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Top 10 Sites like Pinterest

sites like pinterest

sites like pinterestTop 10 sites like Pinterest: Social media sites have taken the world by storm. The huge popularity of social media sites speaks volumes for their brilliant success. One out of seven persons in the world is a Facebook user. Many users spend hours on social media sites.

The growing popularity has open doors for new players to enter the playing field and make their mark. Pinterest is the new kid on the block that has some potential to challenge some established players in the social media market.

Pinterest is here to stay and will give some tough competition to big names in the industry. Pinterest provides an exclusive experience where you can pin content to the board and create your pin-board. This makes this website unique as compared to other social media sites. Have you thought about sites like Pinterest?

Why you need Pinterest alternatives?

There is a common trend in the information technology industry which is when a site or a product or a site reaches the heights of popularity, competitors start to mimic their product or site or use some features of it in their products. There is a long history of Apple and Samsung lawsuit battle.

Pinterest also suffered from the same problem, as the site starts to gain popularity and wider adoption, many knocks off started to emerge. Many of you may not have heard about these sites like Pinterest. Read on and find out.

It may also be the case you want to reach out to more customers and like to expand your business in every way possible.

Here are the top 10 sites like Pinterest that you must try.


HomeTalk is one the leading most engaging community when it comes to Home DIY(Do It Yourself) and gardening. Having millions of users available to interact with each other. If you are looking to find a website to post your Home DIY and gardening-related content I would recommend HomeTalk. The main objective behind the website HomeTalk is to improve your living using Home DIY.

Juxta Post

If you are looking for a site that provides the same experience as Pinterest then JuxtaPost is a perfect place that has acquired almost all the Pinterest Features. some of the popular categories and trends are related to Fashion, design, Arts, Humour, Gardening, Love, Relationship, Sports, Travel, Education, Health and many more.


Gentlemint has also great potential and can be considered as another Pinterest alternatives covering some famous categories for manly things. One nice and sense of humor feature that will quickly catch your eyes when you visit the site, instead of likes you will see mustaches.

So if your like manly things this site is for you, or you can expend your business here if your products target men. Well come to the community of manly things says the co-founder of the Gentlemint.

Dribbble Pinterest alternative

Dribbble is a perfect Pinterest alternative for creative individuals special designers. If you think your work is special and needs to be showcased then Dribbble is the best place for you. Dribbble caters to a specific audience. It gives you options to filter the contents by color, projects, tag and you can also search designers by skills and location. Dribbble deserves its place in the list of a site like Pinterest.


If you are a big lover of Drinks or you have business-related to Drinks, go nowhere else then Liqurious which is a product of Notcot a well know brand. This site features all kinds of drinks. The mouth starts watering by just visiting the site. Sites also have drinks of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Visit the site to submit a drink and find out about your favorite drinks right now.


This site is for the shopaholics among us who love Pinterest. They will find Etsy more because it combines shopping elements into Pinterest like interface. The interesting part about this website is older than Pinterest.

Basically, it is an international community of sellers who can share the pictures of the item they want to sell. Sellers can sell their products to a wider audience thanks to Etsy. Shopping just got a new Pinterest looking style. One of the finest?sites like Pinterest for your social presence.


Are you seriously looking for some advice on the next destination you must visit on your next holiday, visit Trippy? The look and feel of this site are similar to Pinterest but it puts all its weight on one thing and that is travel. You can browse photos of resorts and destinations and read recommendations and comments of the users who have been there. You may share your boards with others to help them in planning their next trip.


500px is another site like Pinterest on this list that focuses on Arts and photos. Stories section on this site helps you to tell a short story about the pictures and this feature is a standing point of this site. Another feature that makes it unique is that you can purchase the photos or different work of art you like. Now, let’s talk about some similarities. You will be going through high-quality pictures on both sites.

All My Faves

Both sites use the same bookmarking concepts and use a similar mechanism to bookmark a website you might like on the web. It’s the best choice if you are looking to organize your bookmarks in a better way. Users can see all the bookmarks of the websites on a single screen with their logos. Don’t miss this site if your bookmarks are in a mess.


If you are looking for a complete all-rounder to replace Pinterest, head over to this site. You will be confused about which is a better site among the two. It helps you to collect and curate things and buy them all from a single interface.

The interface is also quite similar to other sites like Pinterest. There is some amazing stuff laying around Fancy you just have explored this site and dig a little deeper to reach the treasure. Spend some time on this site and it will not disappoint you.


Another site like Pinterest but it is nothing close to the size and content of Pinterest. It has recently jumped into the game and presents only one-page content to its users. The design looks quite similar. The website is new and does not have that many users as compared to other sites like Pinterest.


You would be hard-pressed to find the difference between Pinspire and Pinterest as far as visual design is concerned. The terms used for pinboards and pin or repin are also the same which makes you wonder what is the difference between two sites. Even the categories are similar.

The difference is that it was created for the purpose to mimic Pinterest. The site was developed by German developer whose main focus is on mimicking popular sites


If you fancy uploading and bookmarking images while exploring the online world, ImageSpark is the best option for you. Users can organize and merge images using layers in the album. It is a community site that provides power in the hands of the user.

Another exclusive feature provided by this site is that you can keep your albums private and no one else can view them without your permission. People who love to play around with their photos should not miss this site like Pinterest and will enjoy its advanced image features. Hope you have enjoyed our list of websites, that are presented under the title of sites like Pinterest