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5 Reasons Why Stardew Valley So Popular Among Millennials

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Millennials also want to experience something new and different. Moreover, Stardew Valley was released in 2016 so it is only right for Millennials to be in love with it. However, timing is not the only reason. This game is fun and gives you an amazing experience of life. You can build a relationship with your neighbours and make new friends.

Although it is a farming simulation game, it has a lot of factors that keep you busy. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying it but fear that you will get bored after a while, that’s not going to happen.

We are going to discuss the reasons that Millennials are so interested in this game. But if you want to learn about Stardew Valley, you can go to stardewvalleyguides.com. They will tell you how to enter the sewer with the help of a tutorial and also a complete guide.

Coming back to our topic, the reasons;

1. A relaxing game

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One of the important reasons for the popularity of this game is its relaxing nature. It has amazing mechanics and charming graphics. Thus, it takes you deep into the depths of the farming game. In addition to this, you can make relationships there. So while you are taking a break, you can talk to your friends.

This is what makes the game interesting, you would like to come back to the game. You are responsible for farming vegetables and this will be your duty. And because you do not have to make any effort, the whole process is quite interesting. You can plant seeds, water the crops, cultivate them, and harvest them to sell in the market. Thus, the players also learn a lot of other things.

In addition to this, upon asking the players, they tell that Stardew Valley gives them their “me” time. Therefore, they find it quite relaxing.

2. Variety of gameplay

There is not a single thing in this game. Farming is just one of those. The other options include fishing, forage, mining, and combating different monsters. Thus, there is not only farming and cropping but you can also enjoy a little combat. This is especially enjoyable for people who do not wish to get into GTA or other fighting games.

The difference between Stardew Valley and other games is the unlocking feature. If you wish to enjoy different gameplay, you need to unlock them in other games. At first, you would only play limited things and later on, as you earn points and money, you can level up and then unlock the next gameplays.

However, things are different in Stardew Valley. It is the same for all players. Whether you are at a higher level or a newcomer, all gameplays are open for you. Therefore, people love going there. If you are not in the mood to do farming, you can go fishing and relax.

Similarly, you can do mining too. This will help you explore the gems of nature. Moreover, you can utilize these stones and other objects that you got from mining. So you are going up with every win.

Furthermore, the variety of games makes the game interesting and you don’t feel bored. More activities, more friends and more fun.

3. References

Some of the characters in the game give some reference to famous characters. For example, an NPC of the Stardew Valley has a poster of Chrono Trigger in her room. Similarly, the crow in the gameplay is also quite similar to that in Studio Ghibli’s howls of Moving Castle. So if you are someone who loves to find references in games, you will love it.

4. Seasonal festivals

Something that everyone loves. For every real-world festival, you will find some in Stardew Valley too. So in every season, you will get to enjoy something different. Furthermore, these festivals will make you learn something different.

But wait,

There is something more interesting. Unlike other games, there won’t be only challenges during the festivals. So if you want to enjoy the time and relax with your friends, you can do so.

And if you wish to participate in competitions, they will be going on too. So there will be mini-games that won’t even take much time and effort. You will find some exclusive merchandise too. Therefore, if you want to buy merchandise, you can buy it and play mini-games. Or you can just choose to enjoy the festival with your friends.

5. Mines

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Although mining is one of the gameplay here, it is especially challenging. So if you want to play something, you can do farming. You want to relax, go fishing.

But for those who are looking for something challenging, you will love mine. There is an endless downward floor pattern. You will find minerals on your way. These minerals are what you are looking for. They will help you get wealthy and score more. Thus, you are not only playing the game but levelling up too.

In addition to this, the game will only get harder with each level. So your gems and stones depend on your abilities. The more stones you have, the better reputation you will get in the neighbourhood. You can show it off to your neighbours and friends. Thus, you will get a prize as well as a better reputation.

Final words

These are some of the reasons that are among the popular ones. Of course, there are reasons for everyone. If someone is playing the game regularly, it means they have something in their mind. Some people love to make relationships there because this game also allows marriages. Furthermore, it also supports LGBT, which is not acceptable for everyone.

However, even with the questionable things, people choose to play the game because they find it interesting. They can spend their time on something they like. They can relax or do their regular farming, it’s all their choice. No one is forcing them to do anything. Thus, they get a sense of security there.