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Top 10 Addmefast Alternatives

Addmefast Alternatives

Top 10 Addmefast Alternatives: The popularity of the internet is fuelled by the decrease in prices and increases in speeds. With the arrival of broadband and wireless broadband, things are moving in the right direction. Mobile technology such as smart-phones, tablets, and now add smartwatches to this list has taken the world by storm. Mobile devices have replaced desktops and laptops as the preferred medium for connecting to the internet.

Addmefast AlternativesNext came the social media storm that took away old messenger software and chat are packing every feature inside an easy to use, fast and compatible interface. One of the most popular social networking website, Facebook, has more than one billion users out of more than seven billion people that live on our planet. These statistics are enough to gauge the popularity of social media.

Businesses started to take advantage of this immense popularity and tried to jump on the bandwagon which gave rise to a new trend of social exchange sites. You can boost your social media presence by getting likes, fans, visits, etc. The business started to buy these social signs from social exchange sites and their popularity also grew slowly with social media.

Do you really need Addmefast Alternatives

The first name that comes to mind when you hear social exchange sites is Addmefast. Many people do not know about many other addmefast alternatives. There are many sites like addmefast that can give you faster results.

Here is a list of top 10 websites like addmefast


Addmefast Alternatives It is almost the same like addmefast and the best addmefast alternative, gives a good response. they offer both points and buying coins system, you can either make coins or buy it, you can add any social account to boot it. you do not have to worry about it, the system is the same as in add me fast, login to the website and start working just like in addmefast you used to work.

The best thing about this website is you can also earn some cash, it also converts your coins to cash any time you need, they are having a large community which well give you a tremendous response, I am sure you will like joining followlike.net


One of the most Addmefast Alternatives successful and highly Sophisticated systems to get Facebook followers, tweeter followers, Instagram, etc. I personally like this website when it comes to sites like Addmefast. All social websites can be found here as the best examples of social exchange sites. It is strongly recommended to join this site.


Want a complete solution Addmefast Alternatives for all your social media sites then Shareyt is for you. It follows a crowdsourcing model to give a boost to your social graph. Get 25 coins as a sign-up bonus. Add friends and followers to earn more coins. The best thing about this website is that it covers even less popular social media sites like Google+ and Pinterest. Join now.


One of the most recommended websites when it comes to addmefast alternatives. Having the most friendly user-interface. All the major social networks are available to be promoted. Plus one of the most interesting worth looking features is providing hits to your websites.

Traffic monsoon

One of the most reliable advertising companies and Addmefast Alternatives when it comes to branding your business. I strongly recommend you to use this platform to get thousands of visitors to your business landing page. Plus you can earn a passive income by the day viewing ads. So if you are looking to have an extra source of income Join now.


Addmefast Alternatives – This website deserves the spots 3rd in this list of sites like addmefast because it brings results within seconds. If you are in search of a best addmefast alternative that gives results within seconds go for Youlike hits. With over 100,000 members and the speed at which it brings the results, this website stands toe to toe with addmefast.


This site comes at a close 4th in this list of websites like addmefast. Likes planet claims to be the world’s largest network for social media services and exchange services. When you test the site, you don’t have other choices except to believe their claim.

Not only that, they add monetary value to the whole process which means that you can earn money by clicking and liking. Advertise your social media pages and feel the difference yourself. Get more than 10,000 likes for free. This site covers all social media sites and blogs.


Traffup is a little different as compared to other sites like addmefast because it mainly focuses on bringing traffic to your blog or website. It follows a points-based system where users earn points to visit different websites. Sign up and get 100 points for free. It claims to bring traffic to your website or blog within a couple of minutes and they deliver what they promise.


If you want thousands of likes in a single day, then like4like can is your best bet. It works extremely efficiently and brings thousands of like in no time. Give your social graph an instant boost with this social exchange website. It is a better option who does not want to wait for days to get likes and other social signs. The mechanism it uses is interesting and gives it the fourth spot in this list of sites like addmefast.


The social clerk is a new player in the world of social exchange sites but has made a name for itself quickly. It has more than 80,000 members and you can get 5000 social exchanges on a daily basis from this website. It is the fastest growing social exchange site and can give a tough time to establish players within a few years. It is coming after big names such as Addmefast, Youlikehits, and Likesplanet.


Twiends deserves to be higher on this list because it has more members and better options but what let it down is that it is only for twitter. This is a big drawback of this site. It neglects popular sites like Facebook and focuses on a niche. It makes up for this shortcoming by performing very well for twitters. Twitter fans will love this site and businesses who want to give an instant boost to the number of followers must not miss out on this website.


This site is placed so low on the list because of the number of members and the possible daily exchanges it offers to its users. It has 35,000 members and offers a meager 2000 social sign exchanges per day. If you are willing to wait to raise your social popularity then this website can help you do that. It provides you with results as soon as possible as its name suggests.


Unfortunately, this website does not do what its name suggests which can put off some user but if you have the patience to wait for a week or two to become popular then this site will do. This website is the best example of the adage slow and steady wins the race? but in this fast-paced world, you need more than that to win the race.


With only 10,000 members and only 1000 social sign exchange per day, Getlikepro got the last position in this list of sites like addmefast. Quite similar in stats to social media explode, but just works slower as compared to other sites like addmefast. The problem is that everyone wants to get popular instantly and this site fails to provide the user with that luxury.


When it comes to the importance of your Social Media exposure, MySocialFollowing.com knows that maintaining your credibility and reputation is key to building a successful digital future for your business. It can be your most liked Addmefast alternative.

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