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6 Tips for Starting a Gaming Channel on YouTube in 2024

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YouTube is the world’s biggest video uploading website and the best place where you can find gaming-related channels. Hundreds of thousands of people are playing video games, recording their playing sessions, editing videos with InVideo, and uploading them to this website. These videos can be seen by billions of people across the globe. But, not only are they having a huge amount of fun while playing, but they also get to make some money out of it. With ads from Google and sponsors from random companies, these channels can make a serious paycheck.

However, with so many people trying to succeed on this platform, it can be a little bit difficult to start a new gaming channel. If you do plan on starting your own channel, understand that you will be competing against thousands of other people. You need to ask yourself the question of why people would watch your content instead of someone else’s? What makes you more unique than others? What makes you more interesting?

If you do have a good idea of how you are going to run this channel, you might just be able to make it and succeed on YouTube. To help you achieve this dream of yours, I decided to write this article and provide you with some tips which you can use to start up your gaming channel in 2024.

1. Upload daily

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The most difficult challenge you will face with your brand-new gaming channel on this platform is the fact that you have to upload regularly. By regularly, I mean daily. If you want to make some serious money out of this, you cannot treat it as a hobby. This will be your work and you need to treat as such.

At first, the idea of recording, editing, and uploading every single day will seem impossible. But, once you get the hang of your editing software and your reporting process, you will find it much easier to upload a video every single day.

However, you should not rush your content just to reach that daily threshold. Otherwise, your viewers will notice that the quality of your content has dropped. So, if you truly cannot post for a day, I recommend that you skip that day and post a video on the next day.

2. Engage with your audience

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As already mentioned before, you need to make yourself more unique and interesting than your competitors on this platform. That is not something easily achievable. There always be someone that has better equipment, a better idea, and more free time than you. That is why it is so essential to be as competitive as possible. You do not have to be the best, but you need to be good.

So, if you want to be unique, you will have to engage with your audience. People do not want to see a random person playing a random videogame. The audience needs some kind of engagement with the person behind the camera.

In other words, while playing and recording yourself, you must dedicate some time to your audience. Ask questions, give a little bit of information about yourself, and open up other interesting subjects. It will seem weird to talk to a camera at first, but I assume that you will get the hang of that.

By doing all this, your audience will find your content much more interactive. More interaction equals more fun.

3. Create a catchy intro

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During the beginning, every person that ends up on your video will usually be by mistake or by chance. That is simply how YouTube works. A person has finally ended up on your gaming channel, but they watch only 10 seconds and leave immediately. Why?

Well, the attention span of people online is very low. That is why I believe it is essential to have a catchy intro that will pull the interest of an audience. In those 10 seconds at the beginning of the video, you need to explain your channel and say something about yourself.

If you are having trouble creating a proper intro, you should consider using a free gaming intro maker so make sure to visit makewebvideo.com. There you can find all you need for a good YouTube gaming intro for free.

4. Try collaborating

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With so many different content creators on YouTube, getting discovered is almost impossible. People would need to sort through millions of videos just to reach yours. With enough grinding and enough content, you will start to rank up a little bit higher on the search results and you might even show up in the recommendation segment.

But, if you want to speed up that process a bit, you should consider doing collaborations. By collaborating with other YouTubers with more subscribers and views, you might build an audience much faster.

There are always content creators out there that are willing to help those that are just starting out. By collaborating on a video, and their subscribers and viewers might be willing to check out what you have to offer.

5. Plan which video games you’ll play

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Since you plan on starting this kind of channel, I assume that you love playing video games. That means that you will have a great time when recording your videos. But, if you expect your gaming channel to get some traction, you will need to plan which games you are going to play.

Yes, you can just play any game that you want. You need to find something that will be interesting for the viewer and something that is currently trending. Once you have gathered enough subscribers and influence on the Internet, you can start playing the videogame that you want. Until then, you will need to rely on what is trendy.

6. Get good at video games

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If you truly want to be unique and if you want to impress the viewers on YouTube, you will need to get really good at the games you play. This is not an easy task, but that is what the people of YouTube want. Quality content and skill.

As you can see, starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2024 is not complicated, but it is also not easy. By following these steps and with enough effort, I am sure that you will be able to succeed.