You will need more information about how to play Sims 4 if you want to get more career opportunities. Undoubtedly, this game pack is a nice opportunity for discoveries, as its densely populated city includes different unique locations, such as the Fashion District or the Spice Market.

Stuff Packs

The specific feature of staff packs is the opportunity to add unique objects, clothes, furniture, and other useful stuff. So, if you need additional items, upload some of these add-ons.

Toddlers Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Toddlers Stuff involves various objects and items for the young sims. You will get more outfits and activities for children in the game. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to develop some unique skills and traits of the toddlers using some exclusive items.

Tiny Living Stuff Pack

Tiny Living stuff pack introduces additional objects and features for those who love building and creating something while playing a game. Probably, you will need some additional information about how to play Sims 4 with this add-on. Despite some challenges, this pack includes useful things to maximize the space you live in.


Expansions open new horizons for the players and provide an opportunity for the new adventures of your sim. Also, these add-ons include various game features, which are not available in the base game.


The Sims 4 Seasons reintroduces seasons and weather into the world of sims and contains some new features, such as new careers and skills. This expansion, undoubtedly, makes the gaming process more realistic. Besides, the landscapes are changing with the flow of season and weather change. Enjoy winter holidays with newly available entertainment, including snowballing and building a snowman in the yard. The expansion also involves a gardening skill, which is very realistic because the plants are harvestable only during a certain time frame. The key features of this expansion involve different holidays depending on the season (Halloween, Christmas, and others), season cycles with changing weather, and calendar with upcoming holidays, weather forecasts, and birthdays.

Cats and Dogs

If you are a pet lover, The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs is the best choice for you. It is a unique expansion because it’s not just a simple pack but an add-on with new gameplay features and exclusive locations. The key features of Cats and Dogs, which make the expansion unique, are the following: the ability to create a dog or cat, the new career path, and the new location to explore (New Brindleton Bay). Thus, the players can fully customize the look of the pet. Pets are the same complex as the sims, as far as they have their own unique character and skills. Also, cats and dogs can help to build unique relations while interacting with other sims.

Get Famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous is a road to your popularity. This expansion provides a chance for your sim to become a celebrity. When you play Sims 4 with this add-on, you fully plunge into the atmosphere of fame and glory. This expansion opens several new features, including an exclusive Del Sol Valley location, as well as glamorous outfits and items. Your sim will be able to enjoy celebrity status, make music, do comedy, use social media, and create their own videos. With fame points, the sims can develop unique character traits, which are totally random. All in all, Get Famous expansion is a unique one because of the fame dynamic and hundreds of new choices.