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Top 10 Sites like Reddit

Sites like Reddit

Sites like Reddit

Top 10 Sites like Reddit: Welcome to the age of information technology where you can do almost anything by tapping the screen. With the wider adoption and improved technology, the internet has emerged as the best invention of the 20th century.

Internet is useless without brilliant websites and websites are useless without the internet. Both have to work in conjunction like hardware and software to give the user the best experience they are looking for.

Reddit is also called the front page of the internet for a good reason. This link aggregator site set the standard with constant innovation which made it one of the most popular link aggregator websites on the internet.

Thousands of users visit the site daily to share and read articles. There are many other websites like Reddit that very few people know about. In this article, I will uncover the 10 best sites like Reddit in this article.

Here is the list of sites like Reddit that deserve your attention.


If you are looking for a website other then Reddit, but you want the same experience as Reddit provides, I would strongly recommend visiting Voat. Its been now more than a year, Voat has been trying hard to give a tough competition to Reddit. It uses Sub-verses instead of subreddits, everything other then the name is same, Voat has the same voting, publishing system that can be seen on Reddit.

There are different issues with Reddit regarding violations due to which many users and subreddit have already been banned. On the other hand, Voat provides you with the facility to say anything, you can express your thought as long as its legal. Another cool feature at Voat could help you earn some money by joining their paid program.


One of the famous alternatives to Reddit is Digg. Digg is basically a community-driven link aggregator site similar to Reddit but Digg focuses more on news as compared to Reddit. Digg is a place where you will find about everything happening on the internet in the current time. In other words, if you won’t know what is happening in the world right now, you should be Digg.

It features articles, videos and best content that is trending on the internet. Some of the popular categories which usually get featured on Digg are viral stories, Political issues, Science and best videos. You can also submit a link to different categories on the site. The interface and layout of the website are completely different but both offer similar link aggregation options.


Gabbr is very similar to Digg and Reddit in many ways. Link aggregator features are quite similar to other websites like Reddit. You will have to create an account before exploring this website. Get a free Gabbr account and send invites which separate it from others. Gabbr is more inclined towards providing networking and community features using web 2.0. The news section takes a back seat on this site as compared to websites like Reddit.


Topix is more focused on computer graphics, news, animations and media which separates it from sites like Reddit. It lacks the social features that Reddit provides but it makes it up with some brilliant content for a niche.

The news section is very comprehensive and gathers information from thousands of online sources and aggregates in one place. You can choose a topic and let it do the rest. It also has an RSS feed feature that is missing from other sites like Reddit.


All the entertainment buffs and celebrity fans out there, this one is for you. It is not a single website; it is a complete entertainment network. Boxxet offers news, blogs, videos, photos and much more. Don’t miss some of the most popular sections such as Sports, Technology, and Celebrity.

Hours will fly away before you know that you have spent a couple of hours on this site. This is the best alternative of Reddit for entertainment fans. It is also a community-based site and you will never get bored from this site. The community on this site makes sure that you will have more content to keep you entertained every time you visit the site.


Mashable is the best place for social media fans who love to spend time and give everything a social media touch. If you want to know what is happening in the world of social networks and what is trending on social media then Mashable is the website you must visit. It has made the most of the social media popularity and used it effectively to fuel its growth. There is more for advanced users, check out web tips and tricks section.


Wikio is a portal that can provide you information and news in one place. Use the news search engine that can provide you the latest news from around the globe. The search engines fetch results from popular press sites and blogs and combine them in place for the users to read. There is also a feature called breaking news which keeps you informed about the latest happenings.


Newsvine focuses more on reporting the latest news and gives the power to the users to express their feelings about the news in the form of comments. Users can present their opinion and talk about any article which is its unique feature. Users can write their own posts and redirect the readers to other useful links. Quite similar to Reddit isn’t it?


Mixx takes the sharing concept to the next level and provides some excellent features to the users to share news, photos, and videos. If you are looking for the latest news photos and videos from around the world, Mixx will make you happy. It is a brilliant website that presents everything in a neatly organized user interface. The site is arranged into many categories and is very user-friendly.

Digital Journal

Digital Journal set the bar high and make a name for itself in citizen journalism. It gives power to the people and now anyone can be a journalist thanks to this website. Not only that, you can tell your story to the world or narrate an event that took place around you in your own style.

Another feature that makes it stand in a completely different league as compared to other sites like Reddit is that users can earn money (a percentage of the revenue).


If you are a hardcore technology fan then this site can catch your fancy. Techmeme is quite popular and quite similar to Reddit. The frequency of updates on this website blows the competition away and makes it stand out from other sites like Reddit.

Techmeme is geared towards technology innovations and technology business, news and the internet. If you are interested to know about what is happening in the world of technology or interested in tech entrepreneurs than you should not miss Techmeme.