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Top 10 free blog sites like Tumblr

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sites like Tumblr10 free blog sites like Tumblr

Top 10 free blog sites like Tumblr: Who would have ever imagined that the blogging will get so much popularity that many new blogging sites will pop up regularly It has become a playground where competitors are trying their best to outperform their opponents with new exciting features. Blog wars are heating up with many established players and newcomers fighting it out.

Talking about blogging websites one of the most popular websites that the first flash in your mind will be Tumblr. Yes, you are right! Tumblr no doubt has a unique way of display blogs and people are enjoying too.

But Tumblr is not the only platform you should look at when expressing your thoughts online. There are many Tumblr alternatives that can become your first choice after visit our list of websites like Tumblr. Let’s take a deeper look at the top 10 free blog sites like Tumblr.

List of Top 10 free blog sites like Tumblr


One of the most popular free blogging sites is WordPress. It is the best Tumblr alternative and even leaves Tumblr behind in many different aspects. Whether you want to create a website or a professional-looking blog, WordPress is the best place for all that sort of stuff. With thousands of themes and many advanced features, WordPress deserves the top spot on this list of websites like Tumblr Some of the features worth noting are :

  • Free and Open Source platform written in a language called Php.
  • more then 24% of the website on the internet is powered by WordPress. The numbers increase every day.
  • It has the simplest interface easy to understand.
  • Back end CMS content management system publish posts, customize the look and feel of your website or blog.
  • WordPress has plugin repository containing thousands of plugin that provides extremely rich features to your blog and sites.


Blogger is the next best website after WordPress. Blogger alliance with Google makes it easier for you to use your Google Account to manage your blog. Blogger is one of the most used free blogging platforms allowing its users to express their thoughts online.

Just 7 years ago Blogger had 250,000 readers, but now this figure has crossed 400 million readers. Now you can estimate the power of using this platform. Like Tumblr Blogger is a free platform. When creating a blog you will get a Blogspot subdomain. The platform is rich in features providing you with easy drag and drop interface.

Some other benefits of Blogger are its integration with Google Adsense helping you generate some income from your blog. So why spend your precious time for nothing on Tumblr when you have a similar blogging site with a huge amount of features and benefits.


Are you interested in creating a website without any hassle? And want to give a professional look to your blogging  If your answer is yes, then Weebly will help you do that. It is one of the most rapidly growing platforms on the internet making 2% of the internet world.

Weebly is mostly famous for its user-friendly drag and drop interface that has not only increased its popularity gaining ground in the world of website creation but also helped its user to get rid of all the coding and programming stuff. Weebly provides you with a free domain and hosting plan. This Tumblr alternative is free to use. Even a novice can make a website on Weebly within few minutes.


Another popular blogging platform that deserves its place on this list is TypePad. It is a free blog site like Tumblr but with some added bonus. You can enjoy a free premium trial of TypePad. It is the best choice if you want to get into blogging because it will manage most of the things for you.

Support for photo blogs, multiple authors and mobile designs are some of the features that make this site stand out from the crowd. I would suggest you visit the website first, see the features if it fits into your favorite blogging sites.


If you are bored of all the old stuff as far as blogging is concerned, check out Posterous. It uses a completely different approach to blogging and you will have to appreciate the way they make themselves stand out from the rest of websites like Tumblr. Just send your post by email and get a simple blog by email. You are allowed to share anything you like.


Xanga puts all its energies in taking your blogging experience and making it as social as possible. You can create your own page which is not a simple one. It comes with photo and video blogs and a social profile. It’s like developing a portfolio for others to see and admire. Sharing photos and videos with your fans have never been that easy through your blog.


MyBlogLog takes blogging to the community level and gives you the freedom to socialize like no other free blog sites like Tumblr do. Get both social features and blog features in a single package. Connect with other bloggers and exchange opinion which will develop a relationship between bloggers which will strengthen the blogging community.


Interested in creating an educational blog? EduBlogs is a brilliant option for you. It allows you to do many things that are both interesting and innovative. It gives you the freedom to post videos and documents, start a discussion forum and start a newsletter which is nothing short of impressive.

These features make it unique. EduBlogs was launched in 2005 with an idea to provide Free blogging platform to students and instructors. This website is perfect if you are a student or a teacher, other then that you can still join the site and learn interesting things.


Want to make a personal blog? If yes, head over to Vox. Share it, friends and family, easily with its unique features. Vox follows the footsteps of Tumblr in many different departments and looks quite similar to Tumblr. It does not focus more on social networking like Tumblr does.


If you are a tech geek, this site is for you. It tries to integrate blogging with technology and was quite successful at it. Read technology news and much more on this site. You can also start your own blog. It is quite similar to Tumblr but not quite as popular. As I have already mentioned for tech-related blogs this can be used quite nicely.


These are some of the Tumblr alternatives which can be used for blogging purposes as well as for Search engine optimization. Creating a web2.o from this site will be more efficient. If you have a website that falls in the same category you can let us know we will be happy to include.